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American Idol Top 13 Finalists Compete

Posted by shore On March - 10 - 2009

idol2@AndyShore They’ve busted out the big stage. Apparently Simon requested a grand entrance for the judges, but it was pretty awkward. Tonight the top-13 contestants perform. Since there are 13 contestants tonight, two will be voted off the show on the results show tomorrow night. They’re starting off with a whopper tonight. Everyone will have to bring their A game. It’s Michael Jackson night!

7:07 Is it wrong that I would rather they play a Michael Jackson montage for the rest of the night? Even if it is narrated by Seacrest.
7:08 Lil Rounds (below) is singing “The Way You Make You Feel.” This mom of three sounds awesome. I think Michael Jackson night plays right into her wheelhouse. Despite a less than stellar arrangement, she sounds great.7:11 I think Randy Jackson says “you know what’s great about you” more than he says dogg.
7:12 Nice feathers Paula. Not sure if Simon thinks Lil’s ruffles are worse.
7:18 Scott McIntyre singing “Keep the Faith.” He sounds good, but not great. Not sure how I felt about his high note either. Like him a lot on the keys. Gotta root for this guy, and the the song’s writer approved (she was in the audience).
7:23 What bet did Randy lose to have to wear those love beads on air all season long?
7:30 Danny Gokey is just being modest. He had to know he’d at get this far. He’s singing “P.Y.T.” Absolutely rocking it. You knew he was killing it, even before he got the standing ovation and back up vocals from Kara and Paula. Lock it up. Championship.
7:32 Simon on Danny: “You remind me of Michael McDonald. A white guy with soul. ”
7:35 I’m sorry to say it, because he seems like a nice guy, but Michael Sarver has to be the favorite to get voted off. He’s singing “You Are Not Alone.” Seacrest dubbed it his sensitive side. This has fail written all over it. As a matter of fact. I’m dubbing you Pee Break, Michael Sarver.
7:45 I’ve liked Jasmine Murray (above) from the start. Tonight she’s singing “I’ll Be There.” She sounds much better than you would expect any 17-year-old to sound. Overall, I’m pretty impressed by these Michael Jackson covers.
7:56 Kris Allen singing “Remember The Time.” He seems more comfortable playing his guitar, and I’m glad to see he’s not singing “Man in the Mirror” again. He doesn’t sound bad, but he’s not doing anything special. Definitely the worst singer so far.
8:02 Do you think it makes the judge feel old when Allison Iraheta says she knew she wanted to audition for American Idol when she was nine? Allison Iraheta is singing “Give in to Me.” I think out of all the performers tonight, Allison’s sound is one of the hardest to fit to Michael Jackson. Her and Megan Corkrey. The judges liked her performance, but I’m not sure how long she can play the rocker card.
8:11 It throws me off when Anoop says thinks like y’all almost as much as his singing does. Anoop Desai (below) is singing “Beat It.” He’s been a favorite of the Festival Crashers since his audition. This definitely isn’t his best performance. Wouldn’t put him in the top of the night, but he shouldn’t go home from that performance.8:21 Jorge Nunez singing “Never Can Say Goodbye.” He’s got a good voice, but I don’t think he’s anything special.
8: 24 If American Idol was a drinking game, you should drink every time they cut wide and Paula is rocking out to a contestant.
8: 26 Jorge: “I wasn’t going to sing “Bad” by Michael Jackson.” Simon: “Well, you sorta did.”
8:32 Megan has a hot mom. Megan Joy Corkrey singing “Rockin Robbin.” I thought she’d have a hard time tonight, but this was the perfect song choice for her. Did she really just caw?
8:37 Gordon Ramsey is in the house!
8:37 Nice black nail polish, Adam. Tonight Adam Lambert (below) is singing “Black and White.” Of all the contestants, he might be best suited to sing Michael Jackson. This song is right up his alley too. He’s got the Paula Abdul Standing Ovation Seal Of Approval (I’m getting on the design for this ASAP). This performance is SO over the top.8:48 Matt Giraud is singing “Human Nature.” Hilarious that they surrounded Seacrest with a whole bunch of tweens. He sounds great, but I didn’t hear his keys until the last notes of the song.
8:51 They must have told them to hurry things up. Seacrest is talking a mile a minute and Paula barely said anything.
8:56 Alexis’ daughter is adorable. Alexis Grace is singing “Dirty Diana.” She’s showing more soul tonight singing Michael Jackson than she did singing Aretha. I wasn’t really a fan of hers before tonight, but this performance is winning me over. Kara: “You’re a naughty girl, and I liked it.”

2 Responses

  1. Kate Said,

    I think I stroked out somewhere mid-“Rockin’ Robin.” WTF WAS that? And Adam is, like… an MJ impersonator meets Pete Wentz meets Blake Lewis meets a cartoon character meets my ruptured eardrums.

    Never a dull moment, eh?

    Posted on March 10th, 2009 at 7:44 pm

  2. Shore Said,

    Hahahaha. Excellent analysis.

    Posted on March 10th, 2009 at 7:47 pm

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