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Rage Against the Machine Tore Down Lollapalooza

Posted by admin On August - 3 - 2008

~Z.T.~ Chicago. IL. Their reputation preceded them here. Never have I seen such chaos. Far before the show even started. 45 minutes before the music started there was crowd-surfing. With no music floating in from another stage or even house music. They crowd surfed to nothing. Robby and I held our spots on the AT&T stage from Lupe and pushed our way into the bedlam.We all knew it was coming. We still couldn’t prepare. The first notes of “Testify” came in and we held on for dear life. I grabbed shoulders with the five people circling me and prayed we could jump at the same time as to not get trampled by the crowd.
When Rage came out, they came out blazing. Hitting us like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out with two monster upper cuts of “Testify” and “Bulls on Parade.”

“Don’t fight it!” said a fan next to us. He was right. You just had to go with it. “Testify” had us smashed together in a sweaty, huddled mess, but it only got worse. “Bulls on Parade” made breathing difficult. It was more of a living, breathing, leaping mass than a mosh crowd, but there were plenty of mosh circles too. The circles grew and grew as third song
“People of the Sun” went on.
Zack de la Rocha was such an enigma- He’d rile us up with songs like “Calm Like a Bomb” and then get mad when we went nuts. ” Thankfully he made everyone move back after three songs.

“We got enough problems out there in the streets with these f—ed up politicians and cops…Save that s— for the streets,” he said. OK and now we’ll play a sweet song called “Bullet in the Head.” He didn’t say that last part, but come on man, how are we supposed to react to these songs?
My friend’s sister lost her flip flops and was happy that was all she lost. We moved back with the crowd and were comfortable…well, comfortable enough. We didn’t know that crowds were storming the festival at the time. We did notice how unbelievable Tom Morello is on guitar. Honestly I think he’s hiding a turntable in that guitar, because that instrument should not sound like that.

He’s constantly playing with the switch on the guitar instead of strumming, flicking his guitar like he was getting dirt off his shoulder, playing while tuning and he even threw on a Cubs hat which made us happy. He sounds epic, but it must be noted how brilliant bassist Tim Commerford sounds behind him. He thumps that bass like a dinosaur. I heard someone behind me ask “Where is Wilco playing? Who gives a fu*k?!”

It would have been easy to burn out after that insane start, but they never slowed down. “Sleep Now in the Fire” was a madhouse. My notes are “PANDEMONIUM” and “hard to write.”

The sweaty, nasty mob chanted “Fu*k you I won’t do what you tell me!” over and over, demanding “Killing in the Name of” for their encore and Rage delivered. They delivered like no one else has all summer long. Morello even played the solo with one hand.

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  1. Josh S Said,

    He threw the Cubs hat on cause he sang the 7th Inning stretch earlier that day at the CUBBY GAME!!! It was only so so. He shoulda gotten more into it. GO CUBS!

    Posted on August 4th, 2008 at 7:39 am

  2. Festival Crashers » Blog Archive » Festival Crashers 1,000th Post Said,

    […] Rage Against the Machine Tore Down Lollapalooza […]

    Posted on January 20th, 2010 at 11:56 pm

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