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Hilary’s Mix

Posted by teibs On March - 3 - 2009

fcteam@ZackTeibloom (Part 3 of 5 of the ongoing Mix analysis from my drive) I’ve always known Hilary had high levels of Festival Crasher spirit in her, but I was still impressed by this effort. Her mix topped Shore’s not only b/c it’s more indie rock heavy, but because she went with the deep cuts over singles and pulled out some wild cards.

I only wish she hadn’t had a string of bad luck that prevented more hanging while I was still in Chicago. I’ve seen 14 of the 19 artists on this mixtape and have plans to see Neil Young in the very near future.

1. Beck “High 5 (Rock the Catskills)” 9.6 That’s how you kick off a mix. Funky, head-nodding Beck. “More dead than alive” is how I felt when I put this on.
2. Blackalicious “Blazing Arrow” 9.4 I actually put this song on a mix I made for a long drive Andy and I had this summer. He said it was out of place, which was probably right, but it works quite well here.
3. Black Keys “Strange Times” 9.5 A Festival Crasher staple. We see these guys constantly and I never tire of it and this might be my favorite song of theirs.

4. Bob Dylan “Tangled up in Blue” 10.0 Both Hilary and Laura put a Blood on the Tracks song on their mix for a reason. It’s a perfect end of an era album.
5. Daft Punk “Digital Love” 9.8 Quite simply my favorite Daft Punk song and I love Daft Punk.
6. Funkadelic “Hit it and Quit it” 9.7 Don’t mind if I do.
7. LCD Soundsystem “North American Scum” 9.6 This song has driving written all over it. Sound of Silver was my favorite album of 2007 and this song is as good as it gets.

8. MGMT “Weekend Wars” 8.9 One of the most promising bands to come out in 2008 turned out to be one of the worst live. Hopefully they improve. Good choice not picking a single, but I prefer “Kids.”
9. Neil Young “Old Man” 10 This song is about being 24 and uncertainty in your life. FTW.
10. Radiohead “Idioteque” 9.9 Freshman year we got my roommate high and drove to Steak and Shake. He rarely ate sandwiches and was tweaking out the whole time. Unlike him, I can handle this song on a drive in a big way.
11. Spoon “Rhythm and Soul” 8.8 A pitchfork band. Not my favorite track, but I still admire the deep cut.
12. Sufjan Stevens “Come on Feel the Illinoise” 9.8 Perfect for driving out of Chicago.
13. Talking Heads “Psycho Killer (live)” 8.5 Not the best version of this song.

If you’re going to go live, you have to go for Stop Making Sense. It starts the whole concert.
14. TV on the Radio “Wolf Like Me” 9.2
15. Vampire Weekend “A-Punk” 9.6 Nice Pitchfork shout-out and one of the FC catchiest songs of 2008.

16. The White Stripes “Icky Thump” 10.0 Ahh, Jack. How Shore avoided Jack White on my mix is beyond me. He knows better.
17. Wyclef Jean “Gone Till November” 10.0 Always been a favorite of mine and it’s about leaving. How apropos.
18. Yeasayer “2080” 9.8 This is the only song on the mix I don’t know well and it’s the one I’ve been listening to the most. What a lovely end to a stellar mix.

Flow: 5/10 Somehow flows better than Andy’s, but it’s still alphabetical order which is a cardinal sin of mix making.
Theme: 8.5/10 3 songs about leaving, two pitchfork songs.
Songs: 9.56
Overall: (not an average) 9.3

Thanks Hil! I’ve listened to this bad boy 5 times already

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Part 2: Andy’s mix

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