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Coldplay 7/22 at the United Center

Posted by admin On July - 23 - 2008

-A.S. Matt had told me that he was working on the film crew for Tuesday’s Coldplay concert, because they were shooting a music video for “Lost!” This excited me, because I have a pension for finding the camera for these types of things. It turns out, that I had a lot more to be excited about.Chris Martin referenced Kanye during a song and it had me hoping that he would play “Homecoming” in honor of being in Chicago.

The concert opened with “Life in Technicolor,” which also opens Viva la Vida. The instrumental song was a great way to kick off the concert, and it segued nicely into “Violet Hill.” Even though the new songs absolutely rocked live, it was time for a hit. The crowd exploded as Chris Martin played the intro to “Clocks.”

It’s always great to see a band that has so many hits, because it seems with the start of every new song comes a newer and louder set of cheers. The intro to the new album’s title track, “Viva la Vida,” had the whole crowd screaming and clapping along. Soon after it was time for the song that two of my fellow concert goers had listed as the song they wanted to hear most. Eric Blumenfeld of Kinetix and their sound/light man Adam Shapiro both got their wishes granted as the band pumped out “Fix You.”
Drummer Will Champion plays keys and guitar in addition to having an awesome rock name.

A great rock show only got greater as the night went on. The band went down to a small stage at the end of a runway in the middle of the crowd and played a couple of songs. Then they came back on stage and Chris Martin explained to the crowd that they were going to attempt to shoot the music video. He told the crowd they’d play one song to warm them up, and then play “Lost!” He said if it went well, they’d play it again.

“Yellow” got everyone in the stadium on their feet and singing along, and the first version of “Lost!” sounded awesome. Then they played it again, and that’s really when the crowd freaked out. To thank the crowd for obliging them with so much energy, the band did something special. They walked all the way to the back of the stadium and played “The Scientist” acoustically, with the whole band on one a capella mic and drummer Will Champion manning a guitar. Martin is the picture of cool on stage and also has a sense of humor.

The band made it back up to the stage for an encore that included “Lovers in Japan” and “Death and All His Friends.” An appropriate ending considering it was the Viva La Vida Tour. The band took their bows and left the stage.

A few minutes later Chris Martin and Will Champion returned to the stage. Martin told the crowd that he didn’t know what they were going to do and that half of the band had already left to go get prostitutes. With Champion on piano and Martin on guitar, they two played “Green Eyes.” It was a nice smooth tune to send the happy crowd into the night.

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  1. Matt Said,

    So last night, Chris Martin announced that the Wednesday night crowd was slightly better than Tuesday night’s crowd. (Haha). Also, you forgot to mention that Will Champion also sings and that I had dinner with him Tuesday night… AND, one last thing, for the encore last night, the entire band came out but the bassist got pissed they played a song with no bass and he stormed off. Chris Martin even tried getting the crowd riled up to get the bassist back out to the stage but he refused.

    Posted on July 24th, 2008 at 10:43 am

  2. Rob Said,

    that’s pretty funny. I’m really not happy I was on my way to Philly during the show.

    Posted on July 24th, 2008 at 1:30 pm

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