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American Idol: Hollywood Round 3

Posted by shore On February - 16 - 2010

hollywoodroundthree@AndyShore This week is when contestants will begin to make a name for themselves. The group round is mostly pointless. It serves as a way to weed out the weak links and to ramp up the drama for our viewing pleasure. I am sure I will have my horses for this season by the time this week is over. I’m already on the Andrew Garcia bandwagon, but there are also quite a few talented ladies this season…and they can sing.

8:05 The producers are playing games with us tonight. They’re showing us who went into each room, and then some of the performances. That leaves us to be the judge of which rooms advance and who goes home. Angela Martin’s room should breath easy. Her cover of “American Girl” had Kara and Randy grooving.

8:07 Singing “Brickhouse” would probably be a death wish for most singers. Jermaine Purifory is not one of those singers.

8:08 Casey James is another favorite. He very aptly sang “Bubbly.”

8:15 Jermaine Sellers flubbed a high note and then blamed the band. I feel sorry for everybody in the room with him, and not just because they’re going home too.

8:16 To figure out how to spell her name, I had to rewind Siobhan Magnus’ performance. I discovered she’s a glassblowing apprentice, while doing so. I’ll make pipe jokes another time, because that Stevie Wonder cover should be good enough to keep her around.

8:17 Crystal Bowersox has the harmonica harness on, and is strumming her acoustic guitar. I like that the judges allow them to show off all their talents in this round.

8:19 I’m 99% sure Todrick Hall just got Kara off with that cover of “I’m Yours.” Randy even looks like he may have gone from six to midnight.

8:22 Thaddeus Johnson called the band out for starting with the wrong music and told them the key. He made up for it by killing it doing “Man in the Mirror.”

8:33 I haven’t thought of a good enough Hope Johnson joke yet, so I hope her performance today was good enough to keep her around.

8:44 Ashley Rodriguez has been a favorite of mine since her first audition. She’s got a sexy Alicia Keys thing going on. Ellen looks like she has a crush on her too.

8:56 Ellen is Cooooooooold Blooooded. Not that anyone really had to worry, being in a room with Andrew Garcia.

9:02 I won’t get to make any great Hope Johnson jokes, but Mary Powers is gone too. You win some, you lose some.

9:16 Ain’t nobody making fun of Big Mike for that c-walk. Except me. I’m safe here behind my blog.

9:28 Ellen just Icculus’d telling Katelyn Epperly if she made it or not (for the one other Phish fan that watches American Idol–you do exist, right?). That means she talked in circles while telling Katelyn it would be cruel to delay her answer (for everyone else).

9:39 After Kara had him undress during his audition, Casey James has figured out how to play the game. He came in with his hair down, and brushed it behind his ears while flashing a smile at her. Randy called her out on kicking a leg up while hugging him. She’s crushing hard. Stay tuned for innuendo from Kara this season.

9:43 Aaron Kelly doesn’t deserve to be called dude by Randy, after that shriek he just let out.

9:50 Best performance of the night? The cast of Glee singing “Hello, Goodbye” during the commercials.


Top 24 (so far): “Big” Mike Lynche, Didi Benami, Katelyn Epperly, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Lee Dewyze, Todrick Hall

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