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American Idol Auditions #2 Atlanta

Posted by shore On January - 13 - 2010

idolauditionsboston@AndyShore Last night was not the American Idol debut that I had hoped for. There weren’t that many stars-in-the-making, nor were there many horrible acts to laugh at. Tonight should provide some more comedy. Mary J Blige is the guest judge. Any frequent readers should know my distaste for her. I have a huge problem with her guest judging this show. That woman has a great voice, but doesn’t know anything about singing. Her notes get milked so often you’d think she grew up an Amish farmer. I’m hoping there’s a few more contestants to get excited about, and more than a few people clowns. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Auditions #1: Boston

Posted by shore On January - 12 - 2010

idolauditionsboston @AndyShore American Idol is back. This season marks the first without Paula Abdul and the last for Simon Cowell. Ellen Degeneris steps into Paula’s shoes, and will try to match her positive nature sans prescription drugs. The auditions are always a hoot, and I like to guess who’s gonna go the distance. To think the world never knew Adam Lambert before last season began. His audition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” opened a lot of people’s eyes. Here’s to hoping the unintentional comedy is high this season and the sob story montages are few and far between. Who am I kidding? I’ll have a sandwich during those parts. Read the rest of this entry »

Preview of Austin Vinyl: The Collectors

Posted by teibs On January - 9 - 2010

bjork@ZackTeibloom With the festival season on hold until March’s SXSW, I decided to start a new blog dedicated to everything vinyl-related in Austin. “The Collectors” will be a regular feature of Austin Vinyl, where my blog partner @RachelDonnan and I go into the home of Austin’s vinyl collectors, gush over what they’ve amassed and wish we could afford it. WOXY DJ and vinyl-lover @Shivvy invited @RachelDonnan and me into his home to talk about our love of all things vinyl and let us dig through his 1,000+ records Saturday afternoon.

As we moved from room to room to dig through each box of albums, it was clear @Shivvy had a little speech prepared for us to explain the origins of his passion for vinyl. “My mother put those gigantic 1970’s headphones on her stomach when I was in utero,” he says proudly. He went on to say that the early exposure to music caused him to freak out whenever music wasn’t playing, so he was given a stereo for his third birthday. He only had two albums then (Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and the Grease Soundtrack,*) but that was all it took for his vinyl obsession to begin. Read the rest of this entry »

Catchiest Jingle: Bagel Bites vs. Chili’s Baby Back Ribs

Posted by teibs On January - 7 - 2010

bagelbites@ZackTeibloom Let’s get silly here for a minute. After “Pokerface” won catchiest song of the year and “Who Let The Dogs Out?” started rolling towards catchiest song of the decade, @Rwoconno, the original Festival Crasher, proclaimed on our Facebook page that Chili’s “Baby Back Ribs” jingle was actually the catchiest song ever. I countered that it wasn’t even the catchiest jingle for unhealthy food. I’ve had the Bagel Bites song in my head for a dozen years consecutively. He countered that “This Bagel Bites silliness is just embarrassing to everyone.” I countered that no one ever ate ribs at Chili’s. We felt compelled to bring it to a debate and vote it out.    Read the rest of this entry »

Free Week in Austin 2012 Picks

Posted by teibs On January - 5 - 2010

Not only does this show pack four rock bands, they have free cake balls! The two best words ever put together.

If “cake” and “balls” are ranked #1 and #2 on the best words list, then “free” “pizza” are surely top 5. Also, skeeball!

Decade’s catchiest song to end the contest

Posted by teibs On January - 5 - 2010

usherbahamen @ZackTeibloom Two years of doing this contest and twice it’s ended in a tie. Last year we pitted Chris Brown and Rihanna against each other before that whole mess went down. Can we hope that The Baha Men and Usher, Lil Jon and Ludacris somehow get into a brawl this year? I think that would be asking a bit too much. Anyway, J. Ho and Zelin made their choices. Zelin was back and forth between “99 Problems” and “Yeah” (Did he peak in high school?) and J.Ho went with “Who Let The Dogs Out” (Did she peak in middle school?) We let them argue their case and we’ll let you vote until Friday at 5 p.m. central. What was the catchiest song of the decade? For the record, Andy and I both went with “Hey Ya!”  Read the rest of this entry »

Pokerface is Catchiest song of ’09, contest isn’t over

Posted by teibs On January - 2 - 2010

pface@ZackTeibloom The only one who could beat Lady Gaga this year was Lady Gaga. Not even Miley could make it close. It’s “Pokerface” for the win. What that means for the contest is that Zelin and J.Ho are tied for the best bracket. For anyone scoring at home, that’s back-to-back championships for Zelin but he’s not there yet. “You wanna crown em?” You can’t crown him yet.They say a tie is like kissing your sister, but what if it’s a tie with your fellow SIT? You have to break the tie. “It ain’t over till it’s over.” “You play to win the game.”  Playoffs? You wanna talk about playoffs? We’re just trying to win a game. Playoffs*? OK it’s time for the playoff game. Read the rest of this entry »

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