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“Party in the USA” vs. “Sleepyhead” (Round 1)

Posted by teibs On December - 8 - 2009

mileypit@ZackTeibloom Welcome to the first match-up of the 2009 Catchiest song of ’09 contest. I spent a few minutes looking for that CBS “do do do doo, do doo do dooo” update music, but to no avail.  We’ve got the juggernaut teen Queen Miley Cyrus, the overall #1 seed, against indie-rock’s 2009 break-out stars, Passion Pit. Both have been mashed up with Biggie,* but there’s little else in common with these two, besides maybe some synth. I’ve found myself in a terrible dance club singing Miley into a girl’s face more than I’d like to admit** and recently when someone asked for the link, I found myself watching the video twice in a row just for the hell of it. On the other hand I’ve also had three pulsing, sweaty dance parties at Passion Pit shows where I get lost in the trance of this infectious ditty and play it on repeat at 4 a.m. with big headphones at full blast like it’s my job.

I promised Andy I wouldn’t quote lyrics in a punny fashion if he would stop using the lazy, “Does this even need to get argued?” for every seemingly obvious match-up. We’ll get them out of our system on this first one and move into hard analysis from here on out. “And everything’s going to the beat…”

Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA”

@AndyShore Do I even need to write an argument for “Party in the USA?” I’m pretty sure a sizable amount of the people who entered this contest don’t even know who Passion Pit is (sorry to our indie loving friends/readers.) Before “Party in the USA” it was only tweens and girls around my age that considered the former Hannah Montana star a guilty pleasure. It’s wrong to call this a breakout hit, because the girl was already a mega-millionaire, but her songs have never reached this widespread of an audience. There was a time in the last month that I heard my roommate (male) play this song four times within a 30-minute period. That’s excessive, even if you know him. It’s just that catchy. You indie kids are going to need to be honest with yourselves. You may love Passion Pit way more than Miley Cyrus, but “Party in the USA” is the catchiest song of 2009.

Passion Pit “Sleepyhead”

@ZackTeibloom “Sleepyhead” isn’t a sing-a-long, it’s a nod along and a dance along. Good luck getting up to that falsetto to sing along, but at the same time, good luck not going right for that repeat one button. With an array of swirling, backwards loops, a thumping beat and layered synths, it’s a trance-inducing dance hit at all hours, but something about listening to this song in the early morning or late night hours sets you off. In my long-standing history of taking cheap shots at the popular songs, Miley didn’t write this song and claims to have never heard a Jay-Z song even though the lyrics claim “and the Jay-Z song was on.” You can vote for Miley,*** but know you’re voting for a song she didn’t write, play instruments on and was over-produced to give you the patriotic jammed-down-your-throat-name-dropping pop crap you’re surely sick of. And the Passion Pit song was on.

Voting closes Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. Central.

*Miley and Biggie mash-up and Passion Pit and Biggie Mash-up

**It was only once, but that’s more than I’d like to admit.

***and in some ways I secretly hope you do because I picked it to go all the way

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