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Temper Trap Contest winner

Posted by teibs On January - 29 - 2010

temp@ZackTeibloom Our winning entry comes from Shelley, a Chicago-Austin transplant like me, who had an even more interesting chain of events on her drive than I did. All I had to put up with was a blizzard and frozen highway that almost killed me and stopped my dream of having Reverend Al Green take me to church. Shelley captures the dichotomy of emotions in the song in her vivid description of her inner monologue on her journey.

As well as she captures the moment in her words, it’s the constant use of ellipsis that drives this entry home. The feeling of continuation. It’s not one moment. It’s a moment leading up to many others. Congrats on the signed poster, Shelley. Here’s her entry:

My “Sweet Disposition moment:” in a nutshell driving cross country alone from Chicago to Austin this Summer.

Why it was a great soundtrack for that moment:

This song is maybe one of the best I’ve heard at capturing dual emotions – which is exactly how I left Chicago.  This song has the feeling of hope and optimism of what might happen or what could be, but it also has that bittersweet feeling that you have/had something really good, but it’s running out of time – it’s a ticking clock.  That drive – and what lead up to it – spanned the spectrum of emotion – highs and lows and this song smacks you with that full throttle.

What the vid would encompass:

The initial excitement and nervousness that comes with discarding as much extraneous “stuff” of your life so that you and your life can fit in your car … anxiously stepping in to your backyard in the middle of the city – your oasis – one last time to smoke a stale cigarette and dull your nerves … driving out of Chicago down Lake Shore Drive with the sun sparkling off the water, making you squint in the rearview mirror – screaming at the top of your lungs b/c you feel totally alive and are so glad to get the hell out of town… flipping through your “Chicago memories” in your mind as you drive on auto-pilot, seeing the last conversations and send offs with people who didn’t want you to leave, realizing you’re being selfish but not caring and going for it anyway … your AC crapping out after a grand in repairs two days earlier… now driving with the windows down getting scorched by the sun, the wind blowing your hair everywhere, sunburn forming on your left arm as you drive … getting out at a rest stop, wanting to call for help, ask someone to save the day b/c you’re lost, you’ve got only a few bucks and your car is jacked, laying on the ground seeing your car leak mystery fluids … standing up, folding your hands behind your head, sighing and moving on … getting back in the car and realizing you don’t give a damn as long as the car makes it … driving on and seeing scorched red earth dug up on the side of the road … as the sun sets, seeing the most beautiful gold hay bales along the side of the road, knowing you’re going off on what your next adventure should be …

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