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American Idol Top 4 Perform

Posted by shore On May - 5 - 2009

adamlambert4 @AndyShore This is rock and roll week. I’m hoping Slash and a good dose of rock will make me forget how bad the Blackhawks played tonight. They were saying on the postgame show that it was the quietest playoff game ever. The fans had nothing to cheer about. We were never in that game. Homer grumbling aside, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta figure to be strong this week. They both can rock with the best of them. Kris Allen is the least likely to rock out of these guys.


7:05 Slash is the man. Nothing sucked more than having Slash take the stage with Perry Ferrell and not being able to hear a note he played. Sound crew fail.

7:07 Adam Lambert is doing “Whole Lotta Love.” Aside from the fact that he looking terrifying, it’s hard to touch Robert Plant. Maybe impossible. Adam is really good. I don’t know if I’d throw up “too much rock for one hand,” but I’d give it one for sure. Find this dude a rock band stat (paging the Hue).

7:14 Allison Iraheta is doing “Cry Baby.” The thing I love most about Janis Joplin is her ability to tell a story during the course of a song, all the while staying with the band. Singing Janis is so much more than vocal chops. I’ve come to really enjoy Allison the last few weeks, but this performance falls short for me. It’s becoming clear to me that it’s going to be hard to impress when doing these rock songs.

7:27 Kris Allen and Danny Gokey are singing “Renegade.” Nice harmonies right off the bat. Danny’s voice just overpowers Kris’ voice. Not only does Kris just rock less, Danny’s voice is just better. Great arrangement, even for a Styx song. I’d compare this duet to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift’s duet at the Grammys. Taylor Swift sang circles around Miley.

7:35 Kris Allen is singing “Come Together.” I will not ever for one second doubt the Beatles as a rock band. I just don’t see Kris rocking with that song. It’s really funny to see him geeking out playing guitar next to Slash. Two lines in, and I’m ready to send him home. Not even close to the first two performances, and we’ve already established that Danny is better. Seeing Joe Cocker performing this song at Jazz Fest a week and a half ago doesn’t help his case either.

7:47 Danny Gokey is singing “Dream On.” A really ballsy choice indeed. Steven Tyler, Robert Plant and Janis Joplin are ambitious choices. This song had it’s moments, but the end of this song sets you up for so much fail. If you can’t scream like Steven Tyler, don’t. Sorry Danny. You’ve been my pick to click since day one, but that was bad. I didn’t like him or Kris, but hopefully Danny’s duet performance will give him the edge.

7:57 Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert as singing “Slow Ride.” This has to be good. This week was made for these two. It looks like the two of them had a ton of fun doing this together. The performance was awesome. I’d go see a band fronted by these two. Aww. That hug at the end was adorable.

8:00 This American Idol blog would not be complete without a mention of Paula falling out of her top all night. Goodnight moon.


Adam Lambert was clearly the best tonight. I really fear that Danny Gokey might be in trouble this week. That was a bad performance, but Kris Allen wasn’t much better. Allison Iraheta is safe.

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