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Top anticipated ACL Shows #10 – #6

Posted by teibs On September - 26 - 2009

girltalk@Zack Teibloom Even with acts dropping like celebrities in the summer of ’09, Austin City Limits still has a meaty enough line-up for a two-part post* and for Andy to fly in from his new home in L.A. I’m starting to go through the schedule hour by hour and finding some diamonds in the rough, but these 10 are the cream of the crop. The ones I daydream about in my cubicle**.

I glanced at last year’s Top 10 Preview and noticed both this year and last year feature Dave Grohl and Jack White in the top 3, but with different bands. Yeah, they’re that good. I gotta say, I’ll take this year’s top 10 over last year’s head to head, but we’ll have to see how it plays out. Lets rock:

10. !!! (Saturday 2 p.m.)

I saw this dance-punk group ignite the crowd at Pitchfork in 2008 year and decided they were a “must see” every time they’re at a festival. With two drummers and two singers who like to dance, expect a high-energy show Saturday at 2 before booking it to the other side of Zilker Park for Grizzly Bear

9. Grizzly Bear (Saturday 3 p.m.)

They opened for Radiohead in 2008 and have one of the best indie-rock albums of 2009 in Veckatimest. I’ve yet to see them live, but expect a quiet mid-afternoon set you’ll want to be close for. Check this video of “Two Weeks” and get hooked on them.

8. Passion Pit (Sunday 5 p.m.)

ACL ends with 4 juggernauts, starting with Passion Pit, the guys behind Manners, my favorite album of the year. I’ve seen them twice this tour at a sweaty dance party at Emo’s and making new believers at Bonnaroo, but will definitely choose them over The Dirty Projectors. Their lead singer’s voice sounds just perfect live and with two synths “everything is going to the beat.”

7. Girl Talk (Sunday 7 p.m.)

The sad part of Girl Talk being sandwiched between The Dead Weather and Pearl Jam is that there’s no way I’ll get there in time to get on stage. If you’re not planning on staying the whole time at The Dead Weather,*** get super close and do whatever you have to do. There’s no place in the world like on stage during a Girl Talk show. Once I change parents after The Dead Weather, I plan on hauling ass to Girl Talk**** and swinging back for Pearl Jam. I can’t wait.

I think I’ve written everything there is to say about Girl Talk already, so if you need more:

#6. Phoenix (Sunday, 4:30 p.m.)

This French band has been around a full decade, but odds are you haven’t heard of them until this year’s masterpiece Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and single “Lisztomania” cleverly set to Brat pack movies in the video below. I was eager to see them at Bonnaroo, but they played at the same time as Phish which wasn’t a tough decision.

They’ve got tough competition again this festival as they play against The Wood Brothers, where I’m guessing Andy will be and Daniel Johnson, where I bet most of the older Austin crowd will be, but I’m all about Phoenix.

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  • *I wish I was the Simmons of music writing so much, it’s kind of sad.
  • **My cubicle has a Dead Weather poster, a magazine tear-out of JW and Festival Crasher stickers.
  • ***If you leave The Dead Weather early, you are a retarded person.
  • ****Sorry Andy, probs not gonna wait for your ankle before I make a run for Girl Talk, and I’ll be far closer than you’ll care to be during The Dead Weather anyway.

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