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Chris Wood Interview

Posted by admin On February - 29 - 2008

AS: Do you enjoy the festival scene?

CW: Yeah, we do. They’re all different. We always like variety. We like it when it sounds good, so we can have fun playing the music. Certain festivals are pretty fun. Langerado is growing and it has a nice feel to it.
AS: Are there any bands that you’re looking forward to catching at Langerado?
CW: I’d love to see the Beastie Boys, I’ve never seen them. It’s my chance to see music. I rarely get out to see music, and some of those festivals are my chance.

AS:How does it compare to a larger festival like Bonnaroo?
CW: Bonnaroo is kind of over the top. It’s such a huge festival, especially at this point. It seems like Bonnaroo has become the model, there’s a lot of imitating going on. Not that that’s a bad thing. In a lot of ways, they’re the same. You got a whole bunch of people out in a field stages, vendors, etc. What gives them the different flavor is where they’re at. What part of the country they’re in, the organizers, etc.

AS: Which is your favorite festival to play?
CW: We had great experiences at Bonnaroo. But also, last Langerado we did was really fun too. 10,000 Lakes was great. Summerfest was really good too.

AS: What is your favorite part about going on tour with MSMW?
CW: In a hard way to describe, it’s easier than just playing a MMW gig. There’s another soloist in the band. Billy [Martin] and I take solos, but it’s easier for a front instrument to take the pressure off. Billy can function easier. We improvise, and we have certain tunes that we play. It’s a different role for us as a support. MMW, we’re always trying to reinvent ourselves, we lay back more with Scofield.
AS: Do you believe that MMW fits into the jam scene or more of a jazz scene?
CW: That’s all relative. I don’t even like to think about it that way. I don’t even think those two categories are fair. Jazz has become a meaningless 4-letter word. To some people jazz means Duke Ellington, and for some it means Kenny G. The word jam describes the audience, not the band.

AS: What is your favorite part about playing with MMW?
CW: They’re amazing musicians, and they’re always challenging me. Billy’s one of the greatest drummers there is. His rhythm is special. John is a freaky genius, bluesy and soulful, but he has a lot of classical and contemporary music under his belt too. He can go a lot of directions.

AS: What made you decide to make a children’s album?
CW: Well, this company Little Monster approached us to make a record. That’s really why it happened. We got really into it once we got into the studio. It was a lot of fun. We’ve been playing that music too. It’s not just for kids.

AS: Are there any more plans in your future for conceptual tours?
CW: Yeah, this year we’re doing three different tours. One is coming up February, one this summer, and one in the fall. We’re getting together before the tour and writing all new music. We’ll play it on tour, and when we get back we’re going right into the studio.

AS: Will we hear more from the Wood Brothers?
CW: Yeah, we got a new record that comes out April 1st. It’s called Loaded, on the Blue Note label. Medeski produced it.

AS: What made you decide to do the Wood Brothers tour, which is so different musically from MMW?
CW: My brother has been a professional musician for as long as I have. So we’ve both been doing it our whole lives. We just hadn’t been doing it together. It came time that we realized it was time to do something together. We just went for it, it was natural.

AS: Was jazz or folk music a bigger influence for you growing up?
CW: Both, I gravitated towards jazz, it was fun to learn my instrument learning that. My father was a folk musician, he played with Joan Baez. He sung to us, and played to us as kids. Wood Brothers was a way for me to turn back to that.

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