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Ragged VIP Trivia Contest Winner

Posted by teibs On October - 24 - 2009

winnerz1@ZackTeibloom Even though you could have gotten all these answers with Google and FC search, it came down to who knew us best.* It was one of our oldest friends (Sami- who should get extra rock sauce for answering almost entirely without researching) Andy’s roommate, and FC Twitter friend Joanne (@pbrandpbj.)

I had fun scoring these entries, even if formatting it took the better part of three hours. Here were the three best* entrants and the scoring with commentary and links. Let’s see who won the 6 CD set from


1. How many times has Zack danced onstage at a show? (1 point for each example)

  • Matt: 3.5/4 The Knux at ACL 2009, Girl Talk at Jake’s (at IU), Girl Talk X-mas 2008, Bang Camaro when Zack sang on stage… he definitely danced while singing <–It wasn’t x-mas. It was the day after my birthday last year
  • Joanne: 1/4  Once at Knux
  • Sami: 3/4 Girl Talk in Chicago twice, at Summer camp once, and at least one other time and the Knux

I’m impressed you guys remembered the Bang Camaro show. I suggest turning the volume down and seeing if I ever break smile for the entire video:

2. What was the first interview we ever did? (1 pt, 1 bonus point for favorite line from the interview)

  • Matt: Chris Wood 1/2
  • Joanne: 2/2 Chris Wood  “The word jam describes the audience, not the band.” <–great line, nice pick.
  • Sami: 0/2 No clue

3. What was Zack’s first crash? Andy’s? (2 pts total)

  • Matt: 2/2 Zack’s – REM at the United Center Andy’s – Jazz Fest
  • Sami: 1/2 Pitchfork? Not sure but Jazzfest was my favorite crash.
  • Joanne: 3/2  Zack: REM at the United Center / Andy: Saturday of Yazz Fest

Joanne  gets a bonus point for saying Yazz. Good lord we said yazz a lot that festival and it never got old.

4. How many times have Festival Crashers covered Dave Matthews Band at a festival? (1 pt)

  • Matt (1/1): 5 times
  • Joanne (.5): She listed 7 times which included Alpine and an album review, so her number is high, but we’ll give her half a point.
  • Sami (0/1): Once at Rothbury

Enough that I’d prefer to see Ghostland and Earth Wind and Fire over them, but not too much that I’m disappointed if they’re a headliner. It’s an exceptionally tight band.

5. What is a horse tattoo worth? (1 pt)

  • Matt (1/1): $15-$20, depending on who you ask
  • Sami (0/1) : ?
  • Joanne: (1/1): $20…or $15 depending on how late in the game…

I still wonder about this sometimes. WTF was going on with the horse tats?

6. What is “Redemption Cheering” and when will it be explained? (1 pt, 1 bonus point for most creative answer)

  • Matt: (1/2) Redemption Cheering is when there’s a lull in a performance and the crowd has quieted.  The music finally picks up and, as it does, the crowd does as well, giving a redeemed cheer.
  • Sami: (0/2) When you just saw the wailers and you want them to come smoke a joint for the encore <—Love that idea though…
  • Joanne (5/2) “pent up emotion unleashed” in the form of thousands of fans showing the gratitude for phish’s triumphant return by making as much noise and exhausting every emotion in his or her body during lulls…for lack of a better word…of glorious phish tunes. Explained in the 2020’s…you know that’s only like, ten years away.

If Joanne’s answer didn’t make you smile, I don’t want to know you. Is it weird that I’m already planning the musical education of my child (hopefully) several years down the road? I bet he’ll end up hating music to spite me. Damn it.

7. What element of Brett’s daily personal hygiene did fake Mel admit to spying on in her Austin Flight of the Conchords review? (1 pt)

  • Matt (1/1) Bret flossing.
  • Sami (0/1) He doesnt brush his teeth?
  • Joanne (1/1) Flossing

Being in the head of Mel to write this review got really creepy. I thought some stuff about B and J I can’t unthink.

8. Who is on Ludacris’ “Mt. Rushmore of Rap” (1 pt for each correct answer, 4 total)

  • Matt: (4/4) Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z
  • Sami: (0/4) ?
  • Joanne: (4/4) Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z

How surprising is it that I’ve had Ludacris’ # in my phone for over a year and haven’t done anything about it once? Don’t tempt me to do it when I’m drunk…Seriously though.

9. What breakfast cereal spokesman did Andy and I have a debate about to determine whether he’d play guitar or drums? (1 pt)

  • Matt (0/1) Toucan Sam <–followed his nose to the wrong answer.
  • Sami (1/1) TONY THE TIGER!!
  • Joanne (1/1)Tony the Tiger

He totally played drums. Andy’s nuts.

10. What artist did Andy see ride on stage on a Segway? (1 pt)

  • Matt (1/1) T-Pain
  • Sami (0/1): Jack Black?
  • Joanne (0/1): The article reads T Pain, but in the accompanying picture, it’s Lil’ Jon <–pretty sure that’s T Pain. I gotta go with what Andy said…

I can’t imagine Jables successfully working a Segway, but I’d pay to see it. As long as it’s not another mall cop movie.

What do you know about the bands?

1. What 2000 tragedy caused Pearl Jam to contemplate retirement? (1 pt)

  • Matt (1/1) Roskilde Tragedy
  • Joanne (1/1) nine deaths at the Roskilde Festival
  • Sami: (10 bonus points) Not sure but they covered that song “Where oh Where could my baby be” and I’m pretty sure we were in Noar and Brad Finkle played it on repeat ALL SUMMER LONG. I hate that song. (OK, wiki’d that one out of curiosity. 9 fans trampled under foot. [insert Led Zeppelin Joke here] <–that’s how you win FC contests.

2. The recording of which Wilco album almost led to their demise? (1 pt)

  • Matt (1/1):Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  • Joanne (0/1): ummmm…
  • Sami (1/1) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I hate Wilco and wish they demised. <–Ouch. Suck it, Tweedy!

3. Who’s producing the upcoming Grace Potter & the Nocturnals album? (1 pt)

  • Joanne (1/1): T-Bone Burnett
  • Matt: (1/1): T Bone Burnett
  • Sami (0/1) Warren Hanes or Brett Dennen <–good try though

4. Who is the world famous DJ that currently spins behind the Beastie Boys? (1 pt)

  • Matt (1/1): Mix Master Mike
  • Sami (1/1): Mix Master Mike
  • Joanne (0/1): uhhh…. <–c’mon!

5. Who produced Phish’s latest album, Joy? (1 pt)

  • Matt (1/1) Steve Lillywhite
  • Sami (1/1) Steve Lillywhite. Good Call phish.
  • Joanne (1/1) Steve Lillywhite

I didn’t know this one, not gonna lie.

6. White is not Jack White’s real last name. His real last name is the same as another Festival Crasher favorite. What is his last name and who does he share it with? (2 pts)

  • Matt: (2/2) his last name is Gillis, same as Girl Talk
  • Joanne (2/2) Jack White aka John Gillis has the same last name as Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis
  • Sami (-8,000) GILLIS, LIKE GIRL TALK GREG GILLIS (I hate Jack White, PS) <–This is how you lose FC contests!

7. What two other bands do members of Umphrey’s McGee play in as side projects? (5 pts)

  • Matt: (2/5): OHMPHREY, The Omega Moos
  • Sami: (2/5): audio depth device, omega moo
  • Joanne (0/5: hmmm…

We also would have accepted “Brain Damaged Eggmen” and 30 Db. They have as many side projects as I have Twitter accounts. Appropriate.

8. What is special about Ezra Furman and the Harpoons’ upcoming release? (3 pts)

  • Matt: (1/3) MOON FACE has 10 bootlegs
  • Sami: (1/3) I LOVE EZRA! 10 bootlegs
  • Joanne: (0/3) Andrew Langer

No one got this one. It’s 10 bootlegs or b-sides, only 200 are made and Ezra writes a song about you for the album. I have one coming that’s somewhere between Wilmette and Austin currently and it’s driving me insane! What did Ezra write for me?! Ahhhhh!

9. Which two festivals have been cancelled in the last year? (2 pts)

  • Matt: (2/2) Ozzfest and Langerado
  • Sami: (2/2) Langerado and BC’s Pemberton Fest. HAH same RS article
  • Joanne (1/2) Ozzfest and ummm…

I guess there were 4: Ozzfest, Langerado and Vegoose and Pemberton Fest. I can’t say any were missed, which is weird to admit.

10. Who is the biggest Douche bag we cover regularly on Festival Crashers? (1 pt)

  • Matt (1/1): Kanye West
  • Joanne (1/1): Kanye West

You’re god damn right he is.

The Final scores:

He may live with Andy and have been our home away from home in Chicago, but Matt earned this win. Andy clearly didn’t help him. I mean, he guessed Toucan Sam for god sakes! Who wants to bet that Matt takes the worst song on this 6 CD set and makes a music video for them? As long as it doesn’t have to do with a wedding cake, I’ll be happy. Thanks for playing. The next contest will be even easier.

Matt- E-mail me your address and we’ll send you this:

Ragged #7 VIP Prize Pack

Issue of Ragged Magazine

Taking Back Sunday “New Again” CD

A Fine Frenzy “Bomb in a Birdcage” CD

Landon Pigg “The Boy Who Never” CD

The Sounds “Crossing the Rubicon” CD

Those Darlins “Those Darlins” CD

Busdriver “Jhelli Beam” CD

*and who has the most time on his hands


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