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American Idol Season 8 Hollywood Round 2

Posted by admin On February - 4 - 2009

-A.S. More from Hollywood week. The intro montage makes it seem like the drama will start tonight.

7:02 Group round seems intense. It’s like Kindergarden all over again. Cliques are forming and the crazy girl is bossing everyone around.
7:03 I’m pretty sure that group was just doing the Oompah Loompah dance.
7:04 Rose, the hippie chick, is bummed out by the pretty girls making it all about looks. She wants us to look past the bikini and see what’s on the inside. That’s so much more kind spirited and less dirty than it sounds.
7:09 Am I the only one that is confused as to how the blind guy learns choreography? That may make me an ass, but at least I didn’t try to high five him.
7:12 Tatiana Nicole Del Toro (left) is totally psycho. She’s way past the Vicky Mendoza line into the crazy side of the crazy/hot scale.
7:15 Bikini girl is crying and proving to be a total diva, but not as big of a diva as Nathaniel Marshall.
7:23 We’re almost 25 minutes into the show and yet to hear a single performance. Seriously American Idol?
7:25 My brother Rob: “That was the most pointless between commercial breaks ever.” I think it’s a new low for television when you have to call the show part of the hour the “between commercial breaks.” I have to agree. There was nothing of value that just happened.
7:29 CAT FIGHT!?!?! Somebody just said cat fight!
7:30 Group one sounds great singing “I Want You Back.” Kara and Paula are standing and dancing along. They all advance to cheers of White Chocolate.
7:32 Some of these people are atrocious. I can’t imagine how they made it this far.
7:34 Ann Marie’s group is losing it towards the end, but she sounds as great as usual. Kara is laughing at them. It’s the end of the line for New Pink. I’m not going to miss her.
7:35 Loving the totally pointless Paula evil eyes. If you’re going to waste my time with non performance footage, at least make me laugh.
7:40 Crate has to be a British measurement. That’s the second time this season Simon has used it to describe an amount of something. This time is was how much Advil he’d need to get over the awful performances.
7:41 Danny Gokey (right) is so good. 100% my favorite. He’s got a great story and a killer set of pipes. His friend Jamar Rogers sounds great too. This whole group is good. I hope at least three of them make it to the final four.
7:43 The “Some Kind of Wonderful” group sounds excellent too. The non-assassin is really a talented singer. I’ll root for him, and not just because I think he’ll kill me otherwise.
7:44 Has Rose Flack wore shoes yet on this show? Katrina and Rose didn’t sound so great, but Jasmine Murray is ripping it up. She has to be the only one advancing.
7:47 I’ll pour one out for the loss of bikini girl. So long, Katrina Darrell. Over under on two months before she poses naked in Playboy?
7:52 Oh my gosh, the Osmond is gone. Are you the first one ever not to succeed?
7:52 Tatiana, the crazy girl, is not good. She’s still singing, even when they’re done. The judges shot that down pretty quick. Please don’t send her to the next round.
7:53 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! More crazy chick…BOOOO!!
7:54 Tatiana’s group members are laughing at her over dramatic praise Jesus moment.
7:55 Compromise is singing “Mercy.” Nathaniel Marshall is really pretty good. He makes me laugh, and he can sing. I hope he sticks around for a while. Kristin McNamara sounds great too.
7:58 They’re ending tonight with a crying montage. Zack is missing out.

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