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Posted by shore On November - 25 - 2009

laurenbosworth1 @AndyShore Often when my roommate sends me a link to a concert or event he thinks we should go to, I disregard it immediately. Half the time I can’t even tell if he’s serious or not, since his music tastes parallel those of a tween girl. It wasn’t even the music that attracted me to the LXM Pro, though. Shooting Akon did seem like it would be cool, but I wanted to see the lacrosse. The LXM Pro was to be a lacrosse all star game of sorts, with a music twist. Akon had to withdraw from the event due to a death in the family, and 3OH!3 and Drake were added to the bill. A day or two prior to the event, I found out there was supposed to be decent celebrity turnout and there would be a red carpet. This raised my excitement level greatly.

We arrived just in time for the designated media check in, and headed over to the “red carpet.” It turnout out to be a patch of astroturf, with a banner of the sponsors behind it. The list of people expected to attend included Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton, cast members of the Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place and a few USC football players. I made small talk with the few other photogs that were there, and taught them the finer points of lacrosse as we waited for some celebs to show.

Lo Bosworth (pictured above) from the Hills was the first “celeb” to come through. She was very friendly and made sure everyone got their shots. That marked the first and last celebrity that I recognized that made their way through the red carpet. I do know that I also took pictures of QWES, who I now know is on Konvict Music. It was a funny experience. There was nobody there to tell us who it was that was passing by. As a result, we took pictures every time an attractive female that was well dressed walked by. In the end, Paula Abdul and Paris Hilton were no-shows and Lauren Conrad skipped the red carpet.

I enjoyed getting to watch a bit of lacrosse played at a high level, but didn’t really snap many shots of the game. I’m gonna run the rest of this as a pictorial. None of the bands performances were worth more than a photo caption or two.


I don't know who this girl is, or if she is any letter on the list of celebrities. All I know is she was smoking hot, sang along to all the Cab's songs and was very anxious to see 3OH!3. Even sang some of "Don't Trust Me," as we were waiting for the band to take the stage. I suggested she go up there and sing it, since half the kids in the audience wouldn't know the difference.


This is Sir Lance. Yeah, I've never heard of him either. Here's what I want to know: How long does this guy spend in front of a mirror practicing these poses. There's the "two-handed Uncle Sam (we want you)" and some sort of "I'm framing my face" or "get these lights off me" pose.


In this one we see Sir Lance busting out a "one handed point, one hand holding on tight to the real reason I'm here" pose. Speaking of nobody celebrities. This Konvict Music "star," QWES, has a #4 hit on the charts. The European charts.


After the game, all the players from both teams came back onto the field and hurled their gear into the stands. The fans loved it, and it provided the single best moment of the evening. It's like when the Blackhawks win a game on home ice and they come back out to center ice and raise their sticks to the fans. Class move.


I don't have anything to say about QWES' performance. I don't remember any of the songs, didn't recognize any of them when they happened and he did nothing to wow me. I just liked this picture.


@MattSilver The Cab played an acoustic set for a crowd filled of teeny-bopper lacrosse fans, which happens to be the age group that makes up for the majority of their fan base. They opened with a cover of Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne's "Down" and also did Rihanna's "Disturbia," hoping to connect with the fans they assumed showed up to see Drake and 3OH!3. They also performed fan favorites "Take My Hand," and "Bounce."


Jeremiah is famous, solely for the reason that he sings a song called "Birthday Sex." This made for a slightly awkward time, as it seemed many of the girls screaming for this song were too young to really enjoy it (I want to note here that I went through several jokes here, all which came out way too creepy. Young girls and birthday sex. Let's hear your appropriate joke.).


@MatSilver 3OH!3, the Denver-based pop duo, headlined the show with a very energetic and wild performance. Shrieks quickly matched the volume of the music blasting from the speakers. 3OH!3 didn't stop singing and dancing for their entire set, which included hits "Don't Trust Me" and "Starrstrukk" as well as their newest, yet-to-be-released track.

Check out all my photos from the LXM Pro event here.

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  1. teibs Said,

    I know you’re looking to me to make a “sex with younger girls” joke, but I’m pulling the Murtaugh card.

    Posted on November 25th, 2009 at 8:20 pm

  2. teibs Said,

    Ehh, who am i kidding? If you’re old enough to know it’s your birthday, you’re old enough to enjoy “birthday sex.”

    Posted on November 25th, 2009 at 8:21 pm

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