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MTV Movie Awards: The Music

Posted by shore On June - 1 - 2009

kristenandrobert @AndyShore We all know that MTV is barely a music television station nowadays. Though not directly music related, the  MTV Movie Awards have always been a favorite of mine and a staple of my childhood. Just so we don’t forget that they’re supposed to be all about music, MTV always sprinkles in a couple of choice performances. A return to the stage for Eminem and a tune by on-top-of-the-world rock band Kings of Leon promised to be special. Host Andy Samberg has made Saturday Night Live relevant again with his “band” Lonely Island, and MTV was not likely to let something so funny escape their festivities. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (who was sporting some serious “just got boned” hair) and the rest of the the cast/crew of Twilight may have swept the awards, but the music performances were some of the most memorable moments for me.


Samberg had his junk all up in Justin Timberlake’s grill during the opening sequence, in what was possibly some hilarious foreshadowing. He followed that up with a rap to kick off the show. Mix Master dropped the beat as Samberg asked the likes of Pattinson, Zack Effron and the people with no arms to throw their hands in the air. The rap included an intervention with Dr. Drew for Fred Armisen and a Cameron Diaz dance party.


Eminem took the stage at the MTV Movie Awards and appeared not to have missed a beat. I still maintain that “We Made You” is a comical video, but the song loses it’s meaning without it. With a marching band backing him on stage, Eminem also performed “Crack a Bottle.” Though these are probably my two least favorite tracks from Relapse, it was good to see one of the kings of MTV award show performances return to his throne. Sandra Bullock even did her best Paula Abdul seated dance. Too bad it wasn’t Eminem’s most memorable moment of the show though. Sasha Baren Cohen as Bruno saw to that. Em dropped so many profanities it was hard to tell if he was being censored or the sound went out.


A digital short featuring Samberg, Will Ferrell and JJ Abrams seamlessly tied music and movies. In a song titled “Explosions,” Samberg dressed like Bon Jovi, Ferrell got his Neil Diamond on and Abrams rocked a mean synth solo. All the while a montage played of cool guys in movies never once looking back at the explosive chaos they were bas ass enough to strut away from.


Lonely Island finally got their due, but not in a way I would have ever expected. LeAnn Rimes, Chris Isaak and Forest Whitaker channeled their Josh Groban a la “I’m F-ing Ben Affleck” for a Lonely Island medly. Rimes crooned “Jizz in my Pants” and Issak “I’m on a Boat.” Whitaker got his “Old Man River” on for “Dick in a Box” to keep the laughs rolling.


big-pak-hayden-panettiere-8As if just looking at her wasn’t enough, Hayden Panettiere rapped along side bubble gum rapper Big Pak. In a well scripted rhyme, Panettiere flashed her best one arm in the air rapper move. Her constant swearing was more entertaining than her rap. Claire Bear isn’t supposed to talk like that, HRG wouldn’t approve.


Kings of Leon closed out the night’s musical performances with a rousing performance of “Use Somebody.” Zack’s been arguing that these guys are bigger in Europe and Australia than they are stateside. I think this performance means that they’ve officially caught on here. I cannot wait to see them at Lollapalooza and ACL. Especially since I’ll be able to walk again by then (What, you thought I’d go a whole post without complaining about being a gimp?)


MTV Awards shows rarely disappoint and tonight was no exception. I haven’t drank the Kool Aid and don’t understand why Twilight swept the awards. I got sick of Kristen Stewart taking the stage doing her best Amy Winehouse I have no idea where I am impression. Jim Carrey’s acceptance speech for Best Comedic Performance made up for some other sub par ones. For me, it was the musical numbers that stole the show at the MTV Movie Awards.

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