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FUN FUN FUN Fest Line-up

Posted by teibs On August - 26 - 2009

fff@ZackTeibloom You don’t have to get me anything for my birthday.* FUN FUN FUN Fest kicks off November 7th, on my 25th birthday, and I couldn’t ask for a better line-up of musicians for a little weekend birthday festival.

We have  Of Montreal, Les Savy Fav, Cool Kids, GZA, Atlas Sound, Mission of Burma, Crystal Castles No Age and Yeasayer and that’s just a fraction of the packed fest that is sure to be all kinds of fun.

FUN FUN FUN fest is broken down into four stages. It may be a week after Halloween, but orange and black will still be the dominant colors. The Orange stage is the main one, with Ratatat, Of Montreal, Crystal Castles,  Les Savy Fav, Yeasayer and Mission of Burma. Festival Crashers have seen Ratatat, Of Montreal (5 times) and Les Savy Fav and we happily put must-see status on all of them.

The Black stage is going to be in-your-face, don’t-get-close-unless-you’re-down-to-get-down craziness. Jesus Lizard played their first show in over a decade at P4K and was crowd surfing before their first song was over. Fucked Up features, as Hodge so eloquently put it, “a bald headed, 300 pound behemoth front man named Pink Eye who stalks the stage shirtless?!  What else can you say? It’s Fucked Up.”

posterI’m a bit surprised Les Savy Fav isn’t on the black stage, since they seem so similar to Fucked Up, but I’d follow Les Savy Fav anywhere. At 2008 P4k, their lead singer smeared mud all over himself and the audience while shirtless, riding around the audience in a garbage can. You should have seen what he did in a church a few weeks later. He needed Holy Water afterwards. There’s Danzig, who the organizers for FUN FUN FUN fest can’t seem to get enough of, Tweeting links to their videos every five minutes telling us to turn it loud. I have to admit, I don’t know many other acts on the black stage, but I can’t wait to learn about them.

The green stage features a smattering of hip hop acts I wish I knew more about. I loved the Kid Sister set I saw at SXSW and I’ve been dying to see the Cool Kids for a while. We’ve got GZA and Genius (performing Liquid Swords with Special Guests, DJ Numark (Jurassic 5) and many more.

I’m thrilled to see the yellow stage housing comedy and they have two guaranteed Comedians Brian Posehn and Todd Barry will keep festival-goers in hysterics. I’m proud to own stand-up CD’s from both of them and can tell you from seeing two Barry sets at SXSW that he and Posehn are worth giving up some music time to check out.

I understand you may be curios to check out bands that drop the F-bomb in their name, but Fuck Buttons and Fucked Up both fucking suck.** Trust me. Other than those F-ups, expect a first-rate festival come November.

Click here for full FUN FUN FUN Fest information

Check out Festival Crashers coverage of FUN FUN FUN Fest bands:

*If you must get me something for my birthday, make it vinyl.

**Still bitter I missed 15 minutes of Fleet Foxes to check out Fuck Buttons.

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  1. The Dankness Said,

    Check out Royal Bangs.

    Posted on August 26th, 2009 at 6:05 pm

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