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Ghostland Observatory ready to take on Dave at ACL

Posted by teibs On September - 29 - 2009

ghost1@ZackTeibloom Spoon may be bigger and pulled off a triumphant run at Stubbs this summer, but I’d argue that Ghostland Observatory is the best current band to come out of Austin. They’re certainly the most exciting live act, ranking in the top 5 bands to see at ACL this year for good reason.

The two-man band is a force of nature. A dazzling laser light show envelops the raging crowd, as a caped Thomas Turner pounds the synth while a sunglasses-clad, hair-braided Aaron Behrens dances around on stage, belting high-pitched catchy choruses, slinging a guitar his “fingers crave” in an electro-dance-soul-rock fusion. Not to mention the hardest beats around.

The Austin duo comes back to headline Saturday night against one of the biggest live acts of the last 20 years and there’s no one they’d rather play the same time as.

Playing at the same time as Dave Matthews Band at a festival is be a daunting mission for a band. You know you’re going up against touring legends with a rabid fan base. Festival Crashers’ old summer camp bunkmates The Hue melted far less faces than they should have at 10KLF this year, as Dave commanded the crowd at the main stage.

Ghostland Observatory is slotted against Dave Saturday night and lead singer/guitarist Aaron Behrens told me in a phone interview he “can’t think of a better band to play opposite us.” Behrens has a point. Dave has his crowd. A loyal, dedicated following, but the people who would see Dave aren’t going to be deterred. Behrens knows that if they played against The Kings of Leon or the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s they’d leave fans with a tough decision to make, but not so much with Dave.

Ghostland pulled a rare feat of touring even more in 2009 than they did in 2008 when their album Robotique Majestique was released. It’s been “non-stop touring” Behrens said and despite the exhausting schedule he said he’s “starting to feel that vibe, good things in the air.”

While there’s pressure to outdo yourself, Behrens said to expect the same Ghostland you’ve seen before. “The thing is, topping yourself is more expected from other people than artists themselves. Come in and put on a great show. The laser show has gotten really tight. Tricks up our sleeves.”

With the non-stop touring, Ghostland hasn’t had time to write new material, but they expect to start writing in the beginning of 2010. Unfortunately, they’re so busy on the road that they haven’t had time to see many acts recently and Behrens described himself as “all business show after show after show.” He said he’s not much a festival-lover* because he doesn’t enjoy the crowds, and he’ll be busy seeing family and friends instead of seeing music.

Behrens said to “come with no expectations. Don’t let anyone try to describe us to you**. Come with open eyes and open ears. “We’re not gonna give you nothing but the best.”

Check out my earlier Interview with Thomas Turner of Ghostland Observatory when he got mad at me for not knowing Chicago house music.

*very sad to hear that.

**I guess you can ignore my second paragraph.

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