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American Idol 1 of 10 Voted Off

Posted by shore On March - 26 - 2009

Michael Sarver, Megan Joy and Scott MacIntyre were clearly the bottom three yesterday. Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta and Anoop Desai were among the best. I hope that my buddy Michael, aka Pee Break, is the one that goes home, but I won’t be upset if it’s Scott either. Honestly, I’m more excited for the duet with Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson and the Motown Ok, let’s get this results show over with so I can watch 30 Rock and the Office.


7:08 Maybe the best group performances yet, but I’m probably saying that because it’s Motown. Awesome song choices, and even my least favorites sound alright backed by the rest of the group.

7:14 What happens first? Adam Lambert wins a Tony or stars in High School Musical 17?

7:15 The Ford American Idol commercial was pretty solid this week. Megan sounded pretty high in the mix on that one.

7:16 Ruben Studdard is performing his new single. He really doesn’t sound that great. I’d rather listen to at least four of the current season’s contestants instead.

7:21 Adam Lambert, one of the best performances of last night, is safe for this week. DUH.

7:22 I am absolutely shocked that Matt Giraud is in the bottom three. He was possibly the best of last night. If he gets voted off, he has a good chance of getting saved. Seacrest totally faked out Kris Allen, making him think he was also in the bottom three. He had resigned to walking in the middle, when Seacrest told him he was safe.

7:23 Lil Rounds is safe, and Pee Break is in the bottom three! Thank you, sweet baby Jesus.

7:28 Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson singing “You’re the One For Me.” Joss looks much better brunette than with the red hair she rolled out for Introducing Joss Stone. She sounds better than Smokey does, and Smokey’s face kind of freaks me out. Either her voice just overpowers his naturally, or she’s turned up way too high in the mix. Even Simon gave it a standing ovation.

7:37 Allison Iraheta was the best female of the night last night, and she’s safe too. Anoop Desai and Danny Gokey will see another week as well.

7:39 Scott MacIntyre is joining Matt and Pee Break in the bottom three. Megan Joy is the Vote For the Worst candidate, and they saved her for another week. Her performance was pretty bad last night.

7:40 Scott is safe for another week, which means it comes down to Matt and Pee Break. I think this means we are rid of Pee Break!

7:47 If you don’t like Stevie Wonder, please stop reading my blog. Seriously, we don’t want you around these parts. The man still has it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so jealous of American Idol contestants. I wish I could dance on stage while Stevie Wonder sang.

7:49 That was one of the funniest seated dances I’ve ever seen from Kara. I’ll let it slide this time, Stevie Wonder does funny things to lots of people.

7:52 Here’s the question of the night. Was Stevie purposely standing and waving to the contestants, or did he think he was facing the crowd?

7:57 Hip hip hooray! Pee Break is going home. I think everybody (with possible exception to my bladder) is happy to see him going home. I aint’t to proud to be-e-eg for the judges not to save him.

7:59 Bye bye Pee Break.

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