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American Idol Top 3 Perform

Posted by shore On May - 12 - 2009

dannygokey3 @AndyShore Tonight we have to sit through extensive montages of the top three contestants’ grand returns home. The payoff is two performances from each of the remaining contestants. One song is the contestants choice. The other performance is the judge’s pick.

It’s a good way of measuring what kind of music the judges think the contestants could record versus the opinion of the contestants. Congratulations American Idol on your 300th episode. Do TV shows have birthdays?

7:04 Danny Gokey is singing “Dance Little Sister.” Maybe it’s because the song was Paula’s choice, but Danny’s got the Paula Abdul standing and dancing seal of approval. It was a good performance from Danny. Trading vocal licks with the sax player was a little cheesy, but it was an overall good performance. Kara thought his dancing had too much gyrating. Really Kara, you rarely let an episode go by without innuendo.

7:09 Seacrest, after Simon grabbed Paula to quiet her: “That was either second base, or harassment … we’ll be back in a few if Fox lets us.”

7:15 Kris Allen is singing OneRepublic “Apologize.” He’s manning the keys for this one. I think it’s a good choice. I’ve seen OneRepublic perform this live (unfortunately…ahem @MattSilver). I think Kris missed some of the higher notes, and didn’t love some of the strains in his voice. The backup singers had to pick him up on some of those notes. I did think some of it was good.

7:26 Simon picked U2 “One” for Adam Lambert. I am on the record for not being a U2 fan, but I think Adam can actually kill this song. The single arm in the air waving from the 12-year-old girls in the front row was pretty lame, but Adam’s been pretty spot on. This were moments where he lost me, but he knocked a few notes out of the park. Simon is tremendously proud of himself with his song choice. Nice puns Paula, using the word “one” to critique him three times. Good “one.”

7:32 Did Seacrest really just drop a “good to see ya, brah” on Adam?

7:36 Eric Blumenfeld on the Carrie Underwood piece of aid in Africa: “at least we get to look at Carrie Underwood. I bet she’ll look good in Africa.” Our consensus? Yeah … she’s really hot.

7:43 Danny Gokey chose “You Are So Beautiful” for himself tonight. I think this was a much better performance than his first one. He sounds great here. He hit his notes on this one and all his runs were tasteful. Sitting on the stool avoided all unnecessary grinding, so as not to off put Kara.

7:49 I am still shocked that Kris Allen is singing “Heartless.” I have been quite avidly against all of Kanye Wests’s 808s & Heartbreaks. I’m intrigued to see what Kris does. He moved from the keys and picked up his guitar. I like the arrangement, but I don’t think this is one of Kris’ best performances. It was a very Jason Mraz-esque performance. The judges are giving Kris mad props.

7:58 Adam Lambert can win the competition right here singing “Cryin.'” This is a perfect song choice for him. As long as he doesn’t take it too over the top and does the song justice, he’s got this wrapped up. Does anyone else thing him picking Aerosmith had anything to do with Danny’s poor performance last week? Point proven. He was great.

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