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Dave Matthews Band From the Beacon Theatre

Posted by shore On June - 1 - 2009

 @AndyShore I’d like to thank the people at Fuse TV for providing me an opportunity to see live music from my couch. Being on crutches and all, it’s about the only way I can see live music these days. I wanted to shoot Earth, Wind and Fire last month at Jazz Fest, so I had to leave Dave after just three songs. I’m glad I get another opportunity to see this new line up. It is rare that a band puts their best foot forward almost 20 years into their careers. 


8:04 They open with “Funny The Way It Is.” This is the type of song I was looking forward to seeing live. You can tell songs like “Shake Me Like a Monkey” and “Why I Am” would translate well live, but this song seems like it needs some live legs. A guitar solo from Tim Reynolds certainly helps that. The other thing having a lead guitar helps is Dave’s voice. When he doesn’t have to worry about his guitar playing, he can concentrate on his best intrument.

8:09 “Alligator Pie” Dave introduced as the song where he sings about his daughter, Stella. We should play a drinking game, he says her name so many times. Two for two so far, in terms on not disappointing. I will probably say this several times during this live blog, but Carter Beauford is amazing. Had to laugh after hearing the story and paying attention to the lyrics. He sings over and over “Stella asked, daddy when you gonna put me in a song.”

8:14 Next up is “Spaceman.” I’ve decided that I like that DMB aren’t playing the album in order. A studio album should have a good flow to it, but that does not have to transform to their live show. It almost never happens (outside of Pitchfork) that a band plays their whole album. Dave can control the flow of his live show as good as anybody, and by not doing the album in order he can maintain that.

8:20 Switching it up from the new material, they’re busting out “Cornbread.” Not only do we get our first Dave dance of the night, but we also get our first Dave scatting of the night. Scat is seemingly a musical art that died out decades ago, but Dave does it so well. make that two Dave dances in one song. The second one better than I’ve seen in a long while, to some crazy Tim slide guitar.

8:26 Dave: “You know the reason I dance is because I like to dance. Not because I’m good at it.

8:27 Back to the new album, with “Seven.” I don’t know if it’s inspired by George Costanza or what, because it’s not the 7th track on the album. Rashawn Ross has to be an amazing trumpet player. So much air has to come out of such an unbelievably large person. He’s solid hitting the high notes on back up vox too. I still think this guitar riff is from something else though.

8:31 Dave has moved over to the keys now. He admitted that he doesn’t know how to play that well, and that’s why he surrounded himself with so many of talented musicians. To cover him up. He wasn’t joking when he said he can only play two notes at once. “Out Of My Hands” either has a really long build up to being good, or Dave just needed a break from dancing too much.

8:39 Dave once again dedicated “Why I Am” to LeRoy.  This track really f-ing rocks. You gotta laugh when Dave drops the album title in the song and the whole crowd screamed. Seeing this song for the second time confirms how good it is live. Not just that I was doing my ordinary geeking out from the photo pit. Tim absolutely wails on this one.

9:01 Josh Sanderman: “You think if I took a picture of this, people would think I was actually there?”

9:09 I always love seeing “Everyday.” Hearing so many people singing “honey, honey…come and dance with me” always makes for great ambiance during the song. The weather if fizzling this track out for me. I’m getting like three second clips before in between large moments of silence and pixilation. Switching off the HD feed…

9:21 Dave’s banter on crowd reaction’s to his songs is hysterical. He’s ripping on guy’s responses to sensitive songs and doing impressions of screaming girls.

9:22 Time for some vocal mastery from Dave on “So Damn Lucky.” Yet another track that awesome horns and Reynolds on guitar benefit the song so much.

9:32 Dave would beat me in a staring contest, every time.

9:33 “Squirm” is another track off the new disc. The verses are kind of slinky and odd, but the chorus for this song rocks. My friend Franklin and I just researched the guitar Dave is using for this song. It’s a 12-string, that is tuned in high D and has a mandolin duality to it. Very cool, and sounds awesome.

9:40 That was the most awkward bass solo/dance I have ever seen. WTF Stefan?

9:49 If you’re not convinced that this line up is the best version of Dave Matthews Band ever. Watch the version of “Ants Marching” from tonight. Simply amazing.

9:51 Dave just admitted that he pulled his back while dancing during “Cornbread.” No wonder he’s been lacking on the Dave dancing since then.

10:00 During “#41” I realized this: if Jeff Coffin was going to go to any other band with more talented musicians than Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, DMB was a logical choice. His interplay with Beuford  during this song had them both smiling. Sentimentality aside, Coffin is so much better than LeRoi was.

10:13 I cannot believe that Fuse TV edited out Dave’s F-bomb in “Time Bomb.” I was looking forward to seeing if it was as shocking live as it is on the album. I guess I’ll have to wait for 10klf. Also, congratulations Tim Reynolds for capturing my attention so many more times than I thought Carter Beauford would. Wow.

10:30 Nothing like a Beauford solo on “Two Step” to remind you why he’s one of the best drummers on the planet.

10:37 We’re going overtime. The Fuse TV dude needs to stop giving the encore break analysis.

10:42 A Dave acoustic solo song and “Don’t Drink the Water” and still no “Shake Me Like a Monkey.” They have to play it tonight, don’t they?

10:48 Three songs into the encore, and we have “Grey Street.” How can the press release say DMB would be playing all of their new album, and they still haven’t played one of my favorite tracks from it? Lame.

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  1. Andre Audet Said,

    I agree with you on the Jeff Coffin remark… He’s the best musician in that band.

    Posted on June 2nd, 2009 at 6:06 am

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