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Bang Camaro made my rock dream come true

Posted by teibs On April - 16 - 2009

happylive@ZackTeibloom “There are two rules,” a Bang Camaro singer tells me right before my first song starts. “The first rule is, I hold the mic.” I nod.

“The second rule is, if you don’t know the lyric, if you’re not sure about the lyric, if you have any doubt about the next lyric, right before you sing it … don’t. Other than that, (he puts his arm around me) let’s rock!”

The guitars started wailing, I started head-banging, and completely forgot every lyric I’d spent all afternoon practicing in front of my mirror. Thankfully, unlike my 16 year-old Camp Chi performance of “West Side Story,”* I didn’t have a solo I could blow, so I could just head-bang, dance around, and occasionally yell a lyric as 10 other dudes carried the song.

My instructions from Bryn, the incredibly kind and hilarious guitarist, was to find him once all the singers left the stage towards the end of the show and he’d pull me up onstage. I was checking on my


videographer and photographer by the sound booth and had to rush up to the front when I saw the singers start to head off-stage.

He saw me inching through the high school kids in Bang Camaro shirts I’d interviewed earlier in the

night and pointed to me. I got one foot up on the stage and struggled to get up, but got a boost from friends behind me to launch up onto the 4-foot stage.

I sidled up to an open mic, in the middle of the stage, as one of the singers made his way back on stage and asked, “Who the fu** are you?” “It’s OK. Bryn pulled me up,” I explained as the guitars started and he went into the rules.

My first song was “Blood Red Rock,” I knew the first word was “Hurricane” and then there was some lyric about veins, but rocking out isn’t about getting the words right. It’s about the attitude. I left it all on stage.

bangsThe opening to “Blood Red Rock” is pretty hard not to head-bang to it and I went for it like I haven’t head-banged since I was 11 years old, watching “Wayne’s World” on repeat*. Then I went through my entire repertoire: I pumped my fist in the air. I threw up the double rock sign and motioned for the crowd to get loud. I played air drums, air guitar and broke rule #2. It was everything I ever dreamed it would be.

After the first song, I slid over to stage right so I could ham it up for my videographer and photographer and show off for my loyal friends who came out. I pulled out all the stops on “Push Push, (Lady Lightning),” the Guitar Hero song that first exposed me to Bang.

I humped the air every time they said “Push, push” and had a jazz-hands-twinkle move for “lady lightning.” I led an overhead clap. I grinded my ass against a pole on stage. I sang into the face of my fellow singers and imagined I was George sharing a mic with Paul.


As “Push, Push” winded down, I started eyeing an opportunity for the stage dive. I looked for a tightly packed part of the crowd, but there wasn’t the right pocket.** Also, I was happy to be on stage with the band and didn’t want to fling myself back into the crowd. I didn’t want it to end.

We pumped up the crowd one more time, said “Thank you, Austin!” and walked off-stage together as a band. We walked back behind the curtain, turned the corner. The band turned right to walk up the stairs to backstage and Chris, my photographer, turned left to walk back to the rest of the crowd. I stopped for a second and couldn’t decide where to go. Could I just go with the band and be one of them for a little longer?

I decided I had to turn left, with Chris, and head back to my friends. Half of them clearly wished I went on for the first two songs instead of the last two, so they could leave. I had to thank them for coming. And the dream had already come true. I was part of the band.

Two hours later, as Bryn was pounding his third Sparks as I sipped my third water, (I had to drive) I knew it was as far as my rock dream would go. I did it. I sang on stage. It was everything I could have possibly dreamed. I can die happily.

See all the pictures, taken by the great Chris Robinson****

*My neck is still incredibly sore from the headbanging. Always stretch before you head-bang.

**Andy- Do you remember me messing up the first song in the diastrously bad SIT play, “West Side Story”? What did you do for it? Set design?

***I saw a perfect stage dive pulled off at Bonerama two weeks earlier, but the elements just weren’t there at Bang. You need a crowd so packed together they’re involuntarily pressed up against each other, all focus has to be on the stage diver and you need peak levels of excitement. I only had the third element. That’s the next dream.

****Andy- does it make you “jealous, jealous again” that my Austin photographer/best friend’s name is Chris Robinson?

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