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American Idol Finale Results

Posted by shore On May - 20 - 2009

adamandkris @AndyShore Last night was a pretty underwhelming finale. It was also the lowest rated American Idol finale to date. Despite getting rave reviews all day today for Adam Lambert’s performance of “A Change Is Gonna Come,” I was not a fan. Kris Allen’s performances, minus “Ain’t No Sunshine” were sub par. The worst performance of the night was “No Boundaries” which was penned by judge Kara DioGuardi. That song should never, ever have been allowed to see the light of day. If you haven’t yet, Google the lyrics. They’re as dumb as the song is bad.

7:03 These judges montages are hilarious. Randy says “for me” a thousand times, Kara said “sweetie” and honey” her fair share, and Paula used way too many big words that didn’t necessarily make sense. Simon’s montage was pretty lame and didn’t go at him too much. Think that has anything to him being a producer.

7:07 The top 13 are doing “So What” for the group performance. Oh how I missed Scott McIntyre trying to keep up with the choreography. That is pure comedy gold. The karate kick from Allison Iraheta was pretty good too. Just noticed the the assistance Pee Break himself, Michael Sarver, was giving Scott. Now it’s Adam Lambert holding on to him. I’m too distracting by keeping up with Scott to pay attention to the performance. I would have rather had a duet from Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Megan Joy looks good in all white though.

7:14 I was never a David Cook fan last year. If I wasn’t live blogging this, I would be fast-forwarding it. Didn’t he already get to perform this season? The lights look great at least. The arm waving from the fans is pretty lame. I’ve seen some pretty bad David Cook performances, but this one takes the cake. He missed that last big note pretty bad too.

7:18 Is it me, or is half of the massive crowd tonight filled with former American Idol contestants.

7:19 Thankfully they thought to fill tonight’s 2+ hour finale with terrible audition reprises. I almost forgot how hilariously awful these were.

7:21 Oh Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle, how I missed thee. If he had made the top-13, I would have voted for him week in and week out. Thankfully he gets the finale performance that he deserves. That was hilarious. No matter what Zack says, I would go see him live. Especially if I was drunk and in Las Vegas.

7:26 Putting Lil Rounds with Queen Latifah just isn’t fair. She’s putting on a clinic. Lil still doesn’t seem to have found herself. Paula’s only giving in the seated dance. I will say this: congratulations Lil Rounds on what may be the most exciting moment of your life.

7:33 I’m not gonna lie. I thought Jason Mraz was Matt Giraud when he first walked out. I just thought Alexis Grace thought we were all dumb enough not to know that this was a Jason Mraz song. I’m bummed they’re repeating this song. They did it as a group performance one week. Also, why did Lil Rounds get to sing with Queen Latifah by herself? Everybody else had to sing with Jason Mraz. Not cool, American Idol.

7:36 Is this going to be another Kris Allen geek out moment? He totally tweaked a little bit when playing guitar with Slash. Kris Allen, despite being from Arkansas, should not be a country music singer. Nothing he has sang all year has shown him to be a country star (although I admit to not remembering his country week performance). The nah nah nah’s were below him too.

7:44 I don’t really have much to say about this girl’s performance. The song is terrible, Megan Joy sounded terrible on her solo and I can only hope that Fergie wets herself to make this more interesting. Scratch that, having the Black Eyed Peas there is a step up. Too bad I don’t like this song. The video is cool though. Did anybody else catch Fergie struggling to walk in those heels? Also, what’s with that ‘do,

7:49 I love when Seacrest tries to sing. I lobbied earlier in the season for that to be a staple of American Idol every week. It’s been a while since he did it, but that just makes the payoff even greater.

7:52 A bikini girl reprise is also a necessity of a two hour American Idol finale. Randy gave her a standing ovation. Seacrest made a breast implant joke. I literally just LOLed at Kara doing a duet with bikini girl. Thankfully she has a sense of humor. Kara even ripped open her dress to reveal a bikini. That was maybe the funniest American Idol moment of all time. Apparently they bet Kara she wouldn’t do that. Seacrest said they’re going to donate a bunch of cash monies to her favorite charity.

7:59 Cyndi Lauper is performing with Allison Iraheta on “Time After Time.” In this case, it’s Allison who sounds better. I don’t know why Cyndi Lauper would come on American Idol to be upstaged by a 17-year-old girl.

8:04 It’s good to hear my pick to click, Danny Gokey, perform again. I also LOVE that he’s performing with Lionel Richie. I would pay to see the two of them perform “All Night Long” live in concert. The lights are amazing tonight. I cannot mention that enough times tonight. Good job American Idol. Danny absolutely shined with Lionel. I still think he should win it all. How about a wild card finale edition? Wild card B*tches!

8:15 Yeah, that’s right. Adam Lambert has studded wings on. If you don’t recognize the song, Paul Rudd sang it in Role Models. I am quite impressed with Adam being able to hold his own with KISS. This performance is awesome, and there’s fireworks. Smashing guitars too! RAWK! My only regret is that he didn’t paint his face for it.

8:24 Note to self: Go see Santana in Las Vegas. He may have the most recognizable guitar tone of all time.

8:27 Heather Locklear in the house.

8:30 So excited to see Steve Martin perform on banjo, even if it means seeing him with Pee Break. Michael Sarver and Megan Joy just don’t sound good together… or at all. Steve Martin would have had to do something funny to save that performance. He did get a good line in about wanting to win this season of American Idol.

8:39 Nothing like another men’s performance to see Scott MacIntyre try to dance. Doesn’t get old. Nice jacket, Rod Stewart. Wow does he sound awful too. He almost stumbled. Is he drunk? How big of a douche do you have to be to not let the contestants perform with you? I only hope he wasn’t drinking with his Celebrity Rehabbed son.

8:45 Oh, that laugh. This season would not be complete without another performance from Tatiana Nicole del Toro. Nice impression, Seacrest. Tatiana storming the stage has to be planned. They would have cut her mic if it wasn’t staged.

8:51 Here’s the duet I was asking for. What a cliche, singing “We Are the Champions.”  I’ve been saying all season long that Adam Lambert could tour as the new lead singer of Queen. Now I’m really convinced somebody over at American Idol HQ is reading Festival Crashers. What is the point of the people on the sides of the stage waving their arms? You don’t need to be on the stage to do that.

9:00 Kris Allen is the winner of American Idol season 8. That’s just a traveshamockery. It really doesn’t matter who wins, because Adam Lambert will do just fine. Kris Allen even admitted that Adam Lambert should have won. The only problem is, winners tend to perform more on future seasons. I don’t want to have to fast-forward Kris Allen every time he performs.

9:03 I bet that Adam Lambert is just glad he doesn’t have to sing “No Boundaries” again.

5 Responses

  1. Pablo Said,

    Cyndi upstaged? I don’t think so. The woman can sing just check out any video of her on youtube. You seem to be very critical of a lot of aspects in the show. So tell me why aren’t you one of their producers?

    Posted on May 20th, 2009 at 11:24 pm

  2. @MattSilver Said,

    OK, a few things.
    1. Idol last night was awesome.
    2/ Black Eyed Peas sucked. Fergie, who I can’t stand, might’ve been the best part of that performance. They should’ve had one of the contestants sing’s parts that he usually has auto-tuned on the actual song.
    3. Danny Gokey’s performance with Lionel Richie might’ve been his best vocal performance of the year.
    4. Did you see the look on Steve Martin’s face when Megan Joy started screeching/singing?
    5. Just read that Gene Simmons was asked backstage if we would be seeing Adam Lambert on tour with them next time they tour. He said probably not but that he should be Queen’s new singer!
    6. Whatever, Kris Allen needed the win more than Adam.

    Posted on May 21st, 2009 at 12:37 pm

  3. shore Said,

    Pablo, that’s for the comments. I do think that Alison sounded better than Cyndi Lauper last night. That doesn’t mean that I lack respect for her as an artist. I also think she has a good voice (20 years ago). As a music journalist, it is my job to be critical. If you know of any job openings for producing American Idol, let me know. I think I’d be great at that gig. Maybe if I work on my British accent, they’ll let me replace Simon. I think I may know a little bit more about music than Gordon Ramsey.

    Posted on May 21st, 2009 at 4:40 pm

  4. coffee buzz Said,

    it seems like Kris will need some time to grow into his the Idol “crown.” he shouldn’t feel bad about winning; but he’ll get used to the whole “Idol scene” i suspect

    Posted on May 21st, 2009 at 9:06 pm

  5. lipshitz Said,

    Memorable moments of that show – Kara vs Bikini Girl, and everything Megan Joy

    Posted on May 26th, 2009 at 3:03 am

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