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American Idol Top 5 Results Show

Posted by shore On April - 29 - 2009

mattgiraud5 @AndyShore It is hard to pick a best and worst from last night. Everyone was mostly good. I would have to say that Matt Giraud was my least favorite last night, but Simon called his performance brilliant. Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey were the best, if I have to make a call. More than half of the contestants left will comprise the bottom three tonight. That is odd to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Dave Matthews Band @ Jazz Fest

Posted by shore On April - 28 - 2009

dave-matthews @AndyShore Over the past year, Dave Matthews Band recorded their new album in New Orleans. So it was almost as a hometown hero, that they took the stage on Sunday at Jazz Fest. They were even introduced as such. I had little to no intention of staying long at their set, with Earth, Wind and Fire taking the stage 30 minutes after DMB. You just don’t pass up the opportunity to shoot someone who is so animated on stage. Read the rest of this entry »

The Robert Cray Band @ Jazz Fest

Posted by shore On April - 28 - 2009

robert-cray @AndyShore Robert Cray is probably one of the best guitar players you’ve never heard of. He gets recognition, having played at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival, but not nearly as much as he should. Several attempts at describing Robert Cray’s guitar playing came off like a cheap romance novel. I wrote things like, “Cray gently caresses the notes” (referring to the minimalistic way he pulls off a Miles Davis-esque fewer notes with greater power feel to his playing). Read the rest of this entry »

allen-toussaint @AndyShore This slot in the Blues Tent was a who’s who of New Orleans R&B artists. Along with Deacon Jones and his band the Ivories, were Wanda Rouzan, Robert Parker, Al “Carnival Time” Johnson and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Allen Toussaint. Not to mention John’s niece and a few other singers that while talented, couldn’t even get their names on the bill.


John led his band masterfully through some instrumental numbers, before beginning to introduce the long list of vocalists to the stage. With a band as tight as the Ivories, anybody with a halfway decent voice was going to shine. After the first two, I decided to take a break to run over and shoot The Robert Cray Band. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Top 5 Perform

Posted by shore On April - 28 - 2009

krisallen5 @AndyShore Back for another American Idol live blog. My apologies for missing out on the results show last week, but I was in transit to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. I did think of American Idol while I was there. During Earth, Wind and Fire, I told Zack that Danny Gokey had performed “September” when the EWF started playing the song. Tonight’s theme is standards from the Rat Pack era. The contestants are looking quite dapper in their Rat Pack attire. Read the rest of this entry »

Caribbean Holidaze tickets on sale

Posted by teibs On April - 28 - 2009

caribbean@ZackTeibloom If you want to combine paradise with festivals (as if a festival wasn’t paradise already) check out Carribean Holidaze in Jamaica. It’s four nights of shows on a resort and you get to have as much interaction with Umphrey’s as you could imagine.

From December 10th-14th festival attendees will be treated to 3 shows each from The Disco Biscuits and Umphrey’s McGee. Enjoy 2 each from The New Deal, Perpetual Groove, Lip Service and Michael G from Easy Star. You even get one from Yacht Rock Club (an all-star band with a hilarious concept) and Omega Moos,’ Dan Lebowitz and Brock Butler.

If the 3 Umphrey’s shows aren’t enough, past events incuded an Umphrey’s golf tournament and Brendan Bayliss doubles tournament. Not to mention the Yacht Rock Club which is Dan Lebowitz, Jamie Shields and Ryan Stasik, Kris Myers andJoel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee. The smooth sounds from ’76-’84 come alive with the musical reincarnation of this momentous phenomenon.

Tickets went on sale today and get on it. There’s only room for 800.  If you can afford it, check out the all-inclusive package. I wish we could go to this. Are there press passes?

Rothbury 2-Day Pass and Headliner Schedule

Posted by teibs On April - 27 - 2009

rothbury1@ZackTeibloom Times are tight and it can be hard to pay for your festival tickets. Rothbury’s making it easy on you. We can’t all crash festivals.

Festival Crashers’ favorite festival just announced the two-day pass for July 4th and 5th for $149.50* (plus ticket fees and shipping.)

The headliner schedule were announced today as well. Friday July 3rd brings String Cheese Incident, The Dead take the fireworks spot on the 4th. Stick around for Sunday’s big bill of Bob Dylan and his band in addition to Willie Nelson & Family. Personally, I’d much rather see The Dead and Dylan, so the two-day is a great option if you can’t get away for the full weekend.

We hope to see you there. The Festival Crashers need more friends we can yell “ROTH-BURRRRRY” at any time something good happens. It’s a surprisingly effective catch phrase.

Tickets on sale now at and at 1-888-512-SHOW (Open Mon-Sat 9am-9pm CDT).

James Taylor @ Jazz Fest

Posted by shore On April - 26 - 2009

james-taylor @AndyShore This wasn’t James Taylor’s first rodeo. He knows how to work the crowd. From the moment he took the stage, he had them eating out of the palm of his hand. Taylor opened his set with “It Grows,” and I could feel the force of the crowd singing along from the photo pit. He followed with a cover of the Silhouettes “Get a Job,” which unless you knew the lyrics, would have been completely unrecognizable.

I made my way out of the photo pit to find a bored Zack, but I wasn’t done with James Taylor yet. Read the rest of this entry »

Erykah Badu @ Jazz Fest

Posted by shore On April - 26 - 2009

erykah-badu @AndyShore Erykah Badu is somebody that needs to be seen up close to truly appreciate. Her personality shines through on stage. She sings beeps and boops to match the beats her DJ is playing, and even sang the piano intro to the keys player to introduce a song.

Badu strutted up to the front of the stage, and poured some out of her thermos for her fallen homies, and while dancing back, managed to spill plenty of it on herself. She even pretended to smoke the stick of incense she had with her onstage. The woman is a performer in the truest sense of the word, and a fantastic singer to boot.

Galactic @ Jazz Fest with bonus horns and stage dives

Posted by shore On April - 26 - 2009

galactic @AndyShore One of the best parts of Jazz Fest I’ve noticed so far, is that NOLA turns out for it’s local acts. Big Sam’s Funky Nation had a massive crowd early in the day on the same stage, and it had only grown for Galactic. You know they’re going to bring the funk with every performance, but they brought a little extra to Jazz Fest.

Armed with extra horns, Galactic had the crowd boogieing down in the hot New Orleans sun. Ben Ellman armed with his sax had a lengthy battle with the trombone player, Corey Henry, trading licks back and forth. At one point, Allen just held a few shrill notes, totally stumping Ellman and causing the band and crowd alike to burst into laughter. Read the rest of this entry »

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