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American Idol 9 Contestants Perform

Posted by shore On March - 31 - 2009

anoop9 @AndyShore This week the contestants can pick any of the iTunes most popular downloads. After a few throw back weeks and ::shudder:: country week, I’m looking forward to some hits. I think some of the top 9 will really benefit from being able to sing something current. Anoop Desai, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta killed it last week. Megan Joy is going to have to rebound after a pretty dreadful performance last week.


7:05 Anoop Desai is singing “Caught Up” by Usher. Anoop Dogg is going back to flashing some of his personality. Compared to his “Ooo Baby Baby” last week, this vocal performance wasn’t there. He’s sounded better, and the judges agree.

7:16 Megan Joy is singing Bob Marley “Turn Your Lights Down Low.” I can’t decide if I like this or not. I keep going back and forth. There is some vibrato in her voice that is bothering me at times. It just sounds too throaty for Bob Marley. I’d eat a sandwich with Megan Joy and listen to some Bob though.

7:26 Danny Gokey is singing Rascal Flatts “What Hurts the Most.” I wish he wasn’t singing country. At least he didn’t pick another Carrie Underwood song. I don’ know if it’s my anti country bias, but this just isn’t doing it to me. He’s putting up a better performance than last week, and hopefully he’ll make it another week. Simon called his performance “two snails competing against a race horse,” comparing it to the first two.

7:33 Allison Iraheta is doing No Doubt “Don’t Speak” and is busting out her guitar for the first time this season. I think it’s a great song choice for her. Aside from the absolutely ridiculous ‘do, she sounds pretty good. Randy said check it out four times. Is Randy allowed to ask anybody what they’re wearing, while he’s been wearing those peace sign love beads all season? Paula is also not allowed to call a guitar an axe.

7:43 Scott MacIntyre is singing Billy Joel “The Way You Are.” He’s going solo. Just him and his piano. He sounds better than he has in past weeks, but he still lacks pizzazz (that’s the first time I’ve ever tried to type that word).

7:53 Matt Giraud is doing “You Found Me” by the Fray. He’s performing on a keyboard in the middle of the crowd. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more blatant plea for the fans’ support. He sounded constipated for some of that performance, but hit the high notes at the end. This wasn’t the song to pick, coming off a week in the bottom three.

7:59 Lil Rounds is singing Celine Dion “I Surrender.” At the very least, it should be a song for her to showcase her voice. I just don’t think a Celine Dion song is going to win you much fan support of American Idol. Bad pun Kara: “Lil, you’re back in the Rounds.”

8:04 Lil Rounds youngest daughter is adorable. She said she wanted to punch Randy, but gave him a big hug. Brought tears to her mom’s eyes.

8:09 Adam Lambert is singing “Play That Funky Music.” The Disco ‘do is hilarious. He has an awesome voice, but I still think he’s more likely to win a Tony. That was so over the top, it’s ridiculous. Paula is pretty much doing the “we’re not worthy” bow. She just put him in a category with Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler. I wouldn’t go that far. Props to Adam for giving the band their due. Kara: “It was like Studio 57 in here.” Isn’t it Studio 54?

8:18 Kris Allen is singing “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers and playing piano for the first time. I think this song showcases his voice better than any of his performances to date. I also like his piano playing better than his guitar playing. He’s in a better zone. Or different better, in a better different sort of way.


Top 2 from tonight: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Nobody even came close to deserving to be in the top 3.

Bottom 3: Megan Joy, Matt Giraud and sadly Anoop Desai. I hope Anoop Dogg isn’t going home.

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