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American Idol Season 8 Group 2 Results Show Live Blog

Posted by shore On February - 26 - 2009

-A.S. I’m much less excited for tonight’s results show after the underwhelming performances from last night. I won’t really be that upset to see any of these 12 through. Randy is still wearing his macaroni peace sign necklace…

7:03 It wouldn’t be an American Idol results show without a montage.
7:05 Kai Kalama (left) is doing some very awkward dance move and Nick Mitchell is playing it straight during the group 2 performance of Ne-Yo “Closer.”

7:06 I still want to know if this is what the American Idol tour is like. I cannot imagine what a whole concert of coordinated dance group singalongs would be like. I’m thinking it’s the Wiggles for adults.
7:11 They’re showing the highlights from last night, and I’m more mesmerized by the lightening outside. I hate rain, that says a lot.
7:16 Allison Iraheta, Jesse Langseth and Matt Breitzke are up first to find out their fates. Allison Iraheta is the first one from group two to advance. She rocked it with Heart last night, and gets the encore tonight. No real shock here, although I thought Jesse Langseth may have had a shot.
7:25 The top 12 contestants have to sit in those stools for a full hour. The biggest show on television couldn’t afford more comfortable seating arrangements?
7:29 Of this next group of four to find out their fates, Megan Joy Corkrey and Kris Allen have the best shot at advancing. It has to be a guy, because that means none of the rest of the girls would get into the top 12 from this group.
7:30 Jeanine Vailes sucks…and I’m not just talking about those DSLs. She’s gone.
7:32 Kris Allen advances, despite his less than spectacular cover of “Man in the Mirror.” Megan Corkrey may have a shot at the wild card.
7:33 It’s going to come down to Nick Mitchell and Adam Lambert for the final stop into the top-12 tonight.
7:41 American Idol uses “Wonderful World” so much that I’m starting to think they own the rights.
7:52 I told yall it would be Nick aka Norman Gentle vs. Adam Lambert.
7:55 While I was really pulling for the comedic factor of Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle, it was a no brainer that Adam Lambert was the better singer. I’m not thrilled about having to hear him sing “Satisfacton” again though.
7:57 While my hopes aren’t high for Norman Gentle getting a wild card bid, I think that Megan Corkrey and Mishavonna Henson both stand a chance.
7:59 Group 3 brings us the very hot Kendall Beard, Nathaniel Marshall and his drama, Scott Macintyre, who danced with his cane in the promo ad and the second chance Felicia Barton among others.

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous Said,

    MATT GIRAUD = Wildcard!! Don’t rule him out, he’s amazing in person!!

    Posted on February 26th, 2009 at 8:37 pm

  2. Shore Said,

    I really liked Matt Giraud every round until this one. I don’t know if that performance he put on in the group 2 round is enough to get him a wild card berth. I was really pulling for him until this week.

    Posted on February 27th, 2009 at 12:27 pm

  3. Adamgv Said,

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    Posted on March 1st, 2009 at 7:19 pm

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