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Snoop Dogg @ Bonnaroo

Posted by teibs On June - 19 - 2009

snoop1 @ZackTeibloom Snoop Dogg was already 15 minutes late when the announcement came that Mr. Dogg was still 5 miles from the campgrounds. Snoop’s late a lot.It’s to be expected. You actually know almost what to expect at a Snoop Dogg show. And it’s getting old.

He comes out as the air gets thick with smoke to “Who am I (What’s My Name)” as he encourages the crowd to chant his name over and over. The thing is, Snoop somehow hasn’t gotten the hang of when enough is enough. Snoop plays the hits. Even if they aren’t his hits.

Snoop led the crowd through a version of Jamie Foxx and T-Pain’s “Blame it on the Alcohol” before asking if we wanted to hear about his favorite drink. “If you want my favorite drink, say ‘Hell Mother Fu**in’ yeah.”

The crowd chanted it. A dozen times. Unfortunately, Snoop kept them going until the point that it became obnoxious. He does that a lot. Look, most of us love Snoop, but by the last day of a festival, we’re exhausted. You can’t work us like we’re a Saturday night crowd seeing you at an arena. We haven’t showered in days. Don’t make us work for it. It was easier to forgive him when that overly long chanting led to “Gin and Juice,” though.

“Ladies, where you at?” Snoop asked before going into “I Wanna Fu** You” and the N.W.A. classic “Fu** the Police.” Snoop then gave more love to the West Coast, saying “Anyone got love for my boy, Tupac? If ya’ll love Tupac like we love Tupac, put your two fingers in the air.” The field of white smoke got bigger as he told us to get high, going into Naughty by Nature’s “Hip Hop Hooray.”

“Can I talk to the ladies?” Snoop asked. I thought he already talked to them. This time it was for a “Sexual Seduction.”

What’s hard to accept about Snoop is that he put out a pretty damn good rap album last year and plays nothing off it except “Sexual Seduction.” Ego Trippin’ is filled with songs that would translate well to the big stage, from “Press Play” to “SD is out” to “Cool” and “Deez Hollywood Nights.” Snoop played none of them. I understand his desire to play to the crowd, but even the biggest crowd pleasers play something that isn’t a single.

Snoop finished with a hot duo with Erykah Badu, had us “Jump Around” and once again had us chant his name far too many times. I was in the line to get into the pit for Phish during the whole Snoop show and his “Are you ready for Mother Fu**in’ Phish?” got the biggest applause of the night from my section.

As always, he closed with his, “Na na na na, na na na na, hey, hey, hey. Snoop Dogg” and again made us chant far too many times. What a chanting Diva.

“Peace. Love. Smoke weed, mother fu**ers.” 8.6/10

Photo by The Butter Room, one of my favorite music accounts to follow on Twitter, @thebutterroom

2 Responses

  1. Steve Said,

    I completely agree with every point you made. This show was mostly disappointing. I was almost upset that I packed a blunt and walked the 10 minute walk from camp ferris bueller to see this.

    I don’t think you stressed enough just how long he tried to get the “west coast” to win the ‘chant war’ despite the seemingly poor crowd participation.

    And it’s Snoop Dogg…. We all know what he associates himself with. Why couldn’t he light one up on stage?

    Posted on June 27th, 2009 at 1:20 pm

  2. teibs Said,

    Thanks Steve. I forgot how obnoxious his East side/West side crowd chanting was. Snoop really has lost the ability to feel out a crowd. That went on far too long. Snoop lit up a blunt at Rothbury last summer. I think the crowd did a decent job of smoking up without his encouragement.

    Posted on June 27th, 2009 at 3:46 pm

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