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American Idol Top 12 Guys

Posted by shore On February - 24 - 2010

guystoptwelve@AndyShore After the talk of it being the girl’s year, they didn’t deliver last night. Hopefully the guys will be better tonight. I didn’t see anybody last night that I thought could be a threat to Andrew Garcia. I would have said the same thing about the girls and Ashley Rodriguez last night, and she wound up being one of the worst performances of the night. The sports fan in me wants to say, “that’s why the play the game.” Let’s hope there’s a few more contestants that open some eyes tonight.

8:06 Todrick Hall is performing “Since You Been Gone.” This guy is showing again that he can take any song and make it his own. His voice is good, but not great. He’s usually one of the most unique singers, but tonight he sounds like John Legend covering Kelly Clarkson. Simon said he murdered the song, but Kara applauded him for his creativity. Is that like calling a fat girl nice?

8:16 Aaron Kelly is singing Rascal Flatts’ “Here Comes Goodbye.” He’s doing a country song and sounds like a country singer. His notes were on key for the most part, but he doesn’t have any stage presence. Simon agreed with my on both counts.

8:25 Seacrest came back from break standing in the middle of all the girls. He either has the greatest job or cover up. I’m not sure which.

8:26 Jermaine Sellers is singing “Get Here.” His voice annoys me. I just want the end of his performance to “get here.” Simon told him he thinks he’s “totally blown his opportunity.” After Seacrest asked Jermaine if he apologized to Michael (the bandleader he threw under the bus), Jermaine asked who Michael was. Go home, diva.

8:36 Tim Urban is singing OneRepublic “Apologize.” He was told he was going home, before Chris Golightly was DQed. Bad song choice. His voice didn’t go with him to all the falsetto notes. Replacing someone with a less than spectacular performance, and singing “it’s too late to apologize.” is bad taste.

8:42 Ellen just sounded like one of the other judges bet her to say adorable 10 times to a contestant. They should have picked Big Mike.

8:48 If Joe Munoz is singing Jason Mraz “You and I Both.” This is the best I’ve ever heard him sound. I will root for him, just for the opportunity to tell jokes about his dad’s mustache.

8:54 Tyler Grady is singing “American Woman.” I like the arrangement more than I like his performance of the song. He just doesn’t have a very good voice. He’s all style points.

9:04 Who decides where Seacrest pops up when they return from break? The location has had nothing to do with what he’s talking about.

9:05 Lee Dewyze is singing Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars.” He’s from Chicago. I want to root for him. He Chad Kroeger’d that performance way too much for me to do that. The acoustic guitar sounded good though. Judges suggested Kings of Leon and Bad Company as other bands he should cover. I’d like to see both of those.

9:15 John Park is from Northbrook, IL and is hilarious. He took his introduction piece as an opportunity to propose to Shania Twain. He’s singing “God Bless the Child.” He sounds as terrible as the song choice is. I hope he gets a second chance.

9:21 Big Mike Lynche looks like the Thing from Fantastic Four.

9:32 Adam Lambert’s introduction served as a reminder of the hilarious drama caused by Mary Powers. His performance was solid.

9:42 Casey James is singing Bryan Adams’ “Heaven.” He’s putting on one of the better performances of the night, despite barely holding back laughter. That performance made Kara blush. Ellen said she could feel Kara undressing him with her eyes.

9:52 Andrew Garcia is singing Fall Out Boy “Sugar We’re Going Down.” Somewhere @MattSilver just Fall Out Boy doesn’t sound so bad when it’s not whined.

Top 3: Casey James, Andrew Garcia, Seacrest’s location changes at the return of every commercial break.

Bottom 3: Tyler Grady, Tim Urban, John Park

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