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Kiss @ United Center 11/6/09

Posted by shore On November - 9 - 2009

kissuc @AndyShore When I told people I was going to see Kiss, they had one of three reactions. The first one was, why? The second response was laughter and the third was, “that’s awesome!” My reaction when my dad first asked if I wanted to go was a mix of the latter two. Kiss is never going to be mentioned as one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but they are certainly one of the greatest rock spectacles. Even at 60 years old and with only half of the original members, the band dons their costumes and make-up and puts on one hell of a show. Stuff blows up, people fly around and the fans scream all the while.

We were ready for the rock sauce, after a surprisingly entertaining set from Buckcherry. The video monitors showed the band leaving the green room and heading to the stage. The stadium erupted. They played “Strutter” early on, which was perhaps the band’s way of getting the younger crowd involved. The song was featured in Guitar Hero II. Fireworks went of sporadically throughout the set, but it wasn’t until “Hotter Than Hell” that the pyrotechnics really started, as Gene Simmons spat fire across the stage.

Fan favorites like “Calling Dr. Love” were mixed in with some tunes from the newest Kiss album. I was asked by a friend after the show how the new songs were. All I could muster up was that I thought they were good, but was distracted by things exploding and fires. “She” featured Ace Frehley replacement Tommy Thayer on a monster guitar solo, showing he was capable of filling the spiked boots of the Spaceman.

The spectacle continued from there. Peter Chriss’ replacement Eric Stringer channeled his inner Catman with a rousing drum solo during “100,000 Years.” Gene Simmons was raised up on top the the light rig, for some singing and bass solo action on “I Love It Loud.” They got the fans laughing and cheering with a “Stairway” tease, and closed out their set with the one Kiss song everybody knows, “Rock and Roll All Night.” Stanley introduced the song by telling the crowd they weren’t there to get on their soapbox and preach about who to vote for, what to care about, etc. He just wanted the crowd to rock and roll al night and party every day. I think I can handle that.

For the encore, Paul Stanley informed the crowd that usual procedure for an encore was for the band to leave the stage, get cheered and then come back out for a song. He said sometimes bands would leave the stage again, and wait for more applause before returning. Stanley informed the crowd that Kiss doesn’t play such games, and the fans should buckle in for the longest encore ever (apparently they’ve never seen Pearl Jam). “Shout It Out Loud” kicked off the four song encore, but it wasn’t until “Love Gun” that they really stepped it up. Stanley flew across the crowd to a small stage in the middle of the United Center to sing the song. “Detroit Rock City” ended the night and sent me off with ringing ears and a belly full of whiskey.

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