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American Idol Top 12 Girls Compete

Posted by shore On February - 23 - 2010

ashrodtoptwelvegirls@AndyShore Tonight the top 12 girls perform on American Idol. I’m looking forward to seeing full performances from each contestant. They keep talking about how much talent there is from the girl’s side this year, but only Ashley Rodriguez has stood out to me. She’s also the hottest. Not a coincidence, but she’s got a great set of pipes. I do also recall Didi Benami and Janell Wheeler.

8:06 Ellen is having them roll tape of Simon allegedly getting a little grabby.

8:07 I don’t remember Paige Miles at all from any of the previous rounds. Her performance of “All Right Now” reminded me why. She is not very good. I can’t believe Simon says this is the girl’s year, but she made the top-12 girls. Nothing is all right now. She needs to stop singing. Simon and I are not on the same page. He called her the best singer of girls. Kara, Randy and Ellen loved the performance too. What do I know?

8:18 Ashley Rodriguez is singing “Happy” by Leona Lewis. The verses lend themselves better to her voice than the chorus does. She nailed the last note though. You can thank me now for resisting a Chris Brown joke when I heard the name Leona Lewis. She got killed by the judges, who all acknowledged her talent.

8:27 Janell Wheeler stood out during Hollywood week by busting out the guitar and singing “American Boy.” Tonight she is singing Heart’s “What About Love.” She started strong, but has since tapered off. Forget love, what about these over-hyped singers?

8:38 Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Lilly Scott the first ever homeless sob story in American Idol history? She’s doing a jazz singer cover of “Fixing a Hole,” which was as good as is sounds. Simon called her the best so far. She’s cracking jokes about Seacrest’s height, as Kara forgets she’s on live television.

8:48 Katelyn Epperly is keeping the Beatles ball rolling with “Oh Darlin.'” She sounds alright, but her voice doesn’t share the desperation that Paul’s did. You can’t sound so damn happy when you sing this song. Feel it or don’t sing it.

8:54 Haeley Vaughn is sticking with the Beatles’ “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” What are they going to do during Lennon/McCartney week? I’m not complaining. Unless she sucks…which she does. She sounds terrible. She’s yelling some of her notes. Randy: “The top of the vocals, when you hit those high notes. It’s just not as pleasing as it could be.” That’s being nice.

8:59 Someone needs to Brendan Fraser at the Golden Globes Seacrest saying, “Ha. Good Pooter.”

9:03 Lacey Brown has her second chance, and she’s using it to sing Fleetwood Mac “Landslide.” She may be singing the first ballad of the night, but she’s not the one slowing it down. Haeley Vaughn brought things to a screeching halt with that last performance. That being said, she’s doesn’t sound good.

9:14 Michelle Delamor is singing Alicia Keys “Fallin,'” which on Idol usually makes or breaks you. She’s standing out by not sucking as much as most of the rest of the girls tonight. Is corporate singer a nice way of saying singing telegram?

9:20 Didi Benami is singing “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson. Her performance is right up there with Lilly Scott. Didi reminds me of a new rule for the Idol drinking game. Drink every time a contestant holds up their fingers to show which number to call/text.

9:32 Siobhan Magnus is singing “Wicked Game.” She doesn’t sound like the dark horse tonight. Of the country singers, she’s much less annoying than Haeley Vaughn. Randy just said “you got these big pipes” about a professional glass blower. The jokes tell themselves.

9:41 Crystal Bowersox is singing “Hand in my Pocket.” She didn’t hit some of the highs of the other contestants, but she didn’t have any lows. Loving the mouth harp. Suggesting a David Bowie song is an excellent call by Simon. Crystal and Randy agree.

9:50 Katie Stevens is singing Michael Buble “Feeling Good.” She’s got some of the best energy of the night. All the judges thought the song was too old for her. Wanna bet she’s singing Miley or Taylor Swift if she’s around next week?

Top 3: Lilly Scott, Didi Benami, Katie Stevens (with honorable mention to Crystal Bowersox)

Bottom 3: Haeley Vaughn, Lacey Brown, Paige Miles

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