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Great Divide

Posted by admin On April - 30 - 2008

One of the best thing a band could ask from their studio work is that is makes you want to see them live, and Great Divide’s self-titled EP does just that. Listening to their brand of rock, which is somewhere in between the Band and the Black Crowes, really makes me wish I was seeing them in a bar with a beer in hand. Evoking such emotions is never a bad thing.

This EP came at the perfect time as well. As the weather warms, Great Divide is excellent for listening to with the windows rolled down. Personally, my favorite track is “Get Down.” With an ambitious title like that, it kind of has to be good.

Throughout the EP, the horns kept my head bopping as the voice of Teddy Grossman, with it’s soul, blues and rock undertones, bring the songs to life. Joey Gaon’s guitar wails all the way through, and the keys of Jeff Leibovich really round out the sound. Be sure to check out the EP, and the band when they come to a town near you. You won’t be able to resist. -A.S.

Shine a Light

Posted by admin On April - 27 - 2008

It’s too bad that the title School of Rock was already taken, because with this movie, class is in session. All an aspiring musician or music lover needs to do is pull up a chair and learn from the awesomeness that is the Rolling Stones.

I have a certain red-headed friend who likes to hate on the Stones. That is only because he has never watched Keith Richards play the guitar. Honestly any guitar player that hasn’t studied their moves from Richards must not care about their craft that much.

If there was any doubt that Marty Scorsese had a great sense of humor, after he allowed himself to be a fish in Shark Tale, it was erased in the opening of Shine a Light. The movie opens with Scorsese scrambling to try and prepare for the movie, as well as deal with Mick Jagger. Anyone who has read anything about Jagger, knows why that would be funny.

The performance is as high energy and rocking as one would come to expect from the Stones. A great mix of hits comprises the score, and old clips and interviews break up the music nicely. It was also a star studded performance, with Slick Willy introducing the band, and Jack White, Buddy Guy and Christina Aguilera guesting. I even enjoyed seeing Zack’s man crush perform Loving Cup alongside Mick.

As a music lover and student of rock history, I loved every second of this movie. As a product of that era, my Uncle (who was so kind as to take me to the movie) was hoping for more footage of vintage performances. While I would have enjoyed seeing that, I cannot complain about what they did have. The option of seeing it on the IMAX was a great choice, and I highly recommend seeing this movie to any music lover.

Ghostland Observatory: What G-d dances to…

Posted by admin On April - 25 - 2008

Ghostland Observatory was named the best band in Austin by the Austin American Statesman in Dec. 2007. Then Pitchfork gave their new album Robotique Majestique a 1.5/10. Thomas Turner (drums, synthesizer, back-up vocals) explained they prefer it that way:

“Our main goal when we started the band was to make music, performance the whole thing that people either love or hate. We didn’t want to be a play it safe band.”

“Obviously [the] reviewer from pitchfork hates us. Other people love it. Not really a middle ground with Ghostland.” Personally, I’m crazy for it. It’s the perfect pick me up to start work, for driving and, of course, dancing. As fun as their albums are, they’re notorious for their live show.

Visually, Turner says “It looks like a space ship is parked behind us (with the) lasers and lights.” Not to mention the cape. Turner’s wife made him his white cape, which he wears at every show except when he’s in Houston, where he wears his special cape made by Houston fans.

Turner got kind of mad at me when he told me he was into Chicago house sound and I admitted I’m from Chicago and didn’t know any Chicago house. “Almost every influence of electronic dance music came from your city. The freakin house music dude! Green Velvet. Paul Johnson. Daft Punk. They like totally took from the Chicago disco house sound.”

I asked him about the growing popularity of dance-rock music and he chalked it up to open minded listeners looking up music on the internet. “in the 90s you either went to parties and were into techno and house….or rock.” He credits Radiohead’s Kid A as a major crossover album.

Their commitment to the live show is commendable. He said there’s no game plan or scheme. They don’t care about YouTube or popularity. It’s all about the live show. They’ve gone from “playing for 100 people in Austin to 4,500 [person venues] being sold out in five days” And the Austin duo is gaining popularity elsewhere. “We played in DC one time for 100 people. This time 1,200 people jammed in.”

“Come to the show and have a good time. So much for fun for us when the crowd is into it.”

Chicago fans: see them May 2nd at the Metro.
I’ll see you there for a sexy, sweaty dance party.

Get your sexy dance party started tonight!

I’m ungrateful for that press conference

Posted by admin On April - 24 - 2008

In a totally anticlimactic announcement, the Grateful Dead announced a partnership with UC Santa Cruz to store their archives. They even made sure to note that contrary to rumors, the Dead will not be reuniting.

Here’s to hoping that 10klf has something up its sleeve that is exciting for both Zack and I.

Grateful Dead Announcement Thursday

Posted by admin On April - 22 - 2008

The Grateful Dead have announced a press conference for Thursday. I’m hoping it’s more performance related than CD or DVD related. The 10k Lakes Festival seems to be a headliner short, and since Phil and Mickey are already going to be there, would a Dead headlining set be too much to ask for?

What do you think Zack? I know you’re not the hugest of Dead fans, but this could make a festival that much more exciting.

Lions and tigers and Kyle Orton… oh my!

Posted by admin On April - 21 - 2008

A promise is a promise, and I told Zack that I would get this post up when I got home from the Cubs game. I got a little sidetracked by some beer pong after the game, and I am really just getting home. Though, the last I heard from Zack he too was enjoying a post game adult beverage and his dad’s friend was doing the running man.

Lincoln Park Zoo was a little green this April 20th, as it was the host once again to the Green Apple Festival. The stage was set up right next to the Big Cat House, and the lions were outside rocking out to the music. Kyle Orton played MC, along with some girl who has a show on a station I don’t even know if I have or have heard of.

We walked up right as Chicago Afrobeat Project was taking the stage. The sun was shining, and the music brought the crowd to their feet. CAbP is very danceable, and the crowd seemed to appreciate their set as they closed with a Fela Kuti cover, “J.J.D. Johnny Just Drop.”

We took the opportunity to walk around the zoo and check out the animals during the set-break and even during the Bassnectar set. We could hear some heavy bass from afar, and it didn’t draw us back to the stage. We returned to the stage after watching the gorillas for a while for Michelle Ndegeocello, but sat behind the stage and enjoyed some Chicago style hot dogs while listening.

Dirty Dozen Brass Band was the last band I got to see, since I had to get to my grandmother’s for Seder. The crowd had really filled in by the time their set began, and they were definitely my favorite of the day. In between originals, the band managed to work in tunes from Freddie Hubbard, Sly and even Outkast. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I love horns.

How sexy was that n’eard?!

Posted by admin On April - 20 - 2008

Andy- Is Orton still rocking the N’eard? We need to know.

Happy Record Store Day!

Posted by admin On April - 19 - 2008

Today is the first annual (hopefully) Record Store Day. All around the country, your favorite neighborhood record shop is giving away goodies like t-shirts and selling cool limited edition vinyl singles.

I picked up Vampire Weekend’s “A-punk,” Arcade Fire‘s “No Cars Go,” A Jay-Z single of “Hovi Baby” and “U Don’t Know” (My favorite rap song of all time) the New New Pornographers album and a couple albums by the old soul band, The O’Jays.

We really need to be making up holidays like this more often. Can we schedule dress like AC Slater day soon? I’ve got my eye on this pair of black stone-washed jeans, and there aren’t really as many 80s parties after college.

Panic, indeed

Posted by admin On April - 17 - 2008

Bonnaroo’s Web site hosters have been touting this “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!” all week. They used bold, caps lock and exclamation points. That wasn’t my doing.

The message boards went crazy. What legend will be added?

There were some long shots suggested, (Neil Young and The Who) some dreamers, (Phish and GNR) but one name rose above the rest. I mean, how could it not? Could the rumors possibly be true? Would Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones really join Robert Plant to get the led out one more time?!

Nope, just Widespread Panic. Sunday night. Again.

Yes, Widespread is talented and they certainly have a deep and loyal fan base (you wouldn’t believe the hate mail I got for this article), but they’ve just never done it for me. Their songs never resonated, I found their live show enjoyable, but not much more. I even put on my car stereo instead of hearing their closing set as I left ‘Roo last year. I’ll admit it. A good deal of my disrespect for them is due to seeing them while they were still getting used to playing with Jimmy Herring, but the fact is they are certainly not caps lock, bold, exclamation point worthy. That’s reserved for legends. They may be jam band legends, but that’s not the same.

Well, at least Les Claypool was added. The hands-down winner of the Eric Gordon award, given to the artist who most failed to live up to his potential (after Les’ weak showing at Langerado.)

The only winners here (besides “Spread heads”) is the extended Teibloom family, who will be relieved that I won’t even consider ditching my cousin’s graduation for Bonnaroo this year.

Is it just getting late or is my yawning justified? -Z.T.

Bonnaroo announcement

Posted by admin On April - 17 - 2008

Bonnaroo announced today that Widespread Panic has been added as a headliner, and will close out the festival Sunday night. Also added to the bill were Les Claypool, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Superdrag, What Made Wilwaukee Famous, Adele, Grand Ole Party and the Postelles.

Instead of being a headliner, Jack Johnson will fill the slot that the Allman Brothers had left open, and will play the main stage Saturday night before Pearl Jam.

Now I dig Widespread, definitely more than Zack does, but this is not as exciting of an announcement as I had hoped for. I wanted somebody I have not already seen, not somebody that’s headling a different festival this summer. -AS

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