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Live Forever, Girl Talk (Live at Jake’s in Bloomington 1/16)

Posted by admin On January - 17 - 2009

~Z.T.~ My friends and family in SoCal had been bragging about how it was a hundred degrees warmer where they were than the brutal cold we’ve been suffering through in Chicago. SoCal had nothing on how hot it was on stage at Jakes at around 1:30 a.m Friday night. Another brilliant Girl Talk show started and ended with “Play Your Part,” with non-stop mash-ups in between. His “Casey Jones” and ODB’s “Got Your Money” was especially tight and he even made “Upgrade U” and “Love Lockdown” sound good, but other than that, I was lost in a sweaty dance mob.
Four Girl Talk shows in 10 months and I haven’t seen him pack in a crowd like this. A distinctly college crowd. A crowd pounding $4 Sparks and massive Long Islands. A crowd so eager to get naughty, at least two sets of girls were making out an hour before Girl Talk went on.

A crowd that taught me a few things:

Lesson #1: You can always make it on stage if you befriend the bouncers.
I befriended the girl in charge of bottle service by 11:00 p.m. By 12:45 a.m, the stage bouncer was calling me Shore and Jordan “the media” as we stood by, waiting for Gregg to throw a hand full of confetti in the air to signal we could go onstage.
Lesson #2: Always wear a costume to a Girk Talk show.
Three people asked me if I had rolls, girls beckoned me to dance with them and everyone around me nodded and smiled at me all night. I’d like to think this is due to my natural charm, but I gotta chalk it up to wearing a cape, red shorts over my jeans and a big red Z superhero suit.Lesson #3: Stay hydrated and towel off
I chose three Red Bulls, two Sparks and a cup of ice water to stay hydrated, but I think exchanging one or two of those Red Bulls for water would have been smart. Girl Talk is getting toweled off by a friendly woman who, I imagine, tried to sleep with him that night.
Lesson #4: Don’t be afraid to approach any and every girl at a Girl Talk show.
I’ll admit, Jordan Lipshutz is as smooth an 18 year-old guy as I know, but when this blonde girl is following you around, you know you’re in the right place. Girl’s Gone Wild never had to come to Jake’s. Girl Talk has the same effect on girls. They go wild.
Lesson #5: Go up to Gregg after the show.
He’ll sign anything and thank you for coming. I bought a new Sharpie just so he could write “Live Forever, Girl Talk” on my magazine with him on the cover. Say hi. He might even sweat on you a little. OK a lot.

Andy’s pics

Live Forever, Zack

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  1. Dennis Said,

    Yo man, I’m sure you had as much fun as I did, but the advice here is priceless. I saw him again last night in Columbus which was equally sick. I was wearing a STS9 hat and black Rothbury shirt, remember? Everytime a hot girl would begin to dance with me last night I would say “OH, so this is Girl Talk” they would look at me, smile, and grind. THANK GOD for Greg Gillis. Hope to see you around SuperZach

    Posted on January 18th, 2009 at 7:29 am

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