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Rob’s Rothbury Top 10 Anticipated Shows

Posted by shore On June - 30 - 2009

robgirltalk @Rob_Shore While I may be a newb to the festival scene, I am no stranger to live music. I’ve seen live music consistently over the years starting with The Who when I was 9-year-old. This year’s Rothbury line-up is packed full of bands I’ve been listening to for years. Only a few I’ve had a chance to see. Since Zack is following up Andy’s stay on the DL with a stint of his own, I got the call to suit up for Rothbury. I couldn’t be more excited. Over the last week I’ve been to formulating a top ten list of shows I’m most looking forward to. Half of them are bands I’ll be seeing for the first time.


10. Damian Marley & NAS – A few years ago this would not be on my top 10 list, but my interest in hip hop has grown significantly. I saw Damian Marley at a bar in Bloomington, IN. Along with NAS, it should be a great show.

9. Bob Dylan – Bob would be higher on my list if I hadn’t heard him sing in the last 5 years. Unfortunately for him, I have. I’m still excited to see one of the best songwriters of all-time, but lately his voice doesn’t warrant him a spot near the top of my list.

8. String Cheese Incident – It’s good to see these guys playing together again.  I’ve only seen them once, and that was from the other side of the festival grounds at 10klf two years ago. I’m very much looking forward to two full sets unopposed at Rothbury.

7. Soulive – As a bass player I can’t help but love anything funk. Soulive is no exception. I’ve never seen them, but I look forward to rocking out at Rothbury with the funky organ trio.

6. Yonder Mountain String Band – Yonder was the first bluegrass band I ever listened to. I didn’t really think I’d be into it. Their perfect harmonies and Jeff Austin’s mad skills on the mandolin were enough to get me hooked. They even inspired me to buy a mandolin (I’m still learning).

5. The Black CrowesShake Your Moneymaker is one of my favorite albums. I listen to it any time I drive just about anywhere. I saw the Crowes at the Taste of Chicago a few years ago, and it was great. I can’t wait to see them again. This time on the main stage at a festival, instead of a free show in Grant Park. 

4. Gov’t Mule – Warren Haynes could just stand there and play guitar and he’d make the top 10 list. His unmistakable tone and one-of-a-kind voice are enough to earn him a stop in my top 5. Oh yeah, the rest of the band also rocks. 

3. Umphrey’s McGee – I’ve seen Umphrey’s at a pretty consistent pace over the last 6 years. Every time I see them, I remember why I’ve seen them more than any other band. With lots of fresh material and an upgrade in the light department, they earn the first spot in my top 3.

2. The Dead – I know it’s not the same without Jerry, but who doesn’t love The Dead? If it weren’t for them, most of the bands at Rothbury wouldn’t have the sound they do. It’s always a good time when at a show I’m confident I’ll know every word to every song. 

1. Girl Talk – I know it’s a little weak to give the top stop to a guy who doesn’t play an instrument or write any songs. His mastery of the mash-up was enough to make his set in the middle of the day at Lollapalooza one of the best of the festival. I can only imagine how much fun it’ll be late night at Rothbury.


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  1. The Dankness Said,

    I know this is your top ten list. But if you get the chance, check out these three acts.

    The Cool Kids – Great indie rap, and their from Chicago. Gotta represent son.

    Pretty Lights – Exciting electronica.

    Flogging Molly – With all that crunchy noodling, You might need a little Irish punk rock.

    Posted on June 30th, 2009 at 7:17 pm

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