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The Chicbuds top song nominees

Posted by admin On December - 8 - 2008
“When we first had this idea of putting on this shindig, we didn’t know if anyone would come. But look, you’re all here, pitching in. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.” -Waynes World 2.
I’m quite aware this is the “little sweet shop on the edge of town, we had to beat them to death with their own shoes” scene. If you can find a video of Wayne’s tearful speech, link it and I’ll send you headphones.

You guys flat-out nailed this contest. Before we launched this bad boy, Andy and I had whittled our playlist down to 10 songs. You came up with 9 of them. Glad we’re on the same page, here.

That’s why we’re leaving it all up to you. Once the brackets are set, you can start voting on what song you think is catchiest at The winner moves on until we have just one song. We’re also in the middle of producing a little video for Chicbuds. The video features all 16 of these songs. At the end we reveal the winner. The winner will be entirely based on your votes.

Tomorrow we come up with the brackets and match up the 1-4 and 2-3 seeds up. Can #4 “Electric Feel” pull a Cinderella story against the heavily favored #1 seed “American Boy”? Will #2 seed “Lollipop” end up sweeter than the 3 seed Weezer’s “Pork and Beans?”

Over here at Festival Crashers, we’ll have a video of each nominated song and analysis of why you should vote for it. If you nominated a winning song, you’ll win a prize for each round you win. What prize you may ask? I actually am not sure yet, but come back tomorrow when I figure that out! I’ll get some College News sales guys to call around and ask for some cool swag.
The Sweet 16 Contest Winners: (If you see your name, you won headphones)
7 of you picked 1 winning song:
Kevin Cory, Olivia Zaltz, Lauren Lamont, Jason Veit, Evan Steele, Carlye Wisel, Laura Sturm
2 of you picked 2 songs:

Kaitlin Lipe- my College News celebrity and odd news writer. She’s taught me way more than I ever wanted to know about the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. Today she tried to have me load “I jizzed in my pants” on Collegenews, but SNL took it down too fast, unfortunately.

Sami Slovy- Festival Crashers’ NOLA chapter president and our future futon-having crash-pad for Jazz Fest and Voodoo Festival. She’s also the only one to ever make a FestivalCrashers t-shirt besides me.

And now, the nominees:
#1 Seeds
Pink- “So What” Kevin Cory
Britney Spears- “Womanizer” Olivia Zaltz
Katy Perry- “I Kissed a Girl” Lauren Lamont
Estelle:- “American Boy” Kaitlin Lipe
#2 Seeds
Metro Station: “Shake It” -Jason Veit
Lil’ Wayne: “Lollipop” -Evan Steele
T.I. “Whatever You Like” -Sami Slovy
John Legend: “Green Light” Kaitlin Lipe
#3 Seeds
Vampire Weeekend: “A-Punk” -Sami Slovy
Regina Spektor and Ben Folds: “You Don’t Known Me” -Zack
Gnarls Barkley: “Going On” -Andy
Weezer: “Pork and Beans” -Zack
#4 Seeds
Jamie Lidell: “Wait For Me” -Andy
Of Montreal: “Id Engager” -Laura Sturm
Panic at the Disco: “Nine in the Afternoon” -Andy
MGMT: “Electric Feel” -Carlye Wisel
Bring a decent pair of headphones this week. You’re gonna need it. Or get some. May I suggest ChicBuds?
If you won, e-mail your address to He’s really excited to write all of your addresses on a package and we’ll send these headphones out. They were sent from the company to us today, so Andy will be sure to write those labels up the next couple days until they arrive. He’s very excited about this job I just assigned him without asking if he felt like doing it.
I listened to these songs pretty much non-stop the last two days and, personally, I’m predicting a final showdown between “I kissed a Girl” and “So What,” but it’s up to you.
Come back tomorrow for the bracket.

8 Responses

  1. Zachary Said,

    Unreal… No M.I.A. I feel totally robbed.

    Posted on December 8th, 2008 at 10:18 pm

  2. Shore Said,

    “Paper Planes” is so 2007 n00b.

    Posted on December 9th, 2008 at 12:03 am

  3. IamHagel Said,

    MGMT, nice call I’m feel a lower seed upset.

    Posted on December 9th, 2008 at 7:56 am

  4. Schiff Happens Said,

    I love me some M.I.A. as well, can’t we get her nominated on the remix or by virtue of the greatest movie trailer in history?
    In other, me winning shit news, fast forward to 6:05 for Wayne’s speech
    and gimme them headphones!
    Thanks Zack.

    Posted on December 9th, 2008 at 9:09 am

  5. halley claire Said,

    outta control

    Posted on December 9th, 2008 at 11:53 am

  6. Teibs Said,

    Well, played Schiff. I was about to just play all of Wayne’s World 2, which I’m nominating as the Festival Crashers official movie. Sure, Almost Famous is a million times better, but WW2 is about putting on a festival, no?

    Posted on December 9th, 2008 at 1:12 pm

  7. The Dankness Said,

    No Kings of Leon “Sex on Fire”, nominated for three grammy’s??? and fuck metro station, i feel embarrassed just reading that.

    Posted on December 9th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

  8. Evan Said,

    Cash equivalent pl0x


    Posted on December 11th, 2008 at 12:29 pm

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