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American Idol Finale

Posted by shore On May - 19 - 2009

adamlambertfinale @AndyShore I have been pretty good about making sure to live blog the performances of American Idol this season. Game Two of Blackhawks v. Red Wings takes precedent ten times out of ten. I was raised to despise all things Detriot, especially the Red Wings.

An overtime loss for the Blackhawks does not leave me in a good mood. Add to that upcoming ankle surgery and a six week stint on the DL and I’m ready to tear these contestants a new one. Come to think of it, American Idol, it would have been much more convenient for the season to start now. How inconsiderate. You should have known I was going to fall down some stairs and be stuck to the couch for the next six weeks. Shame on you.

7:00 Is it wrong that I’m more excited to see the pilot episode of Glee than the finale of American Idol? I need to laugh right now.

7:01 Do you think Seacrest misses saying “this is American Idol” in the off-season? I bet he practices it in front of the mirror all year long.

7:10 First off is an encore performance of “Mad World” for Adam Lambert. He nailed it the first time around, and I don’t really see it going any different this time. Nice touch with the smoke machine. The trench coat is a good touch. An excellent performance once again. I wanted so much to hate on these guys tonight, but I’m not going to lie. This performance was really the first time Adam Lambert wowed me, and he did once again tonight.

7:16 I still think Kris Allen’s dad looks like Ryne Sandberg.

7:17 Kris Allen’s performance of “Ain’t No Sunshine” was also the first time this season I considered him a contender. I much prefer his performances like this, than when he does things a little more Jason Mraz-y. OK…I swear his dad IS Ryne Sandberg. The judges loved his performance, and I was also impressed.

7:21 Sidenote: I would prefer contestants not revisit past performances. I would rather see something new. We already know you can sing that song well, guys.

7:25 Simon Fuller picked “A Change Is Gonna Come” for Adam Lambert. This happens to be a favorite song of mine. I’ve been rocking Seal’s cover from his recent Soul album a lot recently. I did not expect this kind of arrangement for this song. Finally I get to be negative. Adam’s performance was too scream-y. You need to sing this song with soul, and it was lacking. I also don’t think electric guitars ever belong in that song. The judges all loved it. I guess I let the soul child in me be a little biased.

7:34 Simon Fuller picked “What’s Going On” for Kris Allen. I can’t say that is the song I would have picked for Kris. The way he’s singing this with the acoustic guitar reminds me of a drunk frat guy that picks up the guitar to try and impress the ladies. I really am not a fan. I think it was a good move for him to show everybody that he can play both keys and guitar, but I did not love the performance. Nice pun Paula: “Kris, I know what’s going on.”

7:43 Adam Lambert is first up for this tune written by none other than American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi. Aside from the fact that this song is HORRIBLE (no wonder Kara is judges American Idol and not writing hit songs anymore). I think Adam missed a few notes here and there, but it’s too hard to tell if I like the performance or not. This song is just so bad. I guess I’ll just have to decide who sucked less at this terrible song.

7:46 I just noticed that Randy moved his love beads to his wrist. I guess he thought they didn’t match his shirt and tie tonight.

7:47 That was a sick burn towards Kara from Simon. “I’m not going to judge that song, I’m going to judge you.” Simon also called Adam a worldwide star. I can attest that Kelly Clarkson has that sort of fame. This dive of a hookah bar we stumbled into in Israel was playing her album on repeat.

7:53 Yup. This song still sucks. Not only that, but it does not showcase Kris Allen’s voice well at all. I’m also just noticed that little stache from Kris. Gross. Almost as gross as this song. Kris just does not have the presence that Adam has. It is painfully clear right now. If Adam Lambert does not win American Idol, it will be a crying shame. Even Kara realizes that her terrible song made Kris look bad.

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