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Rothbury Artist Additions

Posted by shore On May - 27 - 2009

rothburyadditions @AndyShore Rothbury is in doubt for me. If all goes to plan, I get my cast of the Thursday before the festival starts. I will be in a boot, and I really don’t know how much walking I will be able to do. Last year’s Rothbury was one of the Festival Crashers favorite festivals of the summer (Zack still claims it as his favorite). Missing that festival is not going to be an easy decision for me. The artist additions for Rothbury are only going to make my decision that much harder. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Camp: A Pictorial (set 1)

Posted by shore On May - 26 - 2009

williesDue to a recent mishap, Andy is on the DL for 6-10 weeks with a foot. Festival Crashers had to scramble at the last minute to find someone to help us with our Summer Camp Music Festival coverage.


Luckily, like John, Paul, George and Ringo, we get by with a little help with our friends and Brian Isenstein was kind enough to fill in. Here’s his Summer Camp pictorial with captions. Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Queen to work with Adam Lambert?

Posted by shore On May - 25 - 2009

adamandbrianmay @Andy Shore It feels good to say I told you so. So I’m not going to apologize for doing so now. Especially since I need some feel good right about now. I’ve still got about 5 1/2 weeks to go on my DL stint, so bare with me. My A&R skills appeared decent when my pick to click, Danny Gokey, made it to the top three. It seems another guess I made is right on.It put a smile on my face today when I read that Queen would like to talk with American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert, about working together in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Finale Results

Posted by shore On May - 20 - 2009

adamandkris @AndyShore Last night was a pretty underwhelming finale. It was also the lowest rated American Idol finale to date. Despite getting rave reviews all day today for Adam Lambert’s performance of “A Change Is Gonna Come,” I was not a fan. Kris Allen’s performances, minus “Ain’t No Sunshine” were sub par. The worst performance of the night was “No Boundaries” which was penned by judge Kara DioGuardi. That song should never, ever have been allowed to see the light of day. If you haven’t yet, Google the lyrics. They’re as dumb as the song is bad. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Festival Tips

Posted by teibs On May - 20 - 2009

tipsGuest post from Festival-lover Karla (tlatzotzontli)

Dedicating an entire day to a music festival is not all fun and games. Well, actually, it is. However, if you don’t prepare correctly, inconveniences will distract you from all the great music.

As I prepared to attend Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom VII, the all-day music festival hosted by KDVS, the community, free form radio station that I DJ for in Davis, Calif., I came up with a few tips and added to the list as I encountered some of my own mistakes. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Finale

Posted by shore On May - 19 - 2009

adamlambertfinale @AndyShore I have been pretty good about making sure to live blog the performances of American Idol this season. Game Two of Blackhawks v. Red Wings takes precedent ten times out of ten. I was raised to despise all things Detriot, especially the Red Wings.

An overtime loss for the Blackhawks does not leave me in a good mood. Add to that upcoming ankle surgery and a six week stint on the DL and I’m ready to tear these contestants a new one. Come to think of it, American Idol, it would have been much more convenient for the season to start now. How inconsiderate. You should have known I was going to fall down some stairs and be stuck to the couch for the next six weeks. Shame on you. Read the rest of this entry »

62 Songs for my Dad on his 62nd

Posted by teibs On May - 19 - 2009

deanMy dad turned 62 today. Lately, he’s been designating birthday years to sports numbers. Last year he was 61,* for Maris’ home runs. This year he’s 62, which means he’s Jim Langer, Hall of Fame center for our Miami Dolphins.

My dad likes comparing everything to sports and I like comparing everything to music, so for his 62nd I’m dedicating 62 songs to him.

62. The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” Before I was even born, my dad took me to a Beach Boys concert. I was in the womb, so it probably just sounded like, well, good vibrations to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Win $50 to NBA Store .com for new playoffs song

Posted by teibs On May - 17 - 2009

contestKanye’s “Amazing” is the song of the 2009 NBA playoffs. We can do better than that, can’t we? I mean, I know it’s a small part, but we can do better than this.

We’ve been contacted by our friends at HP to put on a contest to get you to check out their site.

All we need to know is, what song gets you feeling those basketball Jones? What would you rather hear every time you see highlights of Lebron and Carmelo? The best answer gets $50 to Yeah, you can get a D.Rose jersey for that.* Here’s how you enter and what else you can win: Read the rest of this entry »

Keane @ the Aragon Ballroom

Posted by shore On May - 17 - 2009

@AndyShore “What do I know?” rang out through the crowd during Keane’s encore of “Bedshaped” at the Aragon Ballroom as we headed for the exits. I had gone into this show knowing nothing about Keane, and it was an appropriate thought to send me into the night. After seeing them for my first time, here’s what I know about Keane:

Lead singer Tom Chaplin has a dice move. Nearly every single song, Chaplin would find his way to the front or one of the far sides of the stage. He would kneel down and reach upwards towards to crowd. This move is an effective staple of most good front-men. It’s not so special when it happens song after song. With Chaplin, it’s pretty much all he’s got. Read the rest of this entry »

stubbs@ZackTeibloom Patience is a virtue on a crash. Having the right wristband helps too. I’ve started a little Stubb’s wristband collection. Unlike baseball cards and DVDs from the mid-to-late 90’s, this collection should pay off one day.

I brought my collection with me and was a bit disappointed to see that today’s color was blue. I hadn’t acquired a blue yet. I decided dark green was close enough and decided to go in through the restauraunt. The issue was that at 8:30, it wasn’t dark enough for a dark green to look like a blue. Especially when the guard had a flashlight. He turned me away.

I made my way to the main entrance and was waiting for enough of a crowd swell to make a move where all I’d have to do is flash the wristband. Unfortunately, my hovering technique caught the attention of a female guard who whispered something along the lines of “that guy in the Led Zeppelin t-shirt who needs a haircut has the wrong wristband” into the wristband checker’s ear. (I’m not just being paranoid. They looked at me while whispering.) Read the rest of this entry »

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