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Top 10 ACL Bands Not on Zack’s List

Posted by shore On September - 29 - 2009

johnlegendaclpreview @AndyShore Often, Zack and I each do our own top-10 list of the shows we’re most looking forward to at a festival. Sometimes we get in a good jab at one another, or defend our positions on why we’re right about a certain conflict. For the most part, I agree with Zack. Rather than reiterating his arguments and then adding a few of my own, I decided to do a top-10 of the bands he did not mention. I’m leaving Dave Matthews Band off my list as well. Not that I don’t think they’re great, but because if you’re going to see them, you don’t need me to convince you. That gives you, our privileged readers, 20 bands to look forward to at ACL. Who said we never did anything for you?

10. Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears: One of the hometown heroes of the weekend, Black Joe Lewis is the first of several soul type bands on my top-10 list. Even the rain couldn’t keep our spirits down during my first set of the weekend at Lollapalooza 2009. The catchy tunes and horns keep you dancing and the animated Lewis keeps you engaged.

9. Ben Harper & Relentless7: I should start this with saying that I will be starting this time slot at the Dead Weather. I’m never the hugest fan of any studio effort Jack White puts out, but was blown away twice last summer by the Raconteurs. If they keep me grooving, I’ll have to pass up on seeing Ben Harper & Relentless7 for a third time. If not, I’ll be heading over to check out the gritty rock sound of Harper’s new band.

8. The Levon Helm Band: I saw way too little of Levon Helm at Bonnaroo 2008. The parts I did hear, were great. He offers up several songs from the Band, and it’s great to hear that his voice is as good as it was so long ago. Rock of Ages was in my CD player probably more than anything else in my four years at IU (Zack can attest to this). I’ll be splitting time again though, with Mos Def conflicting during this time slot. I’m hoping I get to see Mos Def Thursday night for the ACL TV taping, so this may ease my decision.

7. Henry Butler: Even though it isn’t his last name, Henry Butler is one of the biggest legends at ACL 2009. I got to see his humorous side at the Bonnaroo 2008 press conference and Zack and I saw him tickle the ivories at Jazz Fest 2009. He’s got a great band, amazing chops and he’s the only blind world-class photograher I’ve ever heard of.

6. Blitzen Trapper: One of my favorite shows of Pitchfork 2009, Blitzen Trapper is not a band to be missed at ACL. Hopefully their folk rock sound will survive in the heat of the early afternoon. Such conditions ruined the Fleet Foxes set for me last fall at ACL 08, and I had to find some hard rock in the form of the Fratellis to combat it.

5. The Dodos: Perhaps it was my covering of Pitchfork this summer, but more indie bands than ever have been spun on my iPod lately. The Dodos latest album, Time to Die, has especially received heavy rotation. I’m hoping their 12:30 set on Sunday means I actually make it there on time to see them. Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed.

4. Raphael Saadiq: I watched Saadiq’s entire set on the AT&T Blue Room broadcast from Bonnaroo this year while I was stuck on my couch with my foot in a cast. It seems for the better part of the last two years, I’ve routinely missed out on this talented neo soul artist. I’m not going to let that happen this time.

3. Arctic Monkeys: I got a chance to shoot and see these young Brits at Lollapalooza in August, and I cannot wait to see them again. With driving rock guitars and one of the better young rock vocalists around these boys are not to be missed at ACL.

2. Mos Def: Though my second favorite member of the hip hop duo Black Star, I look forward to seeing Mos Def at ACL. I have come to appreciate a hip hop act that can perform well live, and I’m hoping the stage presence he’s shown on the silver screen carries over to the stage. I’m going to split my time here with Levon Helm, due to a shortened but enjoyable experience with the former drummer of the Band at Bonnaroo 2008.

1. John Legend: This silky smooth crooner is somewhat of an anomaly for me. I was underwhelmed by his debut effort, in love with the sophomore attempt and had mixed feelings about his third album. The bits and pieces of his live material I’ve seen on TV has been solid. John Legend tops off this soul heavy top-10.

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