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American Idol Top 10

Posted by shore On March - 25 - 2009

 @AndyShore It’s Motown night tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to watch American Idol. I hope the guys do David Ruffin, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder their justice. I imagine the girls will bust out a decent amount of Diana Ross and Mary Wells. I can only hope that Pee Break himself, Michael Sarver, doesn’t have the chops to make it past this round. Scott McIntyre has to show me something this week, or else he may be headed home too.


7:05 The best kind of American Idol montage: Motown. I’m excited Allison Iraheta is singing “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” I think she will do it justice.

7:09 Matt Giraud is singing “Let’s Get it On.” He sounds unbelievable in the rehearsals. Smokey Robinson thinks it would have floored Marvin Gaye. What a compliment. He sounds good, and I liked that he got up from the piano. I do think he looks like a high school math teacher in that cardigan though. Randy is proclaiming Matt a contender after that performance.

7:18 Kris Allen is singing “How Sweet It Is.” A Marvin duet, but Marvin nonetheless. Smokey is either as nice as Paula, or genuinely impressed so far tonight. Paula’s doing the standing dance and clap. He sounded good, but Matt did a better Marvin Gaye.

7:32 Scott McIntyre is singing “Love Don’t Come Easy.” He has a good voice, but somehow it sounds the same week in and week out. I don’t know how much more of Scott we will be seeing. Randy couldn’t have put it better. “It was a hotel kind of performance.”

7:42 Megan Joy is singing “For Once in My Life.” One of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs, if not favorite. She sounded better in her rehearsals than she does in her performance. She’s trying to make it fit her sounds, and it’s not quite doing it for me. It’s an overall lackluster performance, and the judges tore it apart.

7:53 Anoop Desai is singing Smokey Robinson & the Miracles “Ooo Baby, Baby.” Smokey says it’s good as is, which is a great compliment coming from the guy who originally did it. Anoop Dogg sounds amazing. He really does have an incredible voice. He’s starting to show that he’s got the chops to sing almost anything.

7:59 I really do think it should be a rule that Seacrest has to sing every week. That was awesomely bad.

8:04 Pee Break is singing one of my favorite song to sing when drunk. Ever (the song from O Brother Where Art Thou is a close second). I really hope that he doesn’t kill “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.” I’m thinking it’s time to break for a sandwich. You know it wasn’t a good performance when Paula is at a loss for words. If she is struggling to come up with anything nice to say, you’re probably going home.

8:16 Lil Rounds is singing “Heatwave” by Martha & the Vandellas. Smokey called her “a singer that could sing the phone book.” His week should be a home run for Lil. What better theme for her than Motown? She’s getting the Paula Abdul standing dance seal of approval. She sounds good, but had a better performance Michael Jackson week. Do you think she had a moment?

8:30 Adam Lambert is singing Smokey Robinson & the Miracles “Tracks of My Tears.” He looks like a totally different person with that throwback ‘do. I like the retro version of the song too. It sounds new and old at the same time. Smokey gave it a standing ovation, which says it all.

8:41 Danny Gokey is singing “Get Ready.” He’s got a great voice, but I don’t think this is one of his best performances either. His dancing is truly horrible, but I did like the rolls with the back up singers.

8:51 Allison Iraheta singing “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” This is the right song choice for her. It was a great performance. Certainly one of the best of the night.

8:53 Simon drew a mustache on Paula with crayon. Hilarious.

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  1. Rob Said,

    This show wouldn’t be nearly as funny to watch if Paula and Simon didn’t sit next to each other.

    Posted on March 26th, 2009 at 11:19 am

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