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American Idol Season 8 Group 2

Posted by shore On February - 25 - 2009

-A.S. Group 2 brings us the next 12 performers. My favorite of the ladies is Jasmine Murray. It’s a little harder to chose from the guys side. I really enjoy Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle, but the best singers are probably Matt Giraud and Adam Lambert. Ryan Seacrest is tossing daggers Simon’s way in the intros.

7:03 Jasmine Murray is up first. It’s an uninspiring cover of “Love Song.” Poor song choice that does not showcase her voice well. Judges weren’t impressed either. To Vote for Jasmine Murray Text 57701 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 01.
7:13 Matt Giraud (left) is up next. He’s singing “Viva La Vida.” He sounds terrible too. What’s with these song choices people? Simon: “It wasn’t just that it was bad. You sounded awful.” Sidenote: Is Joe Satriani counting the money coming to him right now? To vote for Matt Giraud Text 57702 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 02.
7:25 Jeanine Vailes is singing “This Love.” Her performance wasn’t more entertaining than the repeated video clip of her tripping over the table. Randy: ‘The best part is that it was over.” Simon: “Nice lips.” To Vote for Jeanine Vailes Text 57703 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 03.
7:35 Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle is my guilty pleasure of American Idol. The blazer is a great touch on the Norman Gentle costume. The sultry stairs walk was hilarious. I don’t know how Zack doesn’t enjoy him. This is hilarious. That face from Randy was priceless when he was singing up against the judges table. That.was.awesome. Randy called it one of the most entertaining performances of all time on American Idol. Book this guy in Vegas. NOW. To Vote for Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle Text 57704 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 04.
7:41 Ryan Seacrest called it the first time somebody got to second base with the American Idol sign on the judges table (below).7:48 Allison Iraheta is singing Heart “Alone.” She sounds the best so far. Sang the intro nicely and rocked it out to the end. Randy “you just blew it out the box right there.” He said it THREE TIMES. To Vote for Allison Iraheta Text 57705 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 05.
7:55 Kris Allen is singing “Man in the Mirror.” Ballsy. I think Michael Jackson can’t be touched. This guy is definitely not the guy to do it. He’s got a voice, but again, wrong song choice. He nailed it at the end though. To Vote for Kris Allen Text 57706 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 06.
8:07 Megan Corkrey (below) “Put Your Records On.” is really good. I forgot about her until hearing her right now, but I really like her. She sounds great during the verses, and not as much during the chorus. Paula hearts her though. She’s got an awesome jazz singer voice, but couldn’t hit the big notes. To Vote for Megan Corkrey Text 57707 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 07.8:16 8:16 Matt Breitzke singing “The Way She Loves Me” has always had a good voice, but nothing in his voice makes him stand out. To Vote for Matt Breitzke Text 57707 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 07.
8:21 Jesse Langseth singing “Betty Davis Eyes.” Like Matt Breitzke, I think she sounds fine, but doesn’t stand out. These people lack somthing special, which nobody can say about Norman Gentle. Randy said she has a 5-note range. Can we call her 5-note Jesse if she manages to advance? To Vote for Jesse Langseth Text 57708 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 08.
8:32 Kai Kalama is singing “What Goes On With The Broken Hearted.” One of my favorite songs that were sung tonight, but he didn’t do it that well. Pretty bad arrangement for this Motown tune. I just noticed Kai sort of has the Carla from Top Chef Side Show Bob hairdo going on. To Vote for Kai Kalama Text 57709 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 09.
8:41 Mishavonna Henson (left) is singing “Drop of Jupiter.” This is a song I like that should give her a chance to show off her voice a bit. This sounds like such a watered down cover. I was looking for her to knock it out of the part at the end, and she did not. To Vote for Mishavonna Henson Text 57710 to IDOL or Call 1.866 IDOLS 10.
8:45 Randy is wearing the same necklace as last week. Is it made from macaroni? Did his child make it in preschool?
8:50 Is this week two in a row that they saved the best for last? That’s quite possible with Adam Lambert. He’s singing the Stones’ “Satisfaction.” Instead, it’s a perfect song to end the night of wrong song choices. The Rolling Stones will never meet Broadway for a reason. He sings really well, but that’s not the way I want to hear that song sung. Ever. I do think this guy can go far though.

Picking a top-3 from tonight will not be easy. I think that Adam Lambert had the best male performance, but do not underestimate the character that is Norman Gentle. I think that both of them could go through. Megan Corkrey was the best girl of the night, with Allison Iraheta, Jesse Langseth and Mishavonna Henson also being contenders. Last week’s group was much, much better. I don’t think any of the wild cards deserve to come from this round.

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