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American Idol Season 8 Hollywood Round 4

Posted by shore On February - 11 - 2009

~A.S.~ Two hours tonight to find out who makes it onto the actual show. This process takes too long. I feel like they’re a month in, and the show hasn’t even begun. I read that American Idol is making an effort to make the viewer feel more connected to the contestants. That would explain the lengthy sob story montages and over-the-top drama. I don’t care about the story lines. I want to know if they can sing.

7:01 The new twist this season is the sing off. I smell more drama, but I’m hoping to laugh in the process.
7:02 “An all new final judgement.” Since when do Simon, Randy, Paula and Kara guard the Pearly Gates?
7:04 ANOOP DOGG!!!! Anoop Desai (left) is making the big show. I bet Zack’s doing his happy dance about now. That is if he’s even watching. I’m not sure if he would make it through another 2-hour episode. Especially with Lost on. ~Z.T.~ You know me too well. Sandwiches and Lost.
7:12 Cody Sheldon is the first to be submitted to a sing-off against Alex Wagner-Trugman. These new friends were very distressed to find out they were in competition against one another. I can hear why both of them are on the edge, but to me, Alex was the better of the two.
7:16 Score one for this guy. Alex advances as Cody cues the waterworks. My new favorite part is when they walk in the room together to break the news to the group. A great mixes of yeahs, and WHAT!?! from the various cliques. Great way to tell who your real friends are.
7:19 Adam Lambert advances as the ways of messing with the contestants is getting lamer. Simon: “Its not good news … it’s great news.” Ryan Seacrest is much better at yanking contestants’ chains. ~Z.T.~ Simon is pulling a Glenn Gass there. Good John song? Great John song.
7:26 Jasmine Murray (left) will go far on this show. You read it here first. ~Z.T.~ I thought she should have been cut last time.
7:29 Joanna Pacitti has been crying since she sat down. Are the judges kidding me? They believe this girl deserves a chance. Her chance was the record deal she already had and lost. This is B.S. She even said she’s glad they’re giving her ANOTHER chance. Shenanigans.
7:36 Kendall Beard advances, as Paula recycles Simon’s line from earlier with a slight variation. “I’m afraid it’s not great … it’s fantastic.” I’m just glad we get to look at Kendall for at least another week.
7:38 It’s a sing off. It’s a sing off. I’ve always thought Kristen McNamara was good, and I’m surprised she’s living on the edge. How much will American Idol put her through?
7:40 Simon wants to know if they want to keep the more attractive one of the one that can sing. That’s hilarious. This is his show, and he’s more interested in the eye candy than the premise of the show.
7:47 This suspense is killing me. Fox made us wait until after the commercial break to find out who wins the sing off. I was right on Kristin, she’s advancing. Simon does not agree, and made that very clear. He wanted the pretty girl.
7:49 Alexis Grace, is advancing. They played the baby card. It was a no brainer.
7:50 Scott McIntyre, one of the best feel-good stories of this season, is advancing. Seacrest celebrated with Scott and his mom, without trying to high five him.

7:51 Lil Rounds, the mother of three, is up. If Alexis made it with one baby, Lil has to make it too. Right? Right. Want to be on American Idol? Have babies.
7:58 It isn’t really suspenseful when they vote off people you can’t even remember. If these people stood a chance, American Idol would have thrown them a montage or two. Obviously these people don’t have babies.
8:01 Frankie Jordan, the Bizarro Amy Winehouse, is in the next sing off. I wish they were in the same room while they were each singing. It would probably make for some awkward, funny situations.
8:03 Simon told Jesse Langseth her song choice was awful, but she’s advancing. This is the end of the road for Bizarro Amy Winehouse. Simon just told both of them they don’t stand a chance of winning American Idol as a consolation to Frankie. I can’t believe it. She has a baby and she’s going home.
8:10 Seriously. Who are these people? Why are you wasting my time? The editors must be playing a drinking game that involves people crying. That’s the only logical reason I can come up with.
8:13 It’s bromance time. Danny Gokey (right) and Jamar Rogers are getting their montage. It would be absolutely cruel to make these two go at it in a sing off.
8:14 I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Danny Gokey is my favorite for Season 8 of American Idol. Feel good story, soulful voice, the total package.
8:21 They’re breaking up the bromance. So tragic. Who’s gonna be there for my boy Danny now? Maybe Seacrest can introduce him to Brody Jenner.
8:26 It’s Nick Mitchell time. He classed up from Norman Gentle to honor the judges mansion. He just offered to wear a bikini like bikini girl. I hope it doesn’t come to that. He got it based on the fact that he wants to be Norman Gentle. Hold the spin off, Normal Gentle is still alive! ~Z.T.~ I want to get him out of my life.
8:33 Jackie Tohn sounds so much like Janis Joplin when she talks, it’s crazy. It was Randy’s turn to pretend to be dramatic, before telling this crazy rocker chick she made it. There’s no crying in rock and roll, Jackie.
8:35 What would an epidose of American Idol be without a crazy montage from Tatiana Nicole del Toro. She is SO annoying. Simon agrees. She’s sucking up by wearing Paula’s jewelry. Paula gave her a ring, and Simon called Paula out on shameless self promotion on national TV.
8:37 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I’m so sick of this girl. BOOOOOO!!! Maybe if they didn’t let her talk, scream, shriek and laugh, she’d be ok.
8:39 This sing off should be good. Nathaniel Marshall (left) loves drama. His buddy, Jackie Midkiff, really impressed Kara.
8:40 Nathaniel Marshall’s mom went to prison for drugs. He got passed around from family member to family member. He’s got the feel good story. The whole semi-cross dressing image seems to work for the judges. He just called himself the new David Bowie.
8:43 No real surprise that Nathaniel advances. He’s the bigger character of the two. He’s not one of my favorites, but I could see him being a dark horse in this competition. American Idol sure is filling their crazy quota this season.
8:50 There putting the two blue collar family men up against each other. I think that’s cruel.
8:53 Michael Sarver has more than one baby. I think that gives him the advantage. Plus he sounds better than Matt Breitzke. Paula gave Michael the smiling, nodding seal of approval.
8:55 That was the most dramatic putting down of a chair I’ve ever seen.
8:56 American Idol agrees with me again. It was cruel to put these two against each other, and even the judges couldn’t decide. Good for these guys.

4 Responses

  1. Teibs Said,

    Is Anne Marie still on the show?

    Posted on February 12th, 2009 at 12:02 am

  2. Josh Said,

    Joanna Pacitti just was ruled ineligible and replaced by Felicia Barton.

    Posted on February 12th, 2009 at 5:08 am

  3. Shore Said,

    Good riddance to a cheater. I honestly don’t remember seeing Anne Marie yesterday, but I never thought she was that special.

    Posted on February 12th, 2009 at 11:38 am

  4. Teibs Said,

    She made it. I looked her up. I agree she prob won’t win b/c they haven’t been showing her enough

    Posted on February 12th, 2009 at 12:47 pm

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