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Girl Talk head first in mud at ACL

Posted by teibs On October - 5 - 2009

mud@ZackTeibloom After I picked my jaw up off the floor at The Dead Weather, I pretended I was on cross country ski’s and slid my way across the muddy mess that was Zilker Park and slid over to Girl Talk. I tried meeting up with a couple friends, but reception was weak and if there’s ever a good time to be single, it’s at a Girl Talk show.

At my sixth Girl Talk show after hundreds of listens to his albums, I knew exactly what to expect, but Gregg had a couple new gems for me. He’s been making new mash-ups lately and kept me on my toes, even though I could still dance and sing along to whatever he threw my way. I found an especially wet mud pit to the back right of the sound board and put on a little show for the circle of dancers as we all grinded and  tried to look as not white as possible.

My favorite new dance partner was a blond girl in a sports bra who I came up with a little routine with on the spot without ever talking about it with. When Girl Talk played M.I.A’s “Boyz,” we’d hop around and circle each other and sing the words “Raw!” and “War!” into each other’s face. If you know the song, it goes “How many, no many, boyz are crazy, how many boyz are raw! How many no many boyz are  rowdy, how many start a war!”

I spent the set finding more cute girls to dance with and became one with the mud. Then I pulled a move I almost feel bad about. I saw a group of friends jumping into the deepest part of the mud pit and doing the twist in the mud. “You know what would be really cool? If we ran and did a slip n’ slide into the mud?” I told my new friends.

“Lets do it!” one of them said, ripping off his shirt. I made sure my iPhone was secured and as I zipped up my rain jacket, the shirtless dude took off on a full sprint and dove head first into the wet mud pit to scattered applause from the 30 people around him. He and a couple friends held up their arms and waved for me to run and dive and then I remembered “Wait a tick… I’m completely sober. I’m dehydrated. And I have to wear these clothes for three more hours. That didn’t look that much fun. I’m walking away.”

Girl Talk was a perfect dance party as always, he had enough new stuff to keep it fresh for my sixth show in a year and a half and the eye candy was out of this world. As he once signed on my magazine cover story of him, “Live Forever, Girl Talk.”


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  2. sarah Said,

    Um, you are aware that the ‘mud’ was from Dillo Dirt we make here in Austin from our sewage sludge left over after treating the water that comes from toilets. its a great compost but i wouldn’t recomend doing what you did in it. might want to get checked for diseases that are spread through Fecal Matter…pretty simple lab test you just have to poop in a cup…or a few cups that is…

    Posted on October 5th, 2009 at 3:29 pm

  3. teibs Said,

    hahahah thanks Sarah. If you read the story closely, you’ll see I didn’t actually dive into it.

    Posted on October 6th, 2009 at 3:58 pm

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