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American Idol 1 of 11 Voted Off

Posted by shore On March - 19 - 2009

@AndyShore It’s results night again on American Idol. I would like nothing more than to see Michael Sarver, I mean Pee Break, go home. He’s not good, and doesn’t belong with the others in the remaining 11. Really, I’m just glad that country week is over. Especially because I heard that next week is Motown week. There are few musical genres I like more than Motown. I even took a Motown class at Indiana. One of our classes we ate soul food and had a sock hop. If you’re at IU, I highly recommend it.

8:06 They finally figured out what to do with Scott McIntyre during the group performances. They gave up trying to teach him choreography after last week, and sat him at the piano this week for “Trouble.” The only funnier thing than that realization was the dancing that Randy Jackson contributed when the girls were singing next to the judges table.


8:13 If we blog about the Ford American Idol commercial, do we get part of the automobile buyout money?

8:19 Danny Gokey and Lil Rounds are both safe. No real surprise, they’re probably the top two in this competition.

8:20 Thankfully Anoop Desai is safe as well. Anoop Dogg is the fan favorite, and probably the best performance from last night.

8:22 They told Allison Iraheta that she was in the bottom three and Michael Sarver took a seat, thinking he was safe. Seacrest made him stand back up, and informed by good friend Pee Break that he too was in the bottom three.

8:27 At least I know who Brad Paisley is, but I still can’t resist the ability to fast-forward through his performance. Sorry country music. You lose again.

8:35 Scott McIntyre got his ticket for the American Idol summer tour. Makes sense, he’s still a feel good story.

8:36 Megan Joy is sticking around as well. I like her, glad she’s not going home.

8:37 Matt Giraud, one of last night’s best, is safe as well. Kris Allen will be joining Matt in the top 10.

8:38 Simon told Adam Lambert his performance was even worse the second time around. Still, Alexis Grace (left) is the last one to join the bottom three.

8:40 Allison Iraheta, who still hasn’t used up all her rocker chick mojo, is safe for another week. It’s coming down to Alexis and Pee Break.

8:47 Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood performing their duet “I Told You So” for the first time together live. As Carrie Underwood sings, I’m thinking she’s way better than anyone on this season of Idol. Randy Travis is so country. Fast-forward time.

8:52 Simon just said the judges had conversed and would consider using their save on one of the bottom 2. They can’t mean Pee Break.

8:56 Michael “Pee Break” Sarver is safe. Alexis Grace is going home. I can’t believe that. I hated on her Aretha Franklin, but not nearly as much as I hate on Pee Break. Here comes the pressure. If you don’t suck, we may save you Alexis.

8:58 The judges huddle during her performance was hilarious. It seemed like she was close to getting the Get Out of Jail Free Card, but she’s going home.

Can’t wait for Motown next week on Wednesday night, because Barry Obama is speaking Tuesday night. I really don’t think Pee Break will make it through Motown night, but I’m shocked he’s made it this far.

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