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American Idol Top 11 Finalists Compete

Posted by shore On March - 17 - 2009

@AndyShore  It’s that time of the week again. Tonight the top-11 contestants compete. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, they are doing country night? LAME. Can America vote off the person who’s decision it was to make it country week, instead of one of the contestants?


7:05 I’ll admit it. I think I know who Randy Travis is. Think.

7:08 I wish Michael Sarver…I mean Pee Break… would stop singing so the dude on the mouth harp can wail. At least I know who Garth Brooks is. On a scale of 1-10, Simon gave him a 1.2.

7:14 It’s the first commercial break, and I’ve already gotten 3 RTs. En fuego!

7:17 Allison Iraheta (left) is singing “Blame it on Your Heart” by Patty Lovelace. Randy Travis has faith in that song choice, and Allison. I can almost get behind anything with a rocking guitar. Country week suits her way more than Michael Jackson week did. Nice pun Simon, telling the rocker chick she’s “rock solid.” Randy thought it was DOPE.

7:22 Kris Allen is singing Garth Brooks’ “To Make You Feel My Love.” I’m never a fan of the slower, ballad style songs. Kris Allen has a good voice, and the song choice does happen to show it off.  Randy has now dubbed Kris Allen “Tender Dogg.”

7:33 I really wish Lil Rounds wouldn’t hold back for country week. I love the R&B side of this girl. She’s singing Martina McBride’s “Independence Day.” She sounds fine, but Lil Rounds was not made to sing country. I’ll be glad that the first and last time she sings country will be over after this week. Simon: “Can I speak, Little?”

7:47 Randy Travis was almost as thrown off by Adam Lambert’s nail polish, as he was at his attempt at “Ring of Fire.” OMG this is HILARIOUS. Brokeback Idol indeed. This is terrible. Just terrible. Even worse than his aluminum foil Michael Jackson jacket. Kara: “It left me confused, and sort of happy.”

7:57 Scott McIntyre is singing “Wild Angels” by Martina McBride. Randy Travis’ judgement has been pretty on tonight, and he thinks it’s a poor song choice for Scott. Ok, this feel good story for Scott McIntyre is starting to wear off. Every week, he sounds exactly the same. He hit his notes, but at some point he has to take it up another notch. This is not that week. Randy agrees with me.

8:04 I didn’t know country week meant the week of awkward jackets for men.

8:10 Randy Travis called Alexis Grace’s rehearsal just perfect. She’s singing Dolly Parton “Jolene.” Her performance was only ok, but she still sounded pretty good. Simon and Paula are noticeably at odds tonight. Seacreast said they stormed off the stage in separate directions prior to Alexis’ performance.

8:15 Danny Gokey is singing Carry Underwood “Jesus Take the Wheel.” The crowd loves him. They’ve got the clap going on. Is anybody else not shocked at all the that guy from the religious cult in Milwaukee picked this song. Country is not Danny’s forte, but he was still better than most tonight.

8:31 Anoop Desai (left) is singing Willie Nelson’s “You Are Always On My Mind.” Randy Travis seems to be as impressed with Anoop as I am. He’s calling it the best anyone has heard yet from Anoop. This song shows off his voice much better than his terrible attempt at Michael Jackson last week. Even if it is a slower song, he sounds fantastic. Anoop Dogg is such a southern gent. He said “Yes ma’am to Paula.” Simon gave the performance the zero to hero label.

8:41 Megan Joy has dropped her last name (Corkrey) and is singing the country standard “I Go Walking After Midnight.” Randy Travis was hesitant about her song choice, but loved her take on it. This song shows off her slinky jazz singer side perfectly. She’s still doing the arm shaking dance a little bit. She sounds as great as she looks tonight. She’s under the weather tonight, but still managed a WHOOP WHOOP.

8:51 What is with my guys Danny and Matt Giraud singing Carrie Underwood. Matt is singing “So Small.” This is not bad, but Matt has had better performances. Paula’s already standing and clapping along. Maybe I just don’t like country.

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