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American Idol Season 8 First 12 of 36 Compete

Posted by shore On February - 17 - 2009

-A.S. I peeked at the roster for tonight’s 12, and I’m quite excited. Danny Gokey has been my favorite since his audition. He is joined by two of Zack’s favorites in Anoop Desai and Ann Marie Boskovich. Unfortunately we have to take the good with the bad. Tatiana Del Toro is also a part of group one.

7:02 Judges interview. Paula says Kara was under the table too? Is that supposed to be sexual innuendo? Hilarious scarf on Randy too.
7:06 The first things I noticed about Jackie Tohn (left) were what she was wearing. Her pleather pants, the sick Jordans. The fact her voice wasn’t the first thing says it all. She sounded terrible. I even shouted Yuck at the breakdown at the end.
7:08 The judges liked her energy more than the vox. Jackie Tohn called Kara dude. Simon seems to agree with me, and the booing of Simon’s negative feedback begins…
7:10 Jackie Tohn’s dad would be wearing a leather biker beret. Nice awkward family moment with Seacrest.

7:17 I don’t remember Ricky Braddy at all from the auditions or Hollywood rounds. Now that he’s singing, I can guess why. He sang the song he chose well, but I’m not really a fan.
7:19 Is dude the new dogg?
7:20 @ZackTeibloom Dude’s the man now, dog!
7:29 Alexis Grace should never be allowed to sing Aretha Franklin ever again. That was completely unspectacular. The vocal breakdown at the end was terrible. The judges must have had too many sandwiches before the show, because they’re high on everybody tonight.
7:31 NPH and Ted Dansen are in the house!
7:32 Alexis Grace’s dad looks like a fat, old Derek Trucks.
7:39 Nobody told two-first-named Brent Keith that this wasn’t a country competition. I don’t want to hear either of those kinds of music. Country or Western.
7:41 @ZackTeibloom He’s a little bit country. A little bit please stop.
7:49 Stevie Wright sounds the worst yet. Maybe she was singing old songs, because they disguised how terrible she really is.
7:54 It’s Anoop Dogg time! I think the nickname buys him a pass to the next round, even though I don’t love the song he picked.
7:56 He got a standing ovation from the crowd…and Paula. Kara just said, “nail it the way it needs to be nailed.” That HAS to be sexual innuendo. The judges agree with me overall. He’s better than the song he chose, but he should make it.
8:07 Casey Carlson is hot and she’s singing the Police. I really want to like her, but she is not hitting her notes. At all.
8:08 Randy said, “the dog was lost.” Like the Industrial Revolution?
8:17 Michael Sarver sounds terrible singing Gavin Degraw too. I do have to say that I enjoy that they have the rest of the contestants on the balcony above. Great judge of character. The ones that are dancing and clapping along are the good ones. The d-bags are the ones standing around, not paying attention.
8:22 Zack’s girl Ann Marie Boskovich is up now. He’s not listening with his ears. Alexis Grace sounded better than she does.
8:25 Ann Marie is not taking the judges criticism well. Simon basically called her a lounge lizard.
8:27 Ann Marie sat down funny on the couch and said, “I just sat on the hard part.” It took all Seacrest had not to drop a That’s What She Said. I’ve never seen him stumble like that.
8:33 Stephen Fowler is going with some Michael Jackson. He’s milking a few too many notes for my liking.
8:37 Simon called him corny, and his feedback was not positive.
8:44 I really hate to say it, but Tatiana del Toro might just sound the best so far tonight. I wouldn’t hate her so much if they only allowed her to sing. No talking, no laughing and no crying. A muzzle is not out of the question.
8:47 Paula dropped the any publicity is good publicity line and Tatiana agreed that she’s just on the show to market herself. The judges all made fun of her laugh.
8:49 Apparently, Tatiana del Toro watched herself on TV and realized how much of a psychopath she came off as. She’s toned it down a bit.
8:54 Here he comes to save the day! Danny Gokey is no mouse, but he sure is mighty. They clearly saved the best for last. He’s killing it, singing “Hero.”
8:57 The judges loved him. Paula gave him a standing ovation and said she sees him selling out arenas.

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