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The Sing Off – Finale

Posted by shore On December - 21 - 2009

thesingoff @AndyShore The finale of The Sing-Off already taught me one thing. Getting the West Coast feed on TV means having to go dark on twitter and Facebook to avoid spoilers. I did that successfully tonight, and am anxious to see who will win the first ever season of The Sing-Off. Nota should be the team to beat tonight. They have proven to be the most talented and deepest group of the bunch. The Beelzebubs will challenge them, and I happen to like their song selection more than Nota’s. Tonight I assume I’ll be making fun of the judges mostly, since most of the groups I have been making fun of have gone home.

8:02 I have a personal vendetta against “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” A few years ago, I was in the AT&T store waiting to be helped. This song came on as I sat there. Total BS. That being said, I got a good laugh out of @MattSilver announcing it was Bruce Springsteen they were singing. Also, Umphrey’s McGee did an incredible cover of this one NYE, complete with a gospel choir. This version may rival that, and is way better than U2. FU Bono!

8:08 Nick Lachey introduced Nicole Scherzinger as the multi-platinum Pussycat Doll. The shirt she is wearing also appears to be multi-platinum.

8:10 Voices of Lee are performing “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. You are not human if you don’t like this song. Their version is being sung nicely, but certainly lacks the soul of the original. Notes were all there and the harmonies were spot on, but a very vanilla performance.

8:13 I love that Ben Folds thanks each group after they perform. What a guy. He also appears to be able to detach himself from the original more than the other judges and myself. It seems like Ben Folds spent the weekend thinking of a rebuttal to Sean Stockman about their “Man in the Mirror” performance last week. They did an excellent job of quickly moving the graphic away from Nicole’s cleavage. Totally related, didn’t hear anything she said.

8:20 The Bubs are visiting a retirement home, which wasn’t funny until they showed the guy running the joint. He was talking about the holidays being a lonely time for the elderly. That’s not funny at all, but for some reason all I could think of was Ben Stiller in Happy Gilmore. That made me laugh. I think it was the mustache.

8:22 The Bubs are performing “Where is the Love.” I think it’s a mistake for singing groups to perform hip-hop songs. They all have great voices, not made for rapping. The non rapping parts sound awesome. The judges are swaying to and fro. The percussive parts are all awesome. would be proud. The second “rapper” wasn’t even half bad. The awkward man hugs during the performance were unnecessary.

8:24 I’m willing to let Nicole slide for calling them “Bub-tastic.” Her shiny, low-cut sweater is doing very little to distract me from her cleavage.

8:32 Nota is performing “Lean On Me.” The stuff that Nota does with the beat of every song is more unique than any of their competitors. They deserve the record deal. I’d actually tune in to see what they could do in the studio.

8:35 Ben Folds is explaining when it’s ok for Americans to sing the way that Nota does. His example was 3 beers deep at karaoke.

8:41 Voices of Lee are performing with Natasha Bedingfield. They must feel totally shafted by the group that gets to sing with Smokey Robinson. My thoughts were voices by my friend Jake going, “Oh, that’s who this is.”

8:51 The Bubs are very distracted by having to perform with Nicole, despite her covering up her cleavage. Nicole is giving a Surgeon Generals warming. She says her performing with the Bubs may be lethal. They’re doing “You Don’t Own Me.” Ben Folds gave the performance a standing ovation.

9:00 Nota is performing “Tracks of my Tears” with Smokey Robinson. His outfit is pretty shiny. So is his face. He looks so funny, it’s distracting me from noticing how nice Nota sounds behind him. They are doing some interesting percussive stuff, but this song doesn’t led itself much to adding their flavor.

9:09 It took until the finale, but Nick Lachey is performing with the remaining three groups. They’re doing Christmas songs…and it’s snowing inside!

9:12 Boyz II Men is the surprise guest. That’s so much better than my guess of 98 degrees. They’re doing “Yesterday” among others. These guys sound awesome. All we can talk about, is what is that thing on the bald dude’s head. The cameras are staying away from it. It’s like the side of the head version of Drew Gooden’s duck patch. Hero is there and doesn’t know the words. High comedy.

9:20 Bobby McFerrin is showing all these guys how it’s done. It’s kind of weird that the groups are just standing in a semi-circle behind him nodding their heads. Oh, now when Bobby taps them they come to life. His conducting his hilarious, and slightly terrifying.

9:30 Nota and the Beelzebubs are competing for the record deal. Voices of Lee have to sing their Swan Song.

9:39 They’re breaking the rules to let Ben Folds play piano with the Bubs and Nota. They’re doing “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” Ben Folds stepped onto his piano to sing a verse, and nailed his high note. The dancing not so much.

9:46 Shawn was moved to tears, remembering the old times and excitement of getting signed with Boyz II Men. Now Nicole is crying too. Aww. Made more funny by Nick Lachey adding, “that’s real.”

9:55 After a ridiculously long pause for suspense from Nick Lachey, Nota wins the first ever season of Sing-Off. I’ll illegally download their album when it leaks.

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