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Happy Halloween!

Posted by admin On October - 29 - 2008

-A.S. I’ll be at Lupe Fiasco this Halloween and couldn’t be more excited. I hope all of our readers have great plans and clever costumes. Here’s some videos in honor of Halloween. Trick or Treat!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Led Zeppelin Looks To Tour Sans Plant

Posted by admin On October - 28 - 2008

-A.S. The BBC News is reporting that Led Zeppelin is currently auditioning lead singers to replace Robert Plant, who has said he will not take part in a reunion tour. John Paul Jones said that the band is not looking for someone that was exactly like Plant.

“You could get that out of a tribute band, but we don’t want to be our own tribute band.”

Jones also said that the reunion would include a tour and an album. John Bonham’s son Jason played with Led Zeppelin at their tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun last year and will continue to man the drums.

The Roots at the Congress Theater 10/24

Posted by admin On October - 27 - 2008

-A.S. Every single time I see the Roots, I leave impressed. Everybody knows that ?uestlove is one of the premier drummers around, and unarguably one of the best music minds of our time. The rest of the Roots crew might not be household names, but they deserve some recognition.Black Thought is the ring leader of the Roots crew circus.

Black Thought is a remarkable MC, leading the Roots crew through song after song with vigor. Captain Kirk Douglas wails on the guitar, and hits the high notes like it’s his job. Tuba Gooding Jr. parades his sousaphone around onstage, while keeping the crowds energy level as high as possible.

Most of the songs are the same throughout their set. You get a couple tracks off the new disc. Mix in some of the crowd pleasers like “The Seed (2.0).” Then you get the covers. Zack and I heard them do Sly & the Family Stone’s “Everybody is a Star” at Langerado, and it was just as good in Chicago at the Congress Theater. They even threw in a Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh “La Di Da Di.”
Captain Kirk Douglas and Tuba Gooding Jr. get down on stage as hard as their fans do in the crowd.

Probably my favorite cover was the Donna Summer “Love To Love You” into Guns N Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Douglas walked out onto the speakers in the photo pit and showed the crowd why people should know the name Captain Kirk Douglas. The Roots crew is just doing what they can to make sure you know their name.

Gym Class Heroes at the Congress Theater 10/24

Posted by admin On October - 27 - 2008

-A.S. During my senior year of college, one of my roommates was often in charge of the music playlist. Now, we’re all guilty of over playing certain songs that we get hooked on, but this roommate sometimes took it to overkill. I think the only song I drank to more than “Throw Some D’s” (I wish I was kidding) that year was the Gym Class Heroes’ “Cupid’s Chokehold.” Travis McCoy asked the crowd Friday night who only knew them because of the ‘girlfriend song.’ I would have had to raise my hand, except that I have another friend that has been playing their new album, The Quilt, on the verge of overkill.Travis McCoy must have been showing some girl in the front row his O face.

The Congress Theater was surprisingly full by the time the Gym Class Heroes took the stage. The younger crowd put up their appropriate digits for “Peace Sign/Index Down.” Then I was having flashbacks of countless hours of beer pong as the place erupted for “Cupid’s Chokehold.” A “Flashing Lights” intro segued into “Blinded By the Sun.”

Travis McCoy paid tribute to DJ AM and Travis Barker by asking everyone in the crowd to hug the person standing next to them. McCoy also proclaimed that he was innocent, before welcoming Estelle back to the stage for “Guilty As Charged.” Estelle’s band members also joined them and by songs end were doing the Can Can.McCoy demonstrating his air piano skills.

McCoy was an engaging front man, often making faces at the crowd in between verses. Their crowd loved them, and sang along to every word of “Clothes Off!” They finished their set with my favorite track off the new album, as McCoy admitted that he sometimes has trouble keeping his hand out of the metaphorical “Cookie Jar.”

Estelle at the Congress Theater 10/24

Posted by admin On October - 27 - 2008

-A.S. I would be lying if I told you I knew any other song from Estelle aside from “American Boy” going into her show. When I arrived, her set had already begun and my ears were treated to some R&B and soul music as I made my way into the photo pit. The lovely Estelle was backed by a full band, including back up singers and a DJ.I think the only person I’ve ever seen that swore more on stage than Estelle was Buddy Guy.

Estelle has the mouth of a sailor and discussed boys and sex with her crowd. At one point she brought a guy out of the front row onto the stage to dance with her. After they were grinding up against each other for a while, she thanked him for trying. Estelle also told her crowd that the last guy she brought up did some sort of spastic robot dance, and she didn’t know what the hell to do.The crowd was quite excited to see Travis McCoy join Estelle on stage.

Estelle brought the crowd back in time with her on “1980,” which featured Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes. She told the crowd that when faced with doubt, she just wanted to “Shine,” the title track off her latest album. She closed out her set with her biggest hit, “American Boy.” I wasn’t surprised that Kanye West didn’t join her onstage for this song in his hometown, but there is always some hope until it doesn’t happen.

Panic at the Disco at the Allstate Arena 10/22

Posted by admin On October - 23 - 2008

-A.S. Since Zack was at the World Series last night, our good friend Jordy took on the roll of Festival Crasher for a day. The two of us would have been the oldest people in the crowd, if it weren’t for the fact that there were so many kids there that couldn’t drive themselves. I had never been to a concert before for a band that would be classified as emo.

We saw one kid that had part of his hair died pink to match the t-shirt he was wearing. I learned that I don’t own jeans that are tight enough to ever be mistaken for an emo kid, and that these fans alone are keeping the shoe company that makes checkered sneakers in business.
Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie and Jon Walker came ready to rock.

Panic at the Disco opened up their set with “We’re So Starving,” the opening track off of Pretty. Odd. The beginning of the set included some more of the new tunes, with “Build God, Then We’ll Talk” from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out mixed in. It seems that even the tracks off of Panic’s first album have new life to them now.

“We did, sort of take some of the old songs we were playing and changed just the feel a little bit,” said drummer Spencer Smith when I had a chance to talk to him last week.Urie was impressive, filling in on four different instruments throughout the night.

After asking the crowd if they were old enough to vote, guitarist Ryan Ross told them they were going to conduct a poll based on crowd noise to see which song they should play next. “Camisado” won. Lead singer Brendon Urie sat down and played piano for “When The Day Met The Night,” but closed out the song playing a small drum set on the side of the stage. He played both instruments admirably, as well as guitar and bass that evening.

Ross told they crowd they were going to play a dance tune, since Urie likes to dance. They played “But It’s Better If You Do” that included a “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” outro jam. That was followed by their debut hit “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” which sounded better than I had ever previously heard it. Maybe it was just because there weren’t any creepy clowns running about.Getting up close an personal for the Isley Brothers cover to end the evening.

The set wound down with two of my favorite tracks off the new album, “Nine In The Afternoon” and “Mad As Rabbits.” To close out the set, Ross, bassist Jon Walker and their touring keys player came to the front left of the stage and Smith to the front right. From up close they sent the crowd into the night with an oldie. Even the young crowd knew when it was their turn to yell “Shout” I thought the set seemed short, but it was definitely past most of the crowds bedtime.

Dashboard Confessional and Friends

Posted by admin On October - 23 - 2008

-A.S. Zack said it was probably a good thing that he was not at the concert last night. He said that he would have been embarrassed singing along to all of the words, and that he was “way way way too into them early in high school.” I’ve known Zack for a long time, and I think that’s the first thing he has ever let on that he would be embarrassed about. That’s where he draws the line?I really would have loved to see Zack hanging on Chris Carraba’s every word.

Jordy and I successfully avoided The Cab, The Plain White T’s and most of Dashboard Confessional. Shortly after we got to our seats, Dashboard lead singer Chris Carrabba asked the screaming emo children if they wanted more of the previous two bands. With that he brought out members of both bands.

Carrabba told the crowd that he had a song stuck into his head, and he wanted to play it for everybody. The super group of bands we tried to miss then launched into a cover of Pink’s “So What?” The tight jeans wearing crowd ate it up.
I wish they would have kept those cools vertical LEDs up for Panic at the Disco.

Another pre Panic at the Disco highlight was the Rockband that was being played onstage in between sets. They had two full bands battling against each other, with the game being displayed on the large screen behind the stage. These kids had some chops, but they’ve obviously never seen Zack play.
These kids didn’t even have a great band name, like Clean Machine.

FC Welcomes Our New Fans From Tampa Bay

Posted by admin On October - 23 - 2008

-A.S. Zack insists that if we see a spike in readers from the greater Tampa Bay area this week, it will be because he wore his Festival Crashers shirt to game one of the World Series. I figured I would take this opportunity then, to welcome all of our new fans from Tampa Bay and its surrounding areas.
Zack broke up with my Cubs this year before we even got swept and insists he got on the Tampa Bay Rays wagon early enough. His dad even hung Rays Fatheads in their house. I hope you had fun Zack, and I hope all our new fans from Tampa Bay enjoy Festival Crashers.

Photo by Eric Weiler

HIgh Fidelity

Posted by admin On October - 17 - 2008

-A.S. This movie came up in conversation a couple of weeks ago when we were discussing our favorite Jack Black movies. Zack offered up School of Rock, and I asked if High Fidelity counted as a Jack Black movie. I was quite excited when I woke up this morning to find High Fidelity on TV.

It got me thinking past Jack Black movies, to great movies about music. High Fidelity not only has a great soundtrack and great actors, but throughout the movie has top-5 debates about all sorts of music categories. Besides, what other movie can you get a line such as: “Liking both Marvin Gaye and Art Garfunkel is like supporting both the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

Ruling out music documentaries, concert DVDs and musicals, what are some of your other favorite movies about music. I will add School of Rock into the mix, because I agree that it is one of Jables best flicks and it oozes great music. Off the top of my head, I’ll also add Almost Famous. What about hip hop movies like 8 Mile or Hustle and Flow? 3 6 Mafia won an oscar for that one… I cannot decide if Spinal Tap counts, being a mockumentary. I’m also not sure if Beatles movies like Help! and Yellow Submarine should count.

You be the judge. What are your top-5 music movies?

Jamie Lidell at the Metro 10/8

Posted by admin On October - 9 - 2008

-A.S. If Jimi Hendrix took the blues to outer space, and George Clinton and company took funk there, then Jamie Lidell is taking soul out past our atmosphere into the starry abyss. On his albums, Lidell is a silky smooth soul singer with songs that will stick in your head for days. On the stage he is in constant motion, riling up his band, fans and himself.

Due to the horrible parking situation in Wrigleyville, we arrived at the concert after it had already begun. Lidell’s band was slowly filtering off stage and he was taking his post at his effects rig, as we settled into a spot at the Metro. He spent the better part of the next 15 or so minutes taking the crowd through an adventure of loops, beatboxing and whatever else Lidell could think do to make the crowd dance.
Jamie Lidell brought more energy to the Metro than he did here at ACL or at Lollapalooza.

The drummer returned to the stage and began playing to what Lidell was doing on “A Little Bit More,” followed by the rest of the band for a nice outro to the song. During the whole concert, Lidell showed that he wanted the crowd into the show. For “Another Day” he leaned over to the front row and had different individuals singing the “ooo’s” at the end of the song.

Lidell’s energy rubs off on the rest of his band too. While his sax player was taking his solo in “A Little Bit of Feel Good,” the bass player put down his bass and went over to dance and amp up the sax player. All of a sudden it appeared as if the bass player had been rocked to death by the sax solo. He was laying on his back, motionless. As the solo continued to build, the bass player was resurrected.
It often seems during his show that Lidell and his bass player (pictured at Lollapalooa) are in compitition to see who brings more energy to the stage.

The set closed with “Wait For Me,” and Lidell was not done with his stage antics. While his band was jamming on the tune, Lidell was spending his time trying to balance his glasses on a bust that he had been singing to earlier in the night. The band left the stage, but the crowd was not done. They proceeded to sing the chorus over and over again until the band returned to the stage. Lidell told the Chicago crowd that it sounded beatiful, and he never wanted them to stop.

After starting the encore slow with a ballad, Lidell told the crowd he had something he wanted to try. He had his keys player play the highest and lowest notes on his piano, and told the crowd all the notes they needed fell in between there. He launched into a spiel about how he wanted everyone to pick a note, any note. It was free notes for a free country. He then had everyone hum the note the picked, and then launched into his first hit, “Multiply.”
I could tell from the start at Lollapalooza that Lidell was truly a performer.

Lidell and his band do an excellent job of transporting the listener to another place. Maybe it’s the costumed band members, maybe it’s Lidell’s silver tongue or his effects rig. All I know is that there is something that makes up the rocket ship that takes his crowd into the outer reaches of the skies.

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