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VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009

Posted by shore On October - 14 - 2009

defjamhiphophonors @AndyShore I’m about to begin watching VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009, which honors 25 years of Def Jam Recordings. In the information on my DVR, it says that DMX, Eminem, Gym Class Heroes, Kid Rock, Public Enemy and many others are set to perform. Is it just me, or is one of those things not like the other ones? Performances aside, I’m just excited that Tracy Morgan is hosting. I need me a fix of some Tracy Morgan humor, with 30 Rock not starting yet.

0:02 Tracy Morgan is preachin’ with the choir, telling the history of Def Jam. I almost thought he was Keenan Thompson, with that wig and those robes. If this intro tells us one things, it’s that everything sounds more important when you’re backed by a gospel choir.

0:03 Not even five minutes in, and we already have the first jab at Kanye West.

0:07 LL Cool J talking about how he got his start at Def Jam is hilarious. He’s cutting up doing impressions of his grandma and Russell Simmons.

0:08 They said it was going to be the Roots with special guests. All is see is Black Thought with Questlove on one drum kit, two other drummers and a DJ. Eminem is the first special guest to join them onstage. Man, it’s good to see Em tearing it up on the stage again. He’s trading flows with Black Thought on LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells,” showing his true chops.

0:14 Unless the Roots insisted on allowing Jimmy Fallon to introduce them, add him to the list with Kid Rock of people who don’t belong there.

0:16 Public Enemy performing “Rebel Without a Pause” with the Roots as their backing band. My roommate, @MattSilver, first asked if Flava Flav was T Pain, and then said he thought Flav was just a retarded black guy who had his own show on VH1. He also wondered why I called him ignorant for thinking that.

0:23 I’m loving these interludes with Rick Ruben and Russell Simmons sitting in the backyard with their shoes off discussing their beginnings.

0:24 Even while honoring Def Jam, Anthony Anderson is the token black guy. Is that just something to ease the transition for us white folk?

0:25 Scarface and Ludacris performing now. Luda drew the biggest reaction from the crowd so far this evening, as soon as he took the stage. Every so often, the camera catches Russell Simmons singing along to the performances. This time he was even throwing them ‘bows on cue.

0:36 Kid Rock is spinning right now. WTF?!?!

0:37 KRS-ONE, Wale and the Gym Class Heroes are doing a Beastie Boys medley. My favorite performance of the night so far. The guitar player from GCH is wailing on the guitar.

0:46 Warren G and Trey Songz performing “Regulators.” Another spectacular performance. Side note, back up dancers should never be adorned in trench coats. Covers all the curves.

0:57 Brett Ratner telling a story about directing a music video, and having Method Man want Ratner’s mom to buy drugs from him in the video to “keep it real.”

0:58 Method Man and Redman doing their thing now. These two feed off each other so well. They even move as one organism on stage.

1:00 Method Man and Mary J. Blige performing “All I Need.” Mary J. didn’t milk a single note, and I thank her for that.

1:09 Onyx performing “Slam.” This is one of the most recognizable songs performed this evening. The crowd hasn’t been this into a song, since Luda took the stage. The dudes from Onyx are everywhere on the stage, even climbing on top of speaker stacks.

1:18 Ja Rule and Ashanti are performing now.  I’m wondering, if they can find Ja Rule from whatever rock he’s been hiding under for the last several years, why can’t we find Osama Bin Laden. @MattSilver: “Ja Rule is the Nickelback of hip hop.”

1:29 Oran “Juice” Jones came out to finish his song, “The Rain,” which Tracy Morgan started while sitting on front of the stage and singing along with the crowd.

1:31 Rick Ross performing “Hustlin.'” The Boss is wearing a leather jacket, with nothing underneath, and has no face bling on. Easily the worst performance of the night.

1:40 DMX performing “Party Up (Up in Here).” The best part of this performance was the introduction, with the DMX translator.

1:45 “We got 99 doughnuts, but the bitch ate one.” The best line of the night from Tracy Morgan as Scoopy Giles.

1:53 Kid Rock performing with the Roots crew and Jazzy Jeff on the turn tables. EPMD is next up on the mic, followed by Foxy Brown and Fabolous. Ghostface is taking his turn next, with Wale coming out to do “Touch the Sky” after.

An enjoyable evening of performances. Tracy Morgan kept the laughs rolling as Scoopy Giles and Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons were quite candid in their story telling. It’s a good thing VH1 did this now, as hip hop acts are starting to be nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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