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American Idol Top 9 Results Show

Posted by shore On April - 1 - 2009

meganjoy9 @AndyShore Last night was pretty blah overall. I think that Megan Joy still has the Vote For the Worst votes carrying her. She was bad last night though. Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai might also be in trouble. Kris Allen and Adam Lambert have nothing to worry about. Tonight Lady Gaga and David Cook perform. I like neither of them. Thankfully I’m watching tonight’s results show DVRed, due to dinner for my parents anniversary. I will probably fast forward both of their performances.


8:05 The “Mixed Up” Ford commercial was pretty entertaining this week. Rotating in foreheads, noses and chins, Kris Allen even busted out a rap.

8:07 American Idol finally figured out that they can’t expect Scott MacIntyre to dance. This is the second week in a row they’ve sat him at the keys for the group performance. “Don’t Stop Believing” sounds good from the group, but the 2005 White Sox have ruined this song for me forever. Yes. I’m still bitter.

8:16 Impersonation time is lame. Matt nailed Danny Gokey, but every one else was just trying too hard. Allison imitating Danny wasn’t bad though.

8:19 Taking two minutes to move all of the contestants from the seats to standing in three groups on the stage was insanely unnecessary and a waste of time.

8:24 David Cook singing his new single “Come Back to Me.” Verse. Chorus. Fast-forward.

8:35 No surprise Kris Allen is safe. His “Ain’t No Sunshine” was the best of last night.

8:36 That was a sick April Fools joke by Seacrest. He told Matt that last week he was in bottom three, and had to take a seat again. He waited until Megan hugged Matt in support to tell him to sit by Kris, he was safe.

8:37 Megan just did a ridiculously awkward crow type cawing and flying motion on her way to the Bottom Three seats. Lil Rounds is safe though. I can still see her making it to the final three.

8:38 Allison Iraheta is in the bottom three. She wasn’t her best last night, but I don’t think she should go home yet. Adam Lambert knew he was safe this week, he wasn’t even going to let Seacrest mess with him.

8:39 Danny Gokey is safe. I didn’t like him doing country last night, but he sounded good. 

8:41 Anoop Desai is joining Megan and Allison in the bottom three. Megan is such an odd duck. She waves at the camera every time something bad happens to her.

8:45 Lady Gaga is performing “Poker Face” now. She’s got a cool set of keys. Is she wearing a wrapping present bow as a dress? She sounded fine until she stood up from the piano. Fast-forward.

8:49 Megan Joy is Charlize Theron in Arrested Development. Think about it.

8:54 Allison Iraheta is safe for another week. She’s too good to go home now. Anoop will live to see another week too. Megan Joy is singing for her life now.

8:55 Simon told Megan that she didn’t even have a shot at the save. He told her to enjoy her swan song. I will miss her awkward dancing. There goes the last attractive female on the show. She messed up the breakdown at the end too.

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