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The Sing Off – Episode Two

Posted by shore On December - 16 - 2009

thesingoff @AndyShore I found enough comedic value in the episode last night to want to do it all over tonight. Some of the bands are also legitimately talented. The preview from last night showed that a lot of the performances tonight would be from the Catchiest Songs of 2009 list. I guess that means I’m gonna have some craptastic pop music stuck in my head the rest of the evening. Yipee. Let’s hope there’s some more unintentional comedy tonight to fuel my two hour live blog.

8:04 We had our first Nick Lachey, “yeah I’m that guy from 98 degrees,” moment of the show. Let’s hope it’s the last.

8:05 Beelzebubs are doing “Right Round.” A big change from “Magical Mystery Tour.” Hahaha. He knocked his glasses off, trying to rap dance. There goes your rap cred, Bubs. The back up vocals encompassing the beat are really impressive, but the rapping parts do not showcase talented voices well. They were better last night.

8:08 Ben Folds is such a pleasant person. He’s really good at sugar coating his critiques. Nicole S just said, “wuz up Bub Riders” and then chest pumped. She’s an actually relevant version of Paula Abdul. Shawn Stockman at least acknowledged how funny it would be if Flo Rida heard that cover.

8:14 Noteworthy is performing Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” That should be much more in their wheelhouse than Aretha Franklin. Aww. They’re crying because of how proud they are of their practice. The mimicking string playing with the mics was a good touch. The back up vocals are really incredible, to fill the Brian Eno produced soundscape. Their lead is not offering up as strong of a performance as her body language dictates.

8:17 These judges are really pussyfooting around criticism in the first season of this show. They all take such precautions before saying anything negative. Nicole S is the Jersey Shore version of Paula Abdul.

8:25 Voices of Lee are doing Alicia Key’s “No One.” Still not the Doobie Brothers. WTF. Alicia Keys has one of the most powerful voices in music, and attempting her is a bold choice. That being said, they sounded really great.

8:28 The stylist for this show must work for the Gap. This whole show looks like one big Gap commercial.

8:29 The judges dug what Voices of Lee did. The judges agree that the different lead than last night was much better. Ben Folds liked their “shings.”

8:31 Nota is performing “Down” by Jay Sean. The second of the Festival Crashers catchiest songs of 2009 so far. Without a doubt, Nota has the best percussive vocals of any of the other groups. I also think their lead is the strongest. These guys appear to be the band to beat.

8:34 Shawn seems taken aback by how good Nota was. He is very impressed by what they’re doing. So is Ben Folds, despite his lame attempt at a lyrical pun. Who does he think he is, @ZackTeibloom? Nicole S looks very sexy wearing Ben Folds’ glasses. Totally distracted me from what she was saying.

8:36 Do you think a writer had to give Nick Lachey that, “Nota, muchas gracias,” line?

8:42 The SoCals are doing Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone.” The cute girl is doing the solo, but the sparkly beret is unbecoming. The SoCals are really just doing their best Glee impression. They’re nowhere near as unique as Nota. They do have talent, and the lead sounds fantastic. Their beat is probably the weakest so far.

8:45 Shawn was feeling their lead too, but he agrees about their beat. Nicole S says a different version of the same thing every time.

8:52 Maxx Factor was feeling the heat last night. They’re doing “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. There was some drama during their rehearsal. I’d rather hear Phish do barbershop vocal jams than anything sung by these old ladies. Their novelty should wear off soon. Their lead is not best showcased singing Taylor Swift.

8:55 Ben Folds is giving them credit for sticking to their guns with the barbershop stuff. He’s a nerd, so he’s eating up this old school stuff. Where it irked me to hear a throwback sound with a current song, he thought that was a strength. What do you think?

9:03 The Beelzebubs are doing “Come Sail Away.” This will either be awesome or awful. The Bubs and Nota are easily the teams to beat in this competition. These guys are really good. Leads and backing vocals are all spectacular.

9:05 Ben Folds thought it was good and recalled hearing “Come Sail Away” in Pizza Hut. Shawn was still laughing about the performance, even after Ben speaking. Nick Lachey made a Boyz II Men was popular forever ago joke. Zing!

9:08 Noteworthy is performing “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. I will forever associate this song with Harold & Kumar. Do you think Mormons are allowed to watch that movie? The girl with a mohawk looks like a bird. This is probably the best performance so far from Noteworthy. The best lead they’ve offered up too.

9:11 New rule for the drinking game: Every time Nicole S says “it was really good” you drink.

9:12 Ben Folds just declared they have the problem of a lot of chicks on stage. I fail to see how that is ever a problem.

9:16 Voices of Lee are performing “Freedom 90” by George Michael. These guys have been much better tonight than last night. I like the pitch bending stuff they’ve been doing all song. Sounds very cool. Really solid performance.

9:20 Ben Folds said their performance freaked him out. In a good way. Nicole S made a freedom pun. Get off Zack’s game people.

9:26 Nota is performing “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. Here comes some falsetto. That’s a ballsy call. Their lead is singing in the falsetto everyone usually reserves for the shower or car. He is also nailing it. The percussive vocals continue to wow me. The beat they create is insane.

9:29 Shawn tells them the ladies love the falsetto. He should know. Nicole S continues with the song title puns. Zack is going to have to retire them for good if she keeps this up. Ben Folds called their mouth drums better than real drums.

9:35 The SoCals are singing “Nothing is Gonna Stop Us Now.” These guys are super cheesy, but very talented. They are the Glee band, down to the Jewish looking lead girl. Their choreography is hilarious.

9:38 Ben Folds even called their performance musical theater. Nobody smiles more than Ben Folds. Shawn’s wink at them was slightly creepy.

9:44 Maxx Factor is doing Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab.” Hands down the funniest song choice yet. I for one don’t think it’s appropriate for a group of moms to sing a song about drugs (I hope you guys know me well enough to take that for the joke it was). This is probably the best performance so far from Maxx Factor. Having said that, John C. Reilly did a better cover as Dewey Cox when I saw the Walk Hard premier.

9:48 Shawn thinks they’ve been better, and that they should change their name to Cougarville. Gross. Now Nicole is spinning puns on her own band’s name. That was maybe the most negative I’ve heard Ben Folds yet.

9:54 Nota and the Beelzebubs advance. I told you they were the teams to beat. Voices of Lee also performed well enough tonight to advance. Glee…aka the SoCals… is safe too. One of the girl groups is going home. The suspense music is hilarious. Noteworthy is heading home to their husband.

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