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Interview with Blues Traveler’s Tad Kinchla

Posted by admin On January - 9 - 2009


-A.S. We teased this interview with Tad Kincla, the bass player from Blues Traveler, in the current issue of College News. I didn’t want to post it while we were doing all of the contest coverage, but here it is now. Better late, than never.

Andy Shore: How was your experience playing ACL?

Tad Kincla: I just bought a house up the street from Zilker Park. It was cool getting home and playing a festival down the street.

AS: How was it different from Lollapalooza?

TK: The two on paper look about the same, but the vibe of Austin has much more of a community involvement. Lollapalooza is a super sweet venue. It’s bizarre going to a show in the middle of downtown. ACL Festival you get a vibe that the city of Austin is involved. You can’t help but experience a bit of Austin walking in and out and around the festival. I think the crowd is more of a listening crowd, and not as bombastic.

AS: Where does Austin rank for you in terms of best cities for music?

TK: In this country there’s Chicago, New York, New Orleans and Austin has got to be up there. I don’t even think Los Angeles has a music scene as developed as Austin.

AS: Are festivals a good platform for bands that have been around as long as Blues Traveler?

TK: You’re basically benefiting from the raw energy of a festival crowd. If you like playing live music, festivals are just the BALLS.

Blues Traveler performs “Hook” at ACL. Kinchla used BALLS to describe playing at festivals, but I always preferred TITS as the body part to describe something awesome.

AS: What was your focus going in to record North Hollywood Shootout?

TK: Actually, we pulled our focus back. We had a bunch of songs, and at the last minute John was like we should just record it [in the studio]. We had some loops and played over it. Every day we just focused and went in and worked on a song.I have to respect Kinchla for being able to play in a band with his brother, Chad, pictured above at Lollapalooza. I can’t say that I would be able to do the same (if I even had any musical abilities).

AS: How much fun was it to get Bruce Willis in the studio?

TK: It was cool. I guess John and him and talked about it. It was kinda from a strange Pulp Fiction movie. Shatner-esque almost. He was cool and he had a good time. He played some harp too.

AS: What’s it like to play in a band with your brother?

TK: It’s great. We don’t have any issues, and never have. We’re so fortunate that we have what we have. We don’t talk about it, because we don’t want to jinx it. We don’t mention it too much to people. I think when I first joined there was some thought from the band that we would team up, but we’re probably the ones that butt heads the most. It’s worked out with pretty interesting effects. It’s just awesome.

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  1. The Dankness Said,

    good interview. i liked the questions.

    Posted on January 9th, 2009 at 6:52 pm

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