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American Idol Top 3 Results Show

Posted by shore On May - 13 - 2009

adamlambert3 @AndyShore This is really the first week in a long time that I have absolutely no idea who could go home tonight. Last week Danny Gokey and Kris Allen were much worse than Adam Lambert, but Adam was the one in the bottom three. All three of them are in the bottom three today (that’s not a very glass half full perspective). I have no idea how they’re going to fill a full hour today. Seacrest has a lot of messing around with the three of them to do.


7:58 American Idol is starting off with an American Idol spoof featuring Ben Stiller, Bill Heder, Hank Azaria and Jonah Hill. Stiller started it off informing the American Idol viewing public that Seacrest had been injured in a freak bikini waxing accident. The highlight of the spoof (aside from the Paula bashing) was Heder impersonating the American Idol sound effects.

8:01 Seacrest confirmed that the American Idol desk was in fact going to be a part of the Smithsonian. He added that Simon’s baby t’s collection would be there too.

8:04 Having Alicia Keys on American Idol, not to sing, is a huge tease. 

8:05 I am a pretty big fan of afrobeat, and many other african inspired genres of music. This guy is not good. I know it’s a good story or something, but don’t get why he’s performing on American Idol. Maybe I should have worried less about how attractive Alicia Keys is. My guess is that Simon is leaving American Idol to start a version of the show in Africa. Ok…the kid has some moves.

8:14 I had almost forgot about the bromance between Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers. How could they not play “Reunited and it feels so good?” I could make fun of these hometown reunion montages all I want, but I won’t. The fact of the matter is, I could only hope to do something big enough to merit a hometown reunion. Though I’m sure it would be lame, being from Deerfield in all.

8:19 Kris Allen: “I got free cheese dip for life. I won already.”

8:20 Kris Allen was getting his Seacest on in Arkansas, telling the wrong caller they won American Idol Tour tickets. Good one, Kris. Is it just me, or does Kris’ dad look like Ryne Sandberg? Kris’ wife isn’t as attractive as I remember her being, but Alicia Keys is a tough act to follow.

8:28 I don’t like Jordin Sparks, despite the fact I picked her to win from her first performance on season six of American Idol. I also have a personal vendetta against Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic (although it’s @MattSilver’s fault). That’s a big ol’ purity ring you got there Jordin. It’s not a bad song, nor does she sound bad. If I wasn’t watching live, I would fast-forward it though.

8:37 Anoop Desai has a beard now. Rugged, Anoop Dogg, rugged.

8:38 The San Diego weather girl made Adam Lambert do her eye liner. Hilarious. He also signed somebody’s Guitar Hero guitar. For someone who has been so cocky all season, he did an excellent job at playing the humbled hometown hero. Sorry streaker girl, Adam Lambert didn’t appreciate that as much as you probably thought he would.

8:47 Adam Lambert screaming “I want to see Katy Perry” might have been his gayest moment all season.

8:48 Thankfully, Katy Perry looks good in her quasi-Elvis getup and Adam Lambert cape. How many votes does that count for? This song isn’t nearly as catchy as her other singles. At least her doubles (D’s) were on full display.

8:55 Kris Allen is the first to find out he is safe. On a side note, it must have been Kris’ sister inthe hometown montage. His wife is in house, and attractive.

8:56 Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are in the American Idol Finale next week. I am pretty sad to see my pick to click go home. I called him winning it after his audition. They didn’t play the dead wife card enough down the stretch. That would have brought up the sympathy votes. How many points do I get for him making the top-3? Where’s my A&R job?

9:00 This is the best (but worst) elimination performance yet. Danny sounded as good as ever, while fighting back tears. Paula was crying too. As were millions of other heartbroken teenage girls around the globe, I’m sure.

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